LiveonRelease - Emotional Griptape Lyrics

It's dark, skate park
You're hanging with your friends again
I waited by the phone
You lose, I choose
To be all by myself
I'm better off alone

Skater boy you listen up
Cuz I am getting tired
Of your shenanigans

Emotional Griptape
Better get some today
And watch me skate away
Emotional Griptape
Better get yours today
And watch me skate away

We crash
road rash
but we won't get up again
this time it's for good
We burn
you turn
but I won't be there
I've tried all I could

Skaterboy you listen up
Cuz I am getting tired
Of your shenanigans


Your independent built to grind
won't skate on less then Abec 5's
push me to the back of your mind
You're sponsored by world industries
but you're still not the boy for me
get a life, get a personality and get some

[(Chorus) 2X]

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LiveonRelease Emotional Griptape Comments
  1. MTSpade

    had such a crush on this band in high school lol

  2. Hog Tramp

    I cant believe blomkamp drirected this

  3. Kenny Yarmolchuk

    Should be on spotify

  4. Secular Prophet

    What's the name of the bass player? My heart just skipped a beat. I think I'm in love...The other 3 are total hotties, but the bassist is the one that stole my poor, pitiful heart. I hope I don't sound too pathetic but I'm pretty sure I do anyways. Nothing tears the heart out more than unrequitted love. Y'know what I'm sayin'?

  5. Bijinius Cross

    _Emotional Griptape?_ THAT'S the fucking actual song title they actually chose for their actual single? This band just keeps getting more and more unreal, man. I'm obsessed with them. They're . . . well, they're quite the curiosity, let's put it THAT way.

  6. S H

    I just seen Bif Naked in Langley. She told me they are all in there 30 and have kids. When I saw them last I was 16 and I'mIn my 30 now

  7. Dara Arktotis

    now it seems obvious - Avril took credit for look and manner of Colette, oh and this song idea of S8erboi ;)

    S H

    Right when Avrils skate boo came out I was like hey that live on release song. Like there was already a song in the early 2000s that was called complicated by another Canadian singer

  8. Turbo Jell-O'Z


  9. WitchTrialz

    Woolie, what the hell am I watching man?


    I can't believe a dreaded black man sent me here

  10. coolboyyo654

    thanks woolie this is not great

    Foxy The pirate fox

    coolboyyo654 same here

  11. DarthEnigma13

    The bassist used to be my childhood crush XD

  12. Newfie Chick


  13. Jordan Clark

    Are they Canadian? This seems very Canadian. Sorry Canadians.

    Semper Ubi Sub Ubi

    Canadians are not sorry.

    Wes Releases

    They're Canadian. That's what great about this music. It's very much a product of the place and time. Lines like "Watch me skate away" wouldn't fly today, and that's why I love it.

  14. lysergicgirll

    yeah, this band was a lot a better when i was in fifth grade,
    maybe that was their demographic :P i definitely bought a cd.

  15. MisterQuizzz

    Why does this sound different than the CD version?

  16. YaropolkMSK

    uhhhh.... yeah mine too!

  17. JewelBlueIbanez

    What makes this song great is that it's written in a minor key, but this version sounds different than what's on my CD.

  18. playedit2thebeat

    Does anyone know where i can find " All night long"?

  19. JuggernautG1


    it sucks that they faded away and yet Avril Lavigne continues to make music....

  20. smashedagain420

    @GiveBlood88 hey man i dunno what kind of music u like but the distillers have a wicked female singer and civet its a female punk band that rocks out and check out the lunachicks they got a good cover of the pasenger

  21. smashedagain420

    wow they kinda suck they had potential but they blew that one

  22. C. Star

    i used to love this song back in the day (12 years old..), and now listening to the song, its SOoo shitty! the lyrics are so dull. but awesome for nostalgic reasons. :)

  23. Sinead Meader

    I love Liveonrelease. i wish i still had their CDs, they got lost somewhere when I moved 5 years. But I still know all the words to their songs.

  24. amysacrifice

    Britt's now in Lillix, Colette's still trying to release her solo album, and Foxx is in another whose name escapes me at the moment.

    Also, I believe this version is on the ep Fifteeen Will Get You Twenty.

  25. AkiraSpectrum

    cool! does she still drum for a band? if so what is the name of it?

  26. AkiraSpectrum

    too bad they are no more... loved this band!\

    i like their video version of the song better than the album version.

  27. january1030

    haha. thanks. :D

  28. january1030

    really?! hahahaha :)) tell her i love her. haha :)) i'm a fan eversince i've heard their first single. haha.

  29. january1030

    i love the drummer

  30. lacunarikain2

    did she just say shinanagins?

  31. Lj Ferrer

    whatever happened to them?

  32. Vindicated

    does anyone have this song in mp3 format? i can't seem to download it :(

  33. weezel21

    the only thing is that the girls are hot, other than that they just suck, rockin too hard on the instruments than the song actually is.

  34. daredevilskater

    the thing about this vid, i rememebr it on YTV, but, like they were a bit over acting the guitar??? meh who cares good song lol

  35. amysacrifice

    i'm glad they used a diff. version for the video than the one on the album. the album one sounded like a demo version, but, on the flipside, this one may be overly produced. either way, it's still a catchy song.

  36. lookatdoor

    I remember this song back when we had Much Music. They are all so fucking hot.

  37. Adam Volk

    im cool. my friend skates there. hes cool too