Lit - Four Lyrics

She wakes up lonely
She wakes up lonely
She hangs a picture by the phone
She hangs a picture by the phone
Yeah, she doesn't think we're gonna make it
But when I'm home we're sleeping naked
And we pretend that we're in love
She wakes up lonely
And she telephones me
To ask me if I'm coming home
She says "Will you be coming home?"
Yeah, She doesn't think we're gonna make it
But when I'm home we're sleeping naked
And we pretend that we're in love
it was different when we thought that we wanted the same thing
everything was figured out
and now it doesn't make much sense
it's just another thing she can't get
she doesn't think we're gonna make it
but when i'm home we're sleeping naked
and we pretend that we're in love yeeeeeeeaaaaahh
she likes to think we're in love
she like to think that we're in love

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Lit Four Comments
  1. Project Revise

    Banger! WE LOVE LIT

  2. NormNewman

    Awesome album. Every song just great

  3. Brosef McMan

    Love this song

  4. James Chastain

    Where you at ron???-jeff

  5. Grindstone

    I guess Lit is the 90s menzingers...

  6. Chef Smith

    OMG some of lit songs rules ziplock,four,miserable,quicksand song rules.

  7. Zachary Rizzo

    Enema of The State gets all the glory but A Place In the Sun is equally as epic

  8. paraíso perdido

    Woodstock 99

  9. The Grand Supreme

    Zombie college.

  10. James Stone

    Why is this song called "four"?

  11. Big Bird PH

    I first heard this song thanks to the Woodstock '99 live compilation double album! The RED album is still the shit! I don't care much for the BLUE album!

  12. Mike de Gracias

    super underrated band. I love every song from this album: A place in the Sun! |m|

  13. 252S1cKS1D3

    This whole album is just great brings back junior high memories

  14. The Flaming Pike

    Thanks a lot for this! I used to have this CD and played and carried it around so much that I actually broke it. Really good road trip/summer album. I have very good memories of it.

  15. Brian Lawler

    I saw these guys play for free inside a Tower Records to promote this album! 300 people. They stayed to sign autographs for everyone. Amazing show. I was 12! Thanks, Mom.

  16. brendonwife (Rena Sumeragi)

    1:41 - 2:08 is love!

  17. gustv

    Happy new fucking year from Argentina!!!!!

  18. f**k!1&2&3 and

    Lit was memorable

  19. isabelle o'gorman

    it's lit

  20. Suckmyballz Gameplays

    got here from zombie college.. very cool tune!

  21. Daniel Engel

    Punk-Rock masterpiece.

  22. Burfie Burf

    My all-time favorite song by them!

  23. Swampforlife

    great song. i make youtube vids too and it's nice to hear one that my mother and i both love.


    havent heard this in literally 15 years, thanks youtube, looked up she wakes up lonely

    Big Rig69

    GYPSY KING FURY nice dude

  25. Audiostoke

    If anyone has this on CD hold rewind for a secret song/ warm-up riff before it ;) good album

    Dick Thicc'em

    note that it doesnt work in most car CD players

    Blake Adams

    This song feels incomplete without it but I can't find the intro anywhere online. Maybe I just didn't look very hard, but I know Google Play Music plays it with the intro in it, so Spotify probably does too

  26. Rosenildo Bittencourt

    isso e tipo um foofighters com greenday

  27. Venessa Jaime

    Love this song...a lot of emotions tied to it.

    Chef Smith

    Hell yeah the way they sing is amazing the lyrics rule.

  28. alice margereta

    wow these guys own

    Venessa Jaime

    Yes they do! The whole CD is good .

  29. VITNE

    damn i loved (and love) this song!

  30. Semii re


  31. Robby Stone

    Looking forward to the Electric Ballroom show, I also did a version of this song the other night, give it a listen!

  32. migwar

    Opening song on Thursday  May 15th, Electric Ballroom, London

    Fucking Awesome

    Cant wait


    see you there! :)


    dude may 15th.... its today :) have an amazing time!!


    Migwar you must be a mind reader. lol.  Four opening song followed by my own worst enemy!! what a way to start a show!! i will put vids up soon :)

  33. Jeff V

    old school as fuck!

  34. Chas Riley

    This song is just great.

  35. greg1483

    best song on the album!

  36. brendonwife (Rena Sumeragi)

    Infatti, lol.
    "Li conosci i Lit?" "No." "Sai, quelli del video con Pamela Anderson..." "Ah, si, ora mi ricordo" XD