Little Feat - Sample In A Jar Lyrics

It's hidden far away
But someday I may tell
The tale of metal tangle
When into your world I fell
Without you now I wander
Soaking secretly afraid
'cause in your grasp the fears don't last
And some of them have stayed

I wheeled around because I didn't
Hear what you had said
And saw you dancing with elihu
Up on leemor's bed
And I was foggy rather groggy,
You helped me to my car
The binding belt enclosing me,
A sample in a jar

And on the market stands unfolding
With all their willies and their wares
I shuffle by alert but numb
To all the glances and the glares
And I think of you unheeding
All the times I raise my cup
It's now I know that you knew
That I'd soon end up end up

You tricked me like the others
And now I don't belong
The simple smiles and good times
Seem all wrong

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Little Feat Sample In A Jar Comments
  1. Alan Agazarian

    A jar. ..."A" jar. I'll bet your favorite album is "THE Picture of Nectar"

  2. MultiJeffb

    My cat is named elayhu.

    Scott BC31H

    Does he dance on Lemor's bed?

    Edgar Tarly

    Poster Nutbag.

  3. d3u1d4e

    Great cover!

  4. Charles Daleiden

    Phish Original from '93 (ish) , this album is from 2000

  5. Elidoransgar

    One of my favorite tracks by the Feat. I think their covers of Phish are better than Phish's covers of Feat. Phish know how to swing, but they usually stiffen up when they play Feat covers. They don't sound relaxed. I don't know why, but there it is.

  6. crazymanmichael100

    great track from a surprisingly good album. the title track is a killer. under the radar is highly recommended also. the title track is worth the admission fee alone.

  7. BuckeyeInNC

    RIP TPW you told me this blew you away. maybe i like to think it was the last song you heard. shalom brother.