Living Colour - Flying Lyrics

I jumped out of the window to get to the parking lot
I'm writing this little song on my way down
Never in my life have I felt a heat so hot
I had to get out

Such a lovely day to go flying
The sky is so clear, the sun is shining
Fate has given me wings
Such a terrible funny thing

I was gathering up my nerve to ask out Carmen
She glanced out of the window, oh my God!
The room, it went away, now we're holding hands
Just not the way I planned

Such a lovely day to go flying
The sky is so clear, the sun is shining
Fate has given me wings
Such a terrible funny thing, funny thing

I jumped out the window to get to the parking lot
I'm writing this little song on my way down

Such a lovely day to go flying
The sky is so clear, the sun is shining
Fate has given me wings
Such a terrible funny thing, funny thing

Such a funny thing, funny thing, funny thing
Such a terrible funny thing

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Living Colour Flying Comments
  1. CNend

    The only .

  2. Michele Andre

    .......still gets me......

  3. Mark Pavlik

    I hear,..."Funk".

    Good jam.

  4. Agustin Zaga

    Muy buena banda! hermosa canción.

  5. Dias jl Dias

    Muito boa essa música, me faz viajar!

  6. Dias jl Dias

    Massa demais essa música....não sabia que o Living Colour tinha tanta música boa assim! Virei fã!!!!

  7. Wesley Nunes

    Living colour banda clássica de rock dos anos 90 minha banda favorita de rock valeu gostei muito desta banda de rock valeu gostei muito obrigado

  8. Wesley Nunes

    Fling música que mais gosto de ouvir quero gravar no cartão de memória do celular música clássica desde 2014 valeu living colour

  9. Leoness Butterfly

    This song is way past bounds but so is living color. I like how they used this instrumentation to contrast with the lyrics. I read the lyrics before hearing the song

  10. barbara clementini

    Quanto sono figi i living colour e soprattutto sta canzone cioè fliling

  11. TheFles

    Few songs convey such pathos that they can bring me to the verge of tears. This gets me every single time.

    •Bill Edits


  12. Darren Knight

    the best rock group in the world, Mick Jagger.

  13. Katy Thomson

    Listening to this after Chris Cornell died. Nothing makes it okay

    Darren Knight

    i'm sorry for your heartache , but dear Chris would have loved you to know Living Colour. He would have been so loving of their music, love Australia.

  14. spartan

    This songs trash lmao how do you like this?

    Darren Knight

    how, you would not be welcome backstage of any band. most muso's see lc as one of the most talented ever, you are no more than a line on yt

    Aiken Drum

    it's easy - open your mind

    Stefano Silvestri

    Ora che so che un ti garba sto meglio via!

    Joel Sandon

    You obviously have no musical ability or understanding . The band is full of masters of the craft. If can't hear that then you should give up music and comment on something that you understand.

  15. My Puritanical Opinion

    I like the way the song picks up surprisingly and how strange sounds are incorporated. True story?


    From the perspective of a man who gets the nerve to ask out a woman in the World Trade Center moments before the first plane hits, and the couple then jump from the burning building to their deaths...

  16. Eccentric Lullaby

    @Bernie Quasaar's movies oh that's not a dumb question! This song is a Living Colour original, inspired by 9/11 (info here)

    Darren Knight

    love ya EW, from Australia.

  17. GDawg

    such a great vibe. love this joint.

  18. Troy Arcidiacono

    Check for the live version, you won't be disappointed

  19. douglas70940

    Strange, 6 peoples didn't like that song. Everybody his own taste. But the time I don't like a song I never push the thumb down, I just stop listening, that's all.


    Sometimes I push the thumb down when a band that I like releases something weak. But would any fan of LC do this in the case of this masterpiece? I don't think so.


    The thumbs down percentage on this video is lower than the % of crazies loose in society since they shut down the asylums, I wouldnt puzzle too much about it x

  20. Robert Walsh

    No, this song did not come out before 9/11.

  21. Miloš Rais

    this is the greatest track on the album!

    Darren Knight

    awwwww, yeah, but, awwww, so many good too, peace.

  22. Donalda Goncalves

    This song is at once beautiful and horrifying.


    @Donalda Goncalves Nobody has ever been so right than you.

    Darren Knight

    ummm, ahhh

  23. John Hotchkiss

    this came out before 9/11

    Michael Qualkenbush

    @John Hotchkiss I didn't realize that. Thanks for the info.

    Matt Bottos

    from the LC Blog... "It's a story about a guy who goes to work at the Trade Center on September 11 and decides that today is the day that he's finally going to ask out Carmen, a co-worker," Corey Glover.

    John Hotchkiss

    check the CD that came out in the 80s, you see the song came out long before.


    @John Hotchkiss ...the record came out AFTER 9/11. It came out in 2003.

    Laura Squirrel

    @John Hotchkiss  This song was never on the "Vivid" album. 

  24. Abel Ashes

    I think this is my favorite song about 9/ second favorite is probably "You're Missing" by Bruce Springsteen....beautiful....and the best one from this album is Flying in my opinion....but I also love "Pocket of Tears" and "Holy Roller".

    Montes Foreman

    Check out "Sacrificed Sons" by Dream Theater

    It's beyond intense.

  25. Julie B

    This song demonstrates so well the versatility of Corey and the band. So so  great! :)

  26. douglas70940

    Wonderful song and nice groove.

  27. Bernie Quasaar's movies.

    Can I ask a stupid question. Is this a cover song or is this an original off the album?


    It's an original from the album Collideascope.

  28. benjammin7887

    @leo Ventola - I think he meant bad-ass in a good way. Something one wouldn't screw around with.

  29. Jade Prout

    They sent us home early from work on 9/11 and I went home and stood on my balcony, staring at the sky. It was a beautiful day. "The sky's so clear, the sun is shining."


    Jade Prout so as people from hiroshima, the sky is always beautiful, tragedy make us apreciate

  30. Edu Petruk

    Such a lovely day to go flying. The sky's so clear, the sun is shining. Fate has given me wings. Such a terrible funny thing. Funny thing♫♫


  31. filthybstard

    RIP innocent victims of government geopolitics - such a terrible funny thing.......

    Darren Knight

    it is weird, funny.

  32. Sadám

    it's 11 years...

  33. gretzinabluehat

    'Just not the way I planned', LC got it bang on with this track, in every sense.

  34. Shortmetrage

    Really emotional song, the most shocking thing about 9/11 was this poor people jumpin' to death. Great song.

    marie Snow

    The most shocking thing is that this government and the gov. of Israel planned and carried out the events of that day....

  35. KevinR1138

    One person is a tasteless douche.

  36. Myshkin1980

    Always loved this fucking song...Living Colour, damn good.

  37. Rafael Sabatini

    just... amazing

  38. leo ventola

    Really melancholic song. The guitar solo is excellent, not as written below.

  39. kramasanas

    @sebastiaan222 Thank you

  40. Sebastiaan den Baars

    @kramasanas Collideoscope

  41. peccatumDei

    Probably the best song ever about 9/11...