Little River Band - It Was The Night Lyrics

It was the night, it was the night before,
It was the night before we met,
I sat alone right by the phone,
It was the night, it was the day, it was the day you came,
It was the day you came my way, what can I say?
You came to stay, it was the day.

There's a storm, outside my window,
Flashes in the sky, what a night
I hear the voices calling,
And I see the people running in the light,
All this craziness I'm feeling just reminds me
That it really can't go on,
And I want so much to tell you
But the number you have given me is wrong.

It was the night, it was the night before,
It was the night before we met,
I sat alone right by the phone,
It was the night, it was the time, it was the time we had,
It was the time we had to live, our time to give
To be happy with, it was the time.

I'm sitting in my room with the silhouetted moon in my eye,
I stare into the darkness, and I see the planets hanging in the sky,
And this temporary feeling is just telling me I've seen it all before,
But the penetrating madness of the nightly news I really can't ignore.

It was the night,
We were drawn to the light,
We were climbing higher,
It was the day when we all came to say,
We were on fire - it was the night.

There are lovers on the roof,
They are waiting for the proof they can see,
There's an answer on its way
It was due back here today, to be free
And I thought that I should tell you
That you're just another image of my mind,
But you need to keep it secret
'cos these days secrets are so hard to find.

It was the night, it was the night before,
It was the night before we met,
I sat alone right by the phone,
It was the night, it was the day, it was the day you came,
It was the day you came my way, what can I say?
You came to stay, it was the day,
It was the time, it was the night.

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Little River Band It Was The Night Comments
  1. Kevin Ferguson

    Harmony as good as the Eagles!

  2. Steve Dem 7

    Great car chase music!

  3. Dale M

    One of my favorite groups back in the day...back in high school guys that listened to these types of bands were outcasts...if you were in the group you’d have to listen to AC/DC, kiss etc but I loved this group as I did Hall & Oats and a bunch of others I also like rock which they call classic rock and they still rock today...

  4. Troypam Young

    Back in the day when bands were ugly but had real talent.

  5. Lisa Carlucci leite

    Love it



  7. JB C

    What a great band from Aussieland 🇦🇺! Innovation songs pure! Out of space? Never reached the earth! Underrated at all!

  8. Zydeco Zephyr

    "Stay up 'til 'til the night is dawn" hoot on!

  9. total recall

    I heard this song at Salenas in the early 80's.
    Wow I feel old.

  10. Frank Castle

    402 dislikes? idiots.

  11. Deborah 78.

    1981, best year in music for me. This was a bit different for Little River Band. Not their typical sentimental lyrics. Good track...🎶

  12. corazon yee

    This make my life easy and comfy

  13. Lee Andrew

    Always was a night owl since I was a kid

  14. Ricky Parker

    Little River Band was just as good as the "overrated" Eagles but didn't get HALF as much respect. Im not even sure if they are in the RRHOF. If not it's a crime. Little River Band was a HIT MACHINE in the 70s-80s and have sold more than 25 million records.

  15. Vonix1 00

    Great band Walter Nelson sound amazing on the tune

  16. Simone Ward

    Love the harmonies. Great music. It stands the test of time in 2020.

  17. M S


  18. cynthiadean19

    That intro was EVERYTHING😍😍

  19. Mark Pignataro

    Other guys sent me here! It's like I fell down a rabbit hole of Awesomeness🤣😂✌ Little River Band is actually pretty good

    Anita Taylor

    They are awesome!!!! Merry Xmas!

  20. Tony Griffin

    great band.saw them in 2107

  21. Jason Rupp

    Kool azz...we gotkalifonia

  22. Jo Laurie Penrose

    Little River Band...heard this when married. Ex-husband died in 2014. This song brings tears to my eyes. I'm sorry he's gone.

  23. Ken Holley


  24. John Smith

    Talk about a talented band! The vocals and the guitars are 👍

  25. Locally Hated __

    My dad passed this song on to me , there is no excuse our yonger generation shouldn’t be listing to such beauty

  26. Marvin I

    Is that Ritchie Cunningham playing bass and singin'

  27. amanda davis

    This song hit #6 in 1981. "Man on your Mind" hit #14 in 1982. I always think of those songs together because they were popular when I was a freshman in high school.

  28. K.S.

    This is what I call music and also grew up to this. I just love this song and Little River Band❣

  29. Mariska delaere

    great ole country rock at it’s finest

  30. Bill Brandine

    This band was excellent. Night Owl is a timeless composition. Lead singer and background vocals are brilliant. There are actually 393 retards who didn't like this. Gotta tell these "Taylor Swift fans" to stay off YouTube videos older than 2010. They have no clue

  31. Tracey Jacques

    This song gets you to get up and dance!! Love this classic beat😁💕

  32. Nancy Bean


  33. Steve Rogers

    backroadjunkie Wayne doesn't own the name either. He is simply the lead singer employed by the owner of the LRB name. I was just pointing out that he has nothing to do with the fact that the other original members sold the rights to the name. Also that he is the original lead singer on this song and contributed vocals on most of their other hits. He was with them throughout their peak though not an original member. Steve Perry was not an original member of Journey but hard to argue his impact.

  34. Steve Taylor

    Sheer, rock & roll perfection, personified.

  35. Luis Carlos Davila

    Remeber ridding my brand new Honda Nighthawk listening heavily to this song in the streets of Orange County Cal..Fucking paradise on earth back then!!

  36. livenhfree

    OMG. It’s been easily 30 years since I heard this. Time gives one perspective. I didn’t recognize it then, but I do now. This is Alan Parsons Project-esque. Nuts!

  37. Johnny Funk

    Had this song in my head for about 6 days straight, love it.

  38. Leedy Scalemodeller

    lol singer (bass player) owns all rights to lrb now , bet he is glad he done that

  39. 80s disco

    heart of a bananna calling

  40. Curt Murray

    This song is still bad ass in 2019

    80s disco

    1:04 all i hear is heart of a bannana callin

    80s disco

    find the hard old bannanna fallin

  41. Joy George

    This singer looks like the man who played in the tv show called Happy Days in the 80's.


    Happy days was in the 70's and you don't know who Ron Howard is lol .


    Ron Howard

    Leedy Scalemodeller

    Richie Cunningham lol

  42. Dave Hamilton

    Oh yeah! Smooth and cool!!

  43. Victoria Spencer

    Raw instruments and talented...Real talented artists💖

  44. Timothy Midgett

    "Where do they go when they have done their time ""

  45. Connie Abel

    I just love the song "The Night Owl" By Little River Band ❤️😍💕

  46. Walt Gekko

    This was their last charted US hit.

  47. M.C. Rox

    Amazing vocals, wow. Great song

  48. Staci Fly

    Classic 80's song

  49. Jason King

    Sad truth but one of the bands that probably never sold their soul to the devil Never joined the illuminati .Never got that recognition of being a great band because of that ,but they saved their soul The most rock bands will realize this is the number one thing they should’ve done Jesus Christ is Lord

  50. Vai Man

    Pretty sad that the music industry became so dumbed down. 😁😁😁

  51. Nancy Bean


  52. rs3457

    380 morons....LOL

  53. Vince Gedeon

    Great Song N Band some amazing harmonies 🤟💖🤟

  54. gtmobayer

    Saw them at Parker's in Seattle, WA on 1991! The sound was like listening to them on stereo. An impeccable, flawless group of singers, who harmonized like no other! Got to shake Glenn's hands, as well as lead singer from "Player", who was playing lead singer!

  55. pappy999

    The late, lamented brought me here.

  56. Heidi G.

    Love, love this song!!!!!

  57. Kali James

    So classic! One of my favorite bands ever. 😏❤

  58. TravelinBand747

    Great rocking song, excellent harmonies. Went Top Ten in the USA in the fall of '81.

  59. Danny Smith

    I had been a fan of theirs for several years before I got a chance to see them in concert in Alexandria, Louisiana in the early '90s...that was a real treat!

  60. Gargamel Goodbread

    The Eagles from down under--is what I always thought of LRB

  61. Miguel Javier

    Great song, i remember oktober of 1,981 here in Perú, begining to play on local radios; i think the girl that appears in this video it's Patty Smyth that later went into the band Scandal; it's true? really or not? cos´ i think so that she is. Greetings from Lima, Perú.

  62. Bill Casteel

    Love this band

  63. Jim's Garage

    I have seen this trend so many times. So I thought I'd comment on the fact that almost all great bands have comments that state "the most underated musician/band. Not true. They were/are all as good as we interpret them to be. Their music parallels our daily lives, good or bad. All of my favorite musicians/groups were/are the best there is in existence. All of them, that made it to the top 100 are the best of the best. We are spoiled because of the time we were born into the greatest time for music ever. Unbelievable creativity in the music realm. Just enjoy it, love it, without categorizing it. They all helped each other to create such listenable consistent music.

  64. Richard Nunez

    That realy music....

  65. Lawrence Ehlow

    Probably the best harmonies ever in a group back in that era. Simply awesome!!! 9/7/19

  66. L5D

    im so lucky im still alive and listen to this again

  67. Don Matejek

    When we got MTV in 1981, my mom REALLY LOVED this video!

  68. paul scholar

    This song kicks ass

  69. Laurie Raymond

    Likes all their hit music,yeah !

  70. Chrystal Branham

    One killer ass song !!!

  71. Albert Lianza

    great song of LRB

  72. sanshou king

    One of the greatest Aussie band ever...

  73. Musicfan Hawk

    Great song!! Great band!! Great sound!!

  74. Dean Sapp

    Vocals, back up vocals and instrumentals are Perfect !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Anthony Lowery

    Yup my dad always said I have my days and nights mixed up guess I was a night owl

  76. Darren Ryder

    As a kid I grew up in the town of Little River.

  77. Kali James

    I forgot how bad ass this song is!❤❤❤

  78. Larry Felgenhauer

    All I picture, as I listen to this, is Clancy Brown getting his ass beat by Sean Penn with the sock and a pop can !!!!

  79. Carolyn Glaser

    Wayne Nelson has the voice of an angel....

  80. Lance Hurley

    LRB...the poor mans Eagles..

  81. Roberto Escalante

    Thanks to my local radio station (classic103.7) for introducing me to this magic

  82. Roads ToMadness

    Damn to be 11 years old again. Love all this classic 80s Rock. Brings back great childhood memories.

  83. Daddy Daddio

    this is the height of the Masterful & Most Magical Time of our Time. Such Craftsmanship, harmony, right on down the producer & the mixer. pure genius.

  84. texascclp1445

    brings back some great memories of nightlife when i lived in tucson az.

  85. Steve Taylor

    Jeez Louise, it's the perfect rock song!

  86. R Ross

    Still one of my favorite songs. Miss 80s music.

  87. P Hearns

    Summer Jam 1980 Yale Bowl. Eagles Heart Little River Band

  88. CPB1

    Great Band!!!...Great Song!!!...Great Year!!!...Class of '81 RULES!! Actually we ruled a few years we are just on retainer.

  89. Melissa Love

    One of the most underestimated bands of all time! 💕🤘🏼🇦🇺🤘🏼💕

  90. Marie C

    eating the microphone isn't nessesary wayne! just kidding , glen and wayne voices are great together.

  91. Boris Ortiz perez

    Solo guitar is heavenly..

  92. Deep South New Zealand

    spot the aussie lol

  93. K.S.

    I use to play this on the jukebox when I was 21 in 81 .. 🍻

  94. Evelyn Reyno

    Real musicians!

  95. Ricky Parker

    Their BEST song!!!!!

  96. Bob Cummings

    where is TLRB in 2019??

  97. DERedhead65

    Always an EPIC Song, and one of the BEST Bands Ever!!  the harmonies, the Beat, the Guitars on this Song are AMAZINGGGGG!!!!"he's a Night Owl"...

  98. Saxon Ray

    Man it's been over 30 years since I've heard this ...Thank you Youtube..

  99. Denise Hedden

    🥀🖤🥀Amazing Performance Guy's 🤘