Little River Band - Soul Searching Lyrics

I'm looking for something, can't find it anyplace
It's there in the distance staring me in the face
Right in front of me but it's way beyond my reach
And I know that I must try to find it

Soul searching, looking for myself
Soul searching, Lord, I need a little help
Soul searching, time has slipped away
There's a dream I left behind in better days

The start of the story is not where it all began
So many directions and all of them a part of the plan
I've heard too many voices, sayin' this is the way to be free
But I know where I can find the answers

So I'm doing some soul searching, looking for myself
Soul searching, Lord, I need a little help
Soul searching, time has slipped away
There's a dream I left behind in better days

I'm feeling the changes, there's something in the wind
I'm gonna try to discover life's romance again
I'm looking for the loser who tore it all apart
I'm gonna take another look inside of my heart

Doing some soul searching, looking for myself
Soul searching, Lord, I need a little help
Soul searching, time has slipped away
There's a dream I left behind in better days

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Little River Band Soul Searching Comments
  1. benjieaa

    it's November 13, 2019 today... remembering this song... love it!

  2. Beumadine Sweevy

    Thanks for yet another beautiful example showing God created an enclosed, immovable, FLAT plane. It's in your face, eh! That's why the "far away" Horizon is HORIZONtal. ALL was created by YHVH. 😊

  3. Greg Holman

    Good song. Good band. Perhaps surprisingly, this band has a number of good-quality songs.

  4. Devotchka

    It's not a matter of habits...I do (or choose not to do) things with intent. I have been doing some much needed soul searching and emotional healing. That has been my priority.

  5. Charles Carpenter

    Is this Christian? I know Birtles n Goble were both Christian. Ill always call your name is Christian

  6. Peden Beckett

    Written by Glenn Shorrock and Peter Beckett

  7. Joseph Johnson

    Very true ,this song here...a meaning to man !

  8. John Morgan

    I like little river band and some of their songs

  9. Kimbaa Apter

    I love this song, really sums things up.

  10. AussieGirl

    This chorus has been floating around in my head since I was a kid in the late 80's. Finally today I decided to find it.

  11. pete smyth

    One of their best songs,yet it's not on any of their best hits collections..

  12. chad australia

    if girls hate life way it is they should shut it down before it comes too hard on them !

  13. chad australia

    ive a really deep voice so i dont want girls to think im gay . i like to fuck girls .

  14. john wyborn

    It reminds me of 1988 when I was a apprentice fitter and machinists toolmaker apprentice at Lane Cove Sydney working for Telectronics.
    I was still trying to create myself not find myself.

  15. TangibleDropsOfTruth FreeYourMind

    Little 'river' + that road that looks like Nevada just reminds me of River Phoenix in that movie with Keanu Reeves???

  16. Kraig Gaddis

    This song helps me realize that life is "Extraordinary" in many, many ways. I think we may just starting out life's magnificent journey's, here on earth. And then, I believe we may have to spiritual grow in "Love", in order to continue to the deep heavens of our imagination.

  17. David B

    Magic! :-)

  18. Barry Oneal

    Wow, never heard this before, thought I knew more about Little River Band before computers came around, can't believe I haven't heard this one.


    They used to play it on the radio back in the day. Same era and sounds similar to "She makes my day" by Robert Palmer

    pete smyth

    It's from Monsoon,released in 1988 after Shorrock returned to LRB;
    Glenn co-wrote this with Peter Beckett,better known as the lead singer of Player;
    Peter replaced Goble; on vocals and guitar with LRB from 1989 - 1997.

  19. Sean Ingram

    reminds me of that "Extra Terrestrial Highway" out in Nevada :)


    i have at least six CDs loaded up in there.

  21. Eddie Kovacevic

    at 45 its my life too date :(

  22. inspiringscentofrain

    it's a place to go to every once in a while you know. god bless.

  23. Bapynkmen Ajar

    Brings back memories of my youth

  24. inspiringscentofrain

    have a good life mate. god bless and take care.

  25. Murali Ramaswami

    I picked up this record (and others) back in 1988 in Dubai UAE, when being Australian was not even a glint in my eye. Today, I appreciate the legacy of classic OzRock, and my 7 year old daughter loves it too, along with other classic Rock legends. I mean, makes a bloke proud when his daughter asks him to play Cold Chisel (Oz), and particularly when she prefers Pink Floyd to Pink.....

    jen R xnavygal

    Murali Ramaswami very Kewl mate ;-))

  26. 666rocko

    my apologies, i didnt write that. i quite like it ;)

  27. 666rocko

    @ShaggyDogProduction gay

  28. ShaggyDogProduction

    This is great song, really does make you think too. It made me think of all the mistakes I have made in the past and made me consider the future.

    Thanks for uploading this.

  29. Oscar Jesús López Camacho

    Para los fans de corazón de la Little River Band esta nueva aportación es más que bienvenida. ¡Ojalá pudiera incorporarse el material del álbum Backstage pass!