Living Colour - Behind The Sun Lyrics

Living behind the dark side of the sun
Everyone's here but nobody comes
Things are finished before they've begun
Life is beautiful behind the sun

You may see
You may care
We're still here
You're still there

Everyone's happy life is sweet
Parallel lines that never meet
It's cold and lonely but we still believe
The waters rise and no relief

You may see
You may care
We're still here
You're still there

If you come to help me you're wasting your time
But if your struggle is bound up with mine
And we've begun and from each one behind the sun

Promises made
But nothings done
Forgotten ones
Behind the sun

If you've come to help me
(promises made)
You're wasting your time
(but nothings done)
But if your struggle
(forgotten ones)
Is bound up with mine
(behind the sun)
If you come to help me
(behind the sun)
You're wasting your time
(behind the sun)


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Living Colour Behind The Sun Comments
  1. jamie foyers

    Best track off this CD. Love the vocals..they're pretty powerful..

  2. Bill Marshall

    Does anyone get how profound and relevant they have been for the past 30+ years. I love these guys. They and their message will always matter.

  3. Thessalonica Reigns

    CM PUNK is the reason I'm hear.

  4. Sander Fernandes

    Quanto mais conheço a banda, mais me apaixono!!! QUE BANDA!

  5. Hearts Hope

    Gotta love bands that throw out truths and clues to reality!

  6. Joe Camastra

    Didnt the chili peppers have a song called behind the sun?


    Yes, but this is a different song.

  7. andy morris

    great band ..i saw them live on the stain tour

  8. walter c. charles campbell lll Lovin' Bearwolf

    Rockin' song from a rockin' band

  9. walter c. charles campbell lll Lovin' Bearwolf


  10. Riikka Nieminen

    been lovin this band since i was 18

  11. Green Pretzel

    what a fantastic track

  12. Doug Lazar

    Much respect coming out a the gate.Grove Medal is awesome.Crispy

  13. Grandfather_Din_Racket

    best band ever

  14. Scott Barnett

    Aroha mai

  15. Bobik

    Kapela konkret

  16. JayJ AccaDC1

    They invented Rock N Roll!!! Gee.....

  17. AsinineComment

    Kids today, I dunno :-P Seriously, it's gradually becoming better known that none other than Ike Turner was the very first to release a genuine rock n roll single. Pity the roll of African Americans in Rock isn't acknowledged enough these days. Popular music could be a whole lot less superficial than what is dumbing-down the charts these days. :-/


    Ike Turner's last hit was Tina.

    Hearts Hope

    Rush as well as Living Colour are a couple of a few bands that saw this dumbing down and it's effects and addressed it in their music.

  18. woodsv12

    am being serious haven't seen proper black rock band play in good music in a while. at least there not playing rap, cap in my ass music and bitches and hoes.

    Dave Carr

    TV On The Radio, Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals, Radkey, Fishbone has reunited their classic lineup. These bands may not be everyone's cup of tea but they do rock in one form or another.

  19. Sebastian Aversa

    Amazing Band!!

  20. Renato Oliveira

    muito foda

  21. chucku00

    Raspy like a cat's tongue to the bone an you still asking for more.

  22. michael kalinago

    hendrix had to leave America to be sucessful;this band rocked Europe in the *8o,s

  23. michael kalinago

    one of the problems is that this band is too good for America,music here is too hung up on race,and can,t give credit like europe does,even japan loves american music more than Americans

    Aitor Llamazares

    Maybe,or maybe average people can´t understand the greatest things in life

  24. Droid Gunner

    Man he done lost all his Damn hair that sucks one of da best mohawks around in his day.

  25. deadstar44

    Never heard of Chuck Berry, Little Richard or Bo Diddley? God, people are dumb...Do you even know where rock and roll come from? Not from some white upper class at least...

  26. Le Saúl

    I couldn't believe the first time I heard this song, how a band that started in the 80´s come out in 2009 with such a great album, with a perfectly actual sound, and rock our asses off this way. Truly incredible.

  27. chucku00

    Living Colour is like a a raw Tartar steak, swallow it or throw it... audacity (and various spices) is your friend.

  28. FreakyStyley95

    I wanna know how to play this RIGHT NOW :O

  29. captainrhodes83

    @xausyy since the 1950's and back

  30. Santi Sorá

    where can i download this song?

  31. trexx63

    OMG... Beyond great!

  32. swedo88

    @xausyy and they rock to :)

  33. xausyy

    @hambukmil no i m not ;)

  34. xausyy

    @hambukmil no, i rarely see black ppl who like rock n roll, indeed.

  35. cesar alfonseca

    @xausyy i suposed you re being sarcastic

  36. xausyy

    wow black guys singing rock n roll? i didnt expect that :]

    Ron Beck


    Check out

    Lil Richard
    Fatz Domino
    Howlin Wolf
    Muddy Waterz
    Chuck Berry
    Jimi Hendrix
    Michael Jackson
    24/7 Spyz
    Bad Brainz
    Rage Against DUH Machine
    Lynard Skynnard
    Da Bus Boyz
    Kingz X

    Among many othaz

  37. Ryan Gregory

    Who is the tool that dislikes this? If you know you are not going to like it, why type it in the search bar? Living Colour kick ass, you clearly dont!

  38. ElliS OWENN

    @xkoamane YES !!! ;D So , Everybody SHOULD SHARE THIS VIDEO ON FACEBOOK and everywhere else for friends ! OK ??? LET'S GOooooooooooooooooooooooooo !!! ;))

  39. X Koamane

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Flealan


    I think Jimi Hazel was and still is much better at incorporating jazz/funk and metal together, not that I dislike Living Colour :).

  41. assmane999

    @vtcallan: He's been extrememly influencial among some guitarists that came after him, most noteably Darron Malakian from my favourite band 'System of a Down'.

  42. To whom it may concern

    When all of my classmates were listening to Debbie Gibson I was in love with Living Colour...and supposedly I was the weird one.

  43. bonscott55

    this sounds pretty good, wish the whole album could be this way

  44. dios bananos

    i must say i prefer Living Colour now than before. Vivid and Time's Up were great albums for their time, but they were too overproduced imo. this has a rawer edge and is closer to their live sound than those albums were.

    good stuff. L.C ageing with style!!

  45. Zap Rowsdower

    I remember when they were on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, around the time the album was released. They did this song. I hadn't heard it yet. I was blown away by Vernon Reid's guitar tapping on the main riff.

  46. voiceofadman

    these guys have still got. seen them twice live - Hordern Pavillion and at the Roxy - more than 10 years between gigs and they ripped. Come back to Sydney you wicked muso's!!!

  47. TheHaisler

    Det er muligvis korrekt, Martin (;

  48. TheHaisler

    The first time i found this song on YouTube i heard it 14 times in a row! :D

  49. chucku00

    @Flealan The more sharp is the arrow, the mostly sure is the heart to pierce...

  50. Juani Able

    Great band!

  51. yukimaruzam

    @TNArules281 That comment is perfect.

  52. The Nile Ue Ue Fly

    this song is sick

  53. Brian Robinson

    Been listening to these cats since I was 17. Through their ups and downs, they've persevered, and this album rocks hard! A truly unique group! Corey is a great vocalist, and when they are all together, they are special.

  54. Flealan

    The production is a little dry compared to the other albums, still really like this song though :).

  55. InSuchSkull

    I didn't appreciate how awesome these dudes were back in the day. Man they rip!

  56. Frolomoopa

    Had no idea they had a new album out. Been listening since the first album back in 88. And I sill think to this day that Cult of Personality is the greatest modern rock song of all time( best "classic" rock song: Berry's Johnny B Goode).
    The members of LC are individually head and shoulders above other bands in the talent dept, just wish they produced more original content. We need more albums LC! Keep it up.

  57. jdigory

    I love this song so much! How can someone listen to this and say the quality of the music isn't on par with their first two albums?
    This is such a moving song....the textures...that's my man Wimbish there...Thank you guys!

  58. fatpizzaman

    Whoooweee, glad to see they're back! I thought that this was the RHCP's cover when I read the title, but it's just as good as their song of the same name. :D

  59. Jean Marron

    Awesome band and song! Saw them live in Vienna! What a show man! ;-)

  60. Hugonob1974

    i started listening to this band a few days ago, they are excellent, extremely virtuous, each one in their respective instrument, and the voice is one of the best nowadays, together with chris cornell.
    cheers from Argentina

  61. mr3

    *rock on, LC*

  62. veganswines

    ablsotuely great track

  63. Sam Nabors Drums

    also visit LivingColour(dot)us