liv - Heaven Lyrics

I don't need no sympathy
I don't need you to dance with me
I'll just watch you from the balcony
And I'll smoke one last cigarette before I leave

I know it's hell, I know it's helpless
But it feels like heaven is waiting for us
I know it's hard to feel so heartless
But I know that heaven is waiting for us

Walking barefoot in the rain
Another night, another face without a name
Baby I got no time, no I got no time to waste
I got one last stop to make and it's a hundred miles away

I know it's hell, I know it's helpless
But it feels like heaven is waiting for us
I know it's hard to feel so heartless
But I know that heaven is waiting for us

I feel it raining on me
I feel it raining on me
I feel it raining down on me
I feel it
I feel it raining on me
I feel it raining on me
I feel it raining down on me

I know it's hell, I know it's helpless
But it feels like heaven is waiting for us
I know it's hard to feel so heartless
But I know that heaven is waiting for us

Na-na-na-na-na, na-na, na-na, na
Na-na-na-na-na, na-na, na-na, na

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liv Heaven Comments
  1. eliash

    I can't believe i have heard this like 100 times and until now i hadn't hear before the "wake up wake up" of the second 2:23 I luv dis song sooo much

  2. Soren Holder

    omfg i found this again !!!!

  3. Cheyenne Garcia

    What is LIV ?

  4. ツツ Andreea

    This song makes me cry :(

  5. courgargold

    Really a great song. Does have a Stevie Nicks feel to it. Love the baseline which sounds pretty awesome on a good stereo. Very cool song.

  6. Chantel

    Those who are heartless once cared too much.

  7. commodorekitty

    Makes me want to cry every time I hear it. ❤️

  8. MikeyGQOTA

    Thank you for sharing :)

  9. Daphna Lukatch

    I heard it in the gym. Stopped my workout, fuck that, I shazamed the hell out of this song. LOVE IN FIRST SIGHT. Only happens to me with Lykke

  10. dan maw

    La amo ♥

  11. V Quint


  12. Chen Yuan

    l love this more than “so sad so sexy” ..

  13. seniorarubia


  14. Thaisa Tornero

    fodaaaaaaaaaaa <3

  15. Charles Whitaker

    Why isnt this song on Spotify? Is there another name for it?

  16. william haile

    I am life is over. Lord calling for me. Can not live without my wife

  17. william haile

    Most beautiful. My truly beautiful lovely wife of 32 years left me 7 days ago for new boyfriend. This is playing at my funeral.

  18. Eric Smith

    this is so much more than just lykke li, people arent missing that right?

  19. Gen Yang

    One of my favorite road trip tune.

  20. 잘사는건 뭐지?

    The God of heaven and earth is Elder Park Tae Sun.
    Do you know God's name?
    In the West, in the fear of the name of God, in the east, of the glory of God.
    Here is the name of God. It means that God came out of man.
    Is there anyone in the world who announced that I am God?
    In 1980, Elder Park Tae Sun declared, "I am God!"
    I will reveal to the world that Korea is the East, the place to fear the glory of God.
    In Israel, the East is the Republic of Korea.
    In Japan, keep the islands quiet in the Bible! It means not you.
    There will also be a nation that will never perish.
    A country that is not destroyed here forever is a country where the sun will lose its light and will emerge afterward!
    It is the country of Park Tae Sun.
    Do you know that the candlestick of Israel came to the East as the East?
    You will see that in the Republic of Korea there is a new, never-destroying country.
    God's Word of Man's Creation, the Word of the Alien, the Word of the End Times, and the Word of the eternal world are recorded on the following website.

    Five hundred years ago, the book of the prophets written by the teacher of Nasagoda, the name of God is shown in the file.
    1. (十八卜術) 誕生하니 朴
    (십팔복술) 탄생 박

    2. 三聖水源(三人之水) 泰
    삼성수원(삼인지수) 태

    3. (羊一口의 又八) 일세 善
    (양일구 우팔) 선

    1. (十八卜) ; 十 + 八 = 木 + 卜 = 朴
    (십팔복) 십 + 팔 = 목 + 복 = 박
    2. (三人之水) ; 三 + 人 + 水 = 泰
    (삼인지수) 삼 + 인 + 수 = 태
    3. (羊一口의又八) ; 羊 + 一 + 口 + 八 = 善
    (양일구의우팔) 양 + 일 + 구 + 팔 = 선

    IIn the above passage, God's name clearly appears in the prophecies name is.It does not matter whether you believe this or not.God will judge you and build an eternal kingdom.

  21. Ohad Maimon

    The most beautiful song I have heard in recent times ... I do not understand how it still has not reached millions of views ...

  22. Nameless !

    A bit weaker composition wise than their other songs from the recent material. I can't wait to listen to the full-album

  23. Hey CutiePie

    What is LIV ?

  24. Christina Gina

    Are you going to release this on Vinyl? I want to buy the LIV stuff.

  25. Marcos Yury Dieper

    Can you guys hear someone saying 'pika, pika' before 'I feel it raining down on me'?

  26. youth ruby

    on the way heaven with you

  27. twoleggedgroover

    Is there going to be an album? all the songs put up on YT have been excellent.

  28. João Victor


  29. KiKi S.

    Love this 🥀

  30. Airen Walkman


  31. Ludmylla Oliveira

    Música linda e comovente

  32. Bayan yoy

    I love youuu

  33. Don Grases

    Небо ждет нас ...

  34. John

    Love this so much. When is the album out? 3 Liv songs so far absolute belters!

  35. NaeNaeRozay

    I can't, not be angry this and other amazing art has Zero recognition. Yet, mainstream "artists" have their shit music blasted everywhere.

  36. procrastiNATION

    a e s t h e t i c r e a l n e s s

  37. pedrosonnet

    simplemente espectacular!!!

  38. Miks Teips

    Atradu šo, pieļaujot drukas kļūdu vārdā Līvi. Neesmu vīlies.

  39. ZELLostefan

    In Austria, we can not see `i follow rivers' anymore! That's how she treats fans! Big dislike from my side! p

  40. Szymon Kiedrowicz

    2:22 wake up, wake up

  41. Jeffrey P. Nesker


  42. rosnida ab wahab

    Im hooked!

  43. johnnyatab

    This is my jam.

  44. Karim Bensalem

    I love this song so much...

  45. Lucas figueiredo

    Eu sei que o céu está esperando por nós ❤

  46. felipe mendes

    i Love You.. tenks

  47. David Gayman

    Welcome to hell.

  48. Käÿrö.

    This songs deserves way more views.

  49. David Torres Camargo

    alguien habla español y ama a lykke?

  50. Mario Solorza Valenzuela

    Congrats for you video !!

  51. Oswaldo Sesmas

    Nice song :)

  52. Kimmora Foxx

    Did she change her name???

  53. Stefano Madeline

    why liv? anyone can explain?

    Sam Goodman

    It's the band's name

    Stefano Madeline

    But lykke now has a band?

  54. Riinkz

    Sounds great :)

  55. 타녹

    good!!!!! :)!!!!

  56. MrTMfilm

    Its just soooo good

  57. Sayana Sinali

    Please, put on THIS SONG on Youtube😭. In your channel. It' s nobody lay out. I CAN'T FIND THIS VERSION OF SONG ON YOUTUBE. PLEASE!!!! 😭I HOPE THAT YOU WILL HEAR MY SHOUT.😢😭

  58. gilbert lema

    she's back!!!!!!!! and won't be gone anytime soon i hope

  59. Musi Priolli

    minha deusaaaa

  60. Daniel Clarke

    what is this? why isn't it under Lykke's name? why hadn't I heard about this before?!

  61. John Rambo

    Caramba, que clipe foda.

  62. Gabu


  63. Gilberto R

    eu só trabalho com spotify bjs

  64. Derek Mathew


  65. Bianca Gomes

    Por um Feat da Lykke li com a Lana Del Rey 💙

  66. Erick Nico Pliego

    so beautiful song

  67. Paulo Gealogo

    Super lyk this lykke!!

  68. Victor Caique

    Vem fazer uma turnê no Brasil! Te amamos muito, mon amour!

  69. iamfel1pe

    que hinooooooo te amo lykke li

  70. chocano1971


  71. Augusto

    Lança logo esse álbum e para de nos matar de ansiedade 😥

    Larry Sanders

    Augusto in

  72. Lucas Mariins

    Maravilhosa como sempre. <3

  73. Steven Wijaya

    But It feels likes Heaven is waiting for us

  74. lora winebarger

    beautiful voice

  75. fata basita

    somiglia MICA alla 'moglie del soldato ' d Boy Giorgetto?
    D'altronde, quella che vi ha reso famosi, non è MICA sulla falda traccia della nostrana Giusi Ferreri?

    fata basita

    😆errata corrige:
    ...Boy Giorge e FALSA RIGA, d Giusi Ferreri..

  76. Marco António

    perfect!! come to Portugal please

  77. Samuel Eduardo

    Mano, essa vibe era tudo que eu precisava! Que música.

  78. Marcy La Luna

    Te adoro ❤

  79. YouTuber D.P

    Good note :-)

  80. Roberto Arreola

    Saca el Yola Mezcal!

  81. Vagyok Én

    Super! Thank you!

  82. iRusTV

    Perfect! I love singing it with you!! Thank you Lykke Li!

  83. TimothyBolivar

    this sounds like a song that would be playing when you're making out in a car or having sex.

  84. Owen Cous


  85. Tashanae Rojas

    Liv = New Fleetwood Mac

  86. Davi Silva

    Te amo ♥

  87. 徐海


  88. spoocyguy

    soooooo, liv album...when..???

  89. Robert Lang

    That harmony though. .

  90. Rosi Silva

    aaaaaaaaaa ❤

  91. Michelle Morgan

    it was about time for a new song!!

  92. Dario Machado


  93. Mireya Becerril

    Hace latir mi corazón 🖤🌊