Lit - The Last Time Again Lyrics

I don't wanna be an asshole anymore
Sick and tired of all the promises that I make to you
And I break to you
And I know you think you've heard it all before
Something tells me that you think I'm stupid when I say to you
That what I say is true
Too much lyin', too little tryin'

This time is gonna be the last time
The last time again
This time is gonna be the last time
The last time again

Well I don't wanna be redundant anymore
Skippin' like a broken record you can play again
But I'll do it all again
Put it behind me, then you rewind me


[guitar solo]

Once again
I must have been
Tryin' to wash away the sin
Cuz I wake up
Bathroom floor
I won't do this anymore
...starting tomorrow


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Lit The Last Time Again Comments
  1. José Neto

    Quero ver se tem um BR aqui igual eu kkkkkkk

  2. ElectroShock

    I wish I could fuck Stiffler's Mom.

  3. Killa Copeland

    can black ppl like these tunes? because im feeling this lol

  4. igor grilo


  5. Drazen 87

    Sweet memories...

  6. Andrew Lopez

    Quit hating on my American Pie fans..lit and the AP movies are both great

  7. teorema bendiciones

    Only spanish here niceeee jaja


    Stifflers mom😂

  9. Isaak Erlandsen

    American pie rules!!!

  10. Chris Binion

    I used to always rewind the A.P. 2 end credits just so I could listen to this.

  11. Chris Binion

    Who else used to play the end credits of American Pie 2 over and over again, because this song was on it?

  12. UpSid3DwnKingd0m


  13. Wendell Ruan

    Stiffler Moooooon!!! 😂❤️

  14. SuomiLaava


  15. Chris Nelson

    American pie 2

  16. Elif Boz

    Still here!!

  17. Michael McCurdy

    'cause I wake up, bathroom floor, I won't do this anymore..... pretty much me every Sunday

  18. gamer of darkness

    American pie 2

  19. the nerdygamer


  20. the nerdygamer

    my favorite time is when this time is gonna be the last time

  21. A.J. Battaglia

    nothing will ever beat the original american pie movies.

  22. Himhaer Barrios

    Listening in 2017

    Robert Cortez

    It's almost 2018, remind me to comment that in the next 22 days.

  23. Cj Loving

    American Pie brought me here!

  24. iiil Capitaaano

    Stiffler's Moooooooooooommmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!

    Michael McCurdy

    haha what an epic ending it was. perfect song to conclude AP2



    Kristy Miller


  25. Warren Stanley

    Stifler's mom😂😂

  26. Chris Guillen


    Joe Cooper

    Robert Cortez He fucks her in the car at the end

    Robert Cortez

    how did he not realize it was his mom??

    Chelsea Johnson


    Chelsea Johnson

    He fucks her in both movies

    Enola Spencer

    @Chelsea Johnson three lol
    American Wedding lol

  27. Athleticgamer

    Love this movie!!!! and song!!!!!!

  28. Athleticgamer

    In love with this song!!!!! and American Pie!!!!!

    Chef Smith

    just saw american pie 2 and missed the first one by like 20 mins lol

  29. Victor Lazar

    I like album Atomic!!! I like "Lit"!!!

  30. Jacob Stephen

    hadn't heard this song in a few months and watched American pie and I've missed this song and lit!


    Same here buddy love this song and American Pie!!!!!

    Yves de Vallée

    american pie <3


    I'm just here cuz I did this song

  32. Dominic sanchez

    american pie 2

  33. Michael McCurdy

    I will say I first heard this on AP2 like everyone else has said, but now this is one of my most listened to songs... love it and the lyrics!

  34. B & E Tv


  35. Russ TheMuss

    If American pie brought you here...please leave


    @russell suneagle Lit and American Pie brought me here


    +russell suneagle There is nothing wrong with a movie or video game making a song famous...pretty sure Lit won't complain about the attention either; they've loaned their music out to at least one other movie.

    God hand Mishima

    They both did. I have been a fan of Lit for awhile but i also love the American Pie series. Both good memories i liked Lit before American Pie.


    russell suneagle if you are still alive please die

  36. Ysaac Espinoza Rios

    Del año 2001 y de nuevo la escucho en el 2015

    Dominic sanchez

    yo la escucho 2016

  37. shimmyshy


  38. For Your Eyes Only

    Everyone's coming here for American Pie but I'm just here for Lit <3

    Joe Willard

    Same here! I mean, American Pie is decent, but Lit is fuggin fantastic!!

    the nerdygamer

    For Your Eyes Only right

    Lil Da Shikii

    haha. me too

    Colin Clayton

    I originally came here because of American Pie, but now I come here for Lit.

  39. 191aalex

    this song litteraly talks to me.. american pie best fucking movie omg <3..

  40. Dave Mustaine

    american pie <3

    el manochanta

    +Dave Mustaine no es la 2?

    Chef Smith

    american pie 2 also its a kickass song :D

    Enigma FGC

    Dave Mustaine*2

    Вадим Смирнов

    @Enigma FGC exaaactly

  41. Joe Willard

    Story of my life right here!

    the nerdygamer

    Joe Willard right man😋

    Chris Nelson

    music of my life

  42. NewYorkS4U

    I love this song. This song is the piece of the "pie" that's not found on the soundtrack album. Such a shame : \

    David Felter

    Ironically, this was the song that made me want to get the soundtrack (the other songs are great as well, but this was the one that sealed the deal to get it) but its not on the soundtrack >:(

  43. Tom Pope

    American pie 2

  44. Tom Pope

    Normally I get annoyed by people repeating comments on YouTube but its such a great movie with an orgasmic soundtrack

  45. Jordan Montier

    American Pie 2

  46. Arnold animado

    american fucking pie two!

  47. GebouYeah

    I had to much trouble tracing this song, I almost fell that I imagined it.

    Thank you :)

  48. Edson Velásquez


  49. Usman Raqeeb

    thumbs up if u still remember thisgirl in october2012

  50. zach deppe

    pie style 2

  51. T L

    american pie 2

  52. SheckleRFan715

    download link for the song without the video

  53. SheckleRFan715

    download link??