LiveonRelease - Dirt Lyrics

Take it out on me why dont you
your losing ground your losing face
you fooled around and
you dragged me down from grace

Your dirt and you know it boy
Dont try and cause me hurt your dirt
Your dirt and your never gonna get inside me ya
You'll never get inside my head
But now you've got me seeing red

Breathe in breathe out I know who I am
I dont need you there to break my fall
Sorry baby but I dont need you at all


Checks his history on his ICQ account
he's sure there's nothing wrong
One thing's for certain lay a hand on me your gone
Don't try and touch me baby


But now you've got me seing red

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LiveonRelease Dirt Comments
  1. NoXlsih

    *This song is Trash*

    *Sounds like a wannabe Michel Jackson*

  2. Jermaine Choice

    Ok NBA ( っ'-')╮ =͟͟͞͞🏀 Jackson

  3. Mario Baller

    T Glizzy X D Cappa Home invasion🏚💥

  4. drake mann

    bru this song is a million times better stoned just sayin

  5. Eric Huffman

    NBA Yb Fredo bang Full IG Live Argument 😱👇

  6. yaneli lopez

    Why are y’all only saying Michael Jackson ? The Weeknd has a song called Dirty Diana to? So similar to this !!

  7. Isaiah King

    Go fw my YouTube. Finna start uploading more

  8. zotic cheese

    Hey, guess what. Nobody cares if you don’t like the song. If you don’t like it then don’t listen to it!

  9. Subto Tredog8611

    sorry yb but this is trash

  10. Castarvis Hayes

    Dirty Yaya slice my favorite rapper tires

  11. Andres Bello G

    MJ is mad at this rigth now so disrespectful

  12. Ghingy Bird

    I don't give a fuk, young boy, do f****** better! That's all!

  13. Lquft


  14. aczaPee

    This song is sound like a dirty Diana 🤔

  15. I need a ps4 Nnm

    Am I tha only person that be yelling DIRTY IYANNA OOO!!! in class

  16. Xefty

    This song beat make no sense

  17. CobainContent

    These mothafuckin body guards are straight bots 🤖

  18. Toni Nelson

    ME:Yes why you ask
    ME:Welp that's enough for today

  19. Afesha Isaac

    If u does brush your teeth like this comment 🤔🤮

  20. Afesha Isaac

    This song reminds me of Michael Jackson song love this song btw🦋🌸💜

  21. OB1`TO


  22. Travionna Sanders

    is that money yaya

  23. Travis Ardoin


  24. Isaiah Davis

    a lotta people hate on this song he actually killed this shit 😂🔥

  25. yaboi james

    You ever like this will have good luck

  26. Justin Goulbourne

    Michael Jackson and Tupac had a child and made a child and out came yuongboy

  27. Marcus Hilliard

    She slice the tires of my car

  28. Marcus Hilliard

    Soon as she left it was hard

  29. Jayden Dale

    So nobody gonna talk about how she destroyed that sick car

  30. Kidwoomy

    Michael Jackson?

  31. Off the set

    My neighbors listen to good music whether they like it or not.

  32. thuglife daniel

    Whoever likes this will be rich & successful in 2020

  33. rpg escanor


  34. playboi-_-SHARTI

    kids on snapchat that post bag quotes and can’t spell crying tears of joy

  35. Jay Losos

    2020 anyone

  36. Sterlin Boyles

    Who gave this nigga permission to do this trash. He already puts out his own garbage. MJ people have failed humanity

  37. Torcida Fabijan

    yb fans can't keep up with the mj pace or what? 🙈🙈🙈

  38. Draco Saucy

    Rip yb it’s 2020

  39. Gabriel Hernández

    Like this :)

  40. Kiayunaa Dtm

    Turned into whole micheal Jackson

  41. Carrington -.-

    Եƒ íՏ ԵհíՏ ՏհíԵ

  42. Tina Childs

    That what up frfr

  43. Jaleel Sales

    Your a god

  44. The JKT Family

    Who else know this lyrics by heart

  45. idk idk

    Michael Jackson has left the chat

  46. barrboyz27

    This song is trash. No cap

  47. Nieem McLendon

    Opening line
    “ DIE”😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  48. Antonia Jules

    Who else hit the like button before the song even starts😅

  49. Kennedy Roberts

    Imma true fan but this not it .. but i support u on whatever you do it’s your music not ur fans

  50. vTrillzYT

    what’s youngboy gamer tag ?

  51. Ernesto Martinez

    Young boy stays killing it

  52. Emperor Leo

    I literally saw this at 5 million views. Now it has 15 million.😂

  53. Eli Da Great

    Is this a fucking a rock song ?? I’m dead

  54. fable trooper

    lmfao wtf

  55. Bigsixx233

    he said ahhh

  56. anum syed

    MJ died a thousand deaths because of this shit.

  57. unknown atm

    same vibe as Dirty Diana by The weeknd 🔥

    anum syed

    By Michael Jackson.

    unknown atm

    anum syed bbg The weeknd also made a song called Dirty Diana. 🤦🏻‍♀️

    unknown atm

    anum syed

  58. Moreece_ThaDev YT

    This nigga got seal team six guarding his home

  59. Faith Davis

    That song is so good

  60. JL ThatCracka

    If only Iyanna ass was as big as her forehead/face🤣🤣

  61. space ninja

    Nooooo he's a Xbox player 😭

  62. syiesha williams

    Dirty diana

  63. It's Kim Kim

    Is that yaya in the video ?

  64. Amaya Maynard

    love you daddy

  65. jaylin vu

    Hard Asf

  66. Chantell Marks

    He needs help

  67. Dairiah Smith

    Iike. You 💕❤️

  68. Martin Medina

    This shit still fire af no cap

  69. itsmackenzyy

    Who ever subscribe will get the best thing tomorrow

  70. Ayden Massey

    Wefddddhd gehheheheheheu
    Xyzu XXxX xxxxxxxx xdhhdhdhdhdh3y3yy36yr66re7yreg

  71. Margaret Davis

    NBA youngboy 🔥 then lil baby

  72. smoke weed

    Dirty iyanna

  73. Ozzie Gonzalez

    Too much autotune..

  74. Zielony Kakaka

    To much auto tune sorry but i The Weekend made so much better cover :)

  75. Angelique Thompson


  76. tariq brooks

    He changed his name 🤣

  77. life of AJ

    Michael Jackson

  78. SexyThickBarbie

    He is a genius!

  79. Gabrielle Street

    I love your music

    Gabrielle Street

    Like this video to 1000000k please please NBA young boy is the best

  80. Rome Bell

    Why this song ain’t platinum yet ‼️💯

  81. Malaky Morales

    This shit was ass at first but the more I listen the better it get😂

  82. PPG. MANII


  83. Jim Lim

    Nice copyright. You just changed the lyrics but the music and the rhythm is stolen from D.D. by the Weeknd. What a loser

    anum syed

    You mean Michael Jackson?

    Jim Lim

    @anum syed yeah whatever

  84. Yella D

    I like it . He stay coming with that fie music . And that beat is dope ..

  85. Jimmy Neutron dad

    Yo, this song is cool and all but there's a nigga who stole yo shit I think his name is Michael Jackson 🤔

  86. AntMoneyz

    Who here in 2020??? 👇🏾

  87. Julius Agosto


  88. Gamer games

    Yo that bitch was on some teenage mutant ninja turtle, watch dogs 2 stealth type shit🤣

  89. roofis

    Listening to this while high is so funny

  90. Mari Cotton

    NBA young boy n mj

  91. Mikadin Harrison

    My nigga youngboy

  92. Specia Tola

    I don't know why people hate so much

  93. Finesse Gloom

    Dirty diana ohhhhh


    Another proof that Michael Jackson is the biggest star , alive or dead !!!!!!

  95. Jasmine


  96. marco salgado


  97. Mari Mfnlove

    you know wh-

  98. Diego Salas

    This is how many fans tried to like this song