Lit - Pictures Of You Lyrics

I've been looking so long at these pictures of you
That i almost believed that they're real
I've been living so long with my pictures of you
That i almost believed that the pictures are all i can feel

Remembering you
Standing quiet in the rain
As i ran to your heart to be near
And we kissed as the sky fell in
Holding you close
How i always held close in your fear

Remembering you
But in a soft through the night
You were bigger
And brighter
And whiter than snow
Spring at the make believe
Spring at the sky
And you finally found all your courage to let it all go

Remember you
Falling into my arms
Crying for the death of your heart
You were stone white
So delicate
Lost in the cold
You were always so lost in the dark

Remembering you
How you used to be
So drown
You were angels
So much more than everything
Hold for the last time
Then slip away
Open my eyes but i never see anything

If only i thought of the right words
I could've held onto your heart
If only i thought of the right words
I wouldn't be breaking apart

All my pictures of you

Looking so long at these pictures of you
I never hold onto your heart
Looking for the words to be true
But always just breaking apart

My pictures of you

There is nothing in the world
That i ever wanted more
Than to feel you deep in my heart
There was nothing in the world
That i ever wanted more
Than to never feel the breaking apart

All my pictures of you

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Lit Pictures Of You Comments
  1. Ravnanger Tveiten

    Best version!

  2. FOXAMG63

    And you finally found all your courage to let it all go

  3. galgor

    HELLO it's 2019!! Just remembered about this song thanks to Audioscrobbler... or Whatever. GREAT SONG!

  4. Seth Gordon

    One of my all time fav bands from early 2000's. Amazing live and all their albums are great! CHEERS!

  5. True Kolors

    Makes me wanna sell my car for gas money ❤💜💚💙💛

  6. Freak Punk Fuck Rotten

    ☹️Toda la depredación, lúgubre tristeza y obscuridad, que magnífico cover se la sacaron estos muchachos 👍

  7. Malu Husky

    4 Paws Up, Yum.

  8. Melkor Sykkxa

    I like this cover

  9. lightsiderdragon 01


    Oh, my GOD! When the fuckin reggeton keep en silencio..,listen putos, this is ROCK!!!

  10. NoJoy

    this is just perfect

  11. anmol Kumar


  12. Alexa Shalala

    One of the best cover of that song I've heard so far.

  13. lightsiderdragon 01

    I'm a old man. Nostalgia moderna.

  14. Mustardgas203

    More like shit.

  15. Danial Harris

    2018 still lit

  16. Christian LeBlanc

    I'm satisfied.

  17. Honey Badger 11 Bravo

    ROCKIN' COVER!!!! PLAY IT LOUD!🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊

  18. Honey Badger 11 Bravo

    Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS 2017!!!!!!

  19. diegoa137

    It's a pretty good cover

    Tieu Kha Vu

    Yes. LUVE it

  20. Monté

    Gives me that 90's college feeling

    Tieu Kha Vu

    Monté Although, they are not Blink 182 (Thank god) To Me, They are like "BB" (Breaking Benjamin), "Disturbed" and" Foo Fighters".

    Rodney Sturgis

    Me too. It's a good feeling.

  21. Brandon Wilson

    I miss the good times....... All the way back to softball Saturday's and the " insubordination generation"

  22. black winter

    This is my favorite Lit album. All the songs are dope.

  23. Tanapol Patitanawan

    เพราะมากกชอบบ แต่หาโหลดยากกกกก

  24. Michael Stein

    They should have kept the long guitar into from the Cure version, I do like the singing in this Lit version better. Somebody do a remix!

  25. Shaii Scene

    This is a good cover, but Robert Smith will always do it better. :) He is a god in my eyes <3.

  26. southernsibe

    this is a cure cover

  27. robertitosmithxever

    mhhh buen cover, es como una versión mas "polenta"! Aunque, la original, en mi opinión, se acerca mucho a una de las mejores canciones de la historia!!!

  28. starasylum1

    Great job of a great old song! Lit is an Iconic Band!!!! voice of the 90's and early 2000's

  29. starasylum1

    Great cover by a great but sometimes underrated band.

  30. Jackdesj

    I liked how Lit turned this into their song. I'm sure any artist would love to have somebody else cover their music.

  31. Sly Carl

    i missde the old days when music is cool and the lyrics is got lot of meaning but this years i can barely stand to this generation music

  32. TheTerminalExpress

    Turning this into a pure "rock" song is a mistake. What made this song, and the whole Cure album awesome is the orchestral arrangement of the songs.


    TheTerminalExpress you say it's a mistake, I say it's a refreshing alternative take. I love the original, but I just tried listening to it. It wasn't satisfying what I wanted to hear, this is.

    Tieu Kha Vu

    The Cure is actually a rock group. Although, "The Walk" was poppy at that time too.

  33. Gugaruz

    this is not even close to "ok"...

  34. belcha3

    They did an ok cover of this, but listen to this song by the maker of this the The Cure and you will find much more emotion in it

  35. Nev Longbottom

    It sounds good. That being said, i find it lacking in emotion when compared to the original. In my opinion, the emotion that The Cure portrays in, not only this, but all of their songs, is what makes them great.

  36. Black Phillip

    this song its the story of my life

  37. Nk Knight

    Awesome song, always gets me thinking.

  38. MarK Speer

    Anyone who says they don't like The Cure, are just lying to themselves.

  39. sugarandspice4815

    The effort is appreciated, and the song isn't half bad, as far as the instruments are concerned. However, I don't really like the singer's voice with this song. Then again, I'm a little hard to please concerning "Pictures of You," since the original by The Cure is one of my all-time favorite songs (so beautiful!).

  40. Kate Clark


  41. Soul Argentina

    me encanta este version excelente !! veras tu video en mi sitio Lookedvideos (subtitulos y letras ) saludos desde la argentina =)

  42. kanariyab0ice


  43. Beka Ruth

    i absolutly love this song!

  44. Barry Spring

    Awesome fuckin' cover!!! Hope you guys do it on tour when you're in Va. in Sept. for HFStival!!!!

  45. Nikki Levil

    @sledhead7969 NEVER did you just say that . . . the orignal song by the cure is fucking heartbreaking. yeah this is good but nothing beats the cure. and they dont use synth in that song anyways

  46. Nk Knight

    looove this cover.

  47. Ehsivar

    Fuck this lame-ass, overproduced, post-grunge, Pro Tools-fucked, radio rock, pussybitch-rhythm-guitar-stole-the-bassline bullshit. They totally ruined the atmosphere of the song. I was okay with Lit before hearing this, but now I hope they fail as a band, get raped, and die.

  48. davor1873

    a very good version

  49. Zuh H

    @ToMaTt247 wtf are you talking about?

  50. Medalion

    This is probably my fave Cure song besides Just Like Heaven, pretty decent cover!

  51. princessbelle2

    I like this cover and the original equally. Which is strange because I LOVE the cure and I usually hate covers.

  52. Kris Thompson

    i forgot i own this

  53. RockIt RC

    Sweet cover! I love the song

  54. d0ugl4s_m0

    Definitely original is more enjoyable.
    This is well done, but it's just not the same feeling.
    Not the feeling the song was supposed to have.
    Singer isn't near as good as the Cure's either.
    It's good though, not a bad cover, really.

  55. madonnasponytail

    im shocked you can use a computer