Little Richard - Rose Mary Lyrics

If you see Rose Mary, tell her I'm coming home to stay
Tell her I'm tired of travellin', I just can't go on this way
Every night I travelled with my friends, now I'm coming home to stay
So if you see Rose Mary tell her, tell her I'm on my way
If you see Rosemary, tell her I'm coming home to stay

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Little Richard Rose Mary Comments
  1. manoel luiz teixeira

    Nao conhecia esta, que eu saiba nao veio para o brasil, se veio passou despercebido, pelo menos por mim, excelente, o som e caracteristico do grande Ricardo. maneco - Porto Alegre-RS - Brasil.

  2. Lee Groce

    The only King of Rock n Roll, love him.. Peace

  3. Lee Groce

    Thanks for posting, been yrs since I heard this. The KING of ROCK N ROLL. Love Him

  4. Phil Silverman

    I strongly believe Hendrix is also on YOU'D BETTER STOP, DANCIN' ALL AROUND THE WORLD, and the entire album of VeeJay recuts. Possibly on about half of the Little Richard Is Back album, as well. It's been written, Hendrix is heard on POOR DOG, but.... who knows? :)

  5. ChasNDaveVideos

    I certainly have, I own every official recording by both Little Richard & Fats Domino. 'I Don't Know What You've Got' features Hendrix on guitar (probably the only Little Richard studio track to really feature him).

  6. Phil Silverman

    have you heard his VALLEY OF TEARS backed with a great instru. FREEDOM RIDE? also check out from 3 years later the 4:44 pressing of I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'VE GOT.

  7. ChasNDaveVideos

    Don't forget 'Every Night About This Time', another superb Richard revival of a Fats song.

  8. Phil Silverman

    add: Blueberry Hill, 1970, live at the Boston Tea Party (Black Diamond CD).l

  9. Phil Silverman

    Took me years and years to finally hear it. Richard always did a good job on Fats' material: Blueberry Hill, 1964; RoseMary, 1966; The Rockin' chair, 1966 [I hear no resemblance :)]; Blueberry Hill, live, c. 1974 (Koala album); I'm In Love Again and Valley of Tears, 1962.

  10. strandwolf

    Thanks for answering this so rapidly; much appreciated. My concerns, as they say, are thus allayed.

  11. 45alany

    Little Richard's version
    of Fats Domino's
    Rose Mary credits
    A.Domino - D.Bartholomew

  12. strandwolf

    Distinctly akin to "The Fat Man"--and "Lawdy Miss Clawdy" for that matter. Can't make out the composer credits.