Lisa Stansfield - Love Can Lyrics

Drifting on the wind
Nothing on my mind
Floating on a dream
Out of space and out of time
I shattered into pieces
when you looked my way
Why the hell should I keep running away
for goodness sake

Well it`s time to heal the wounds so many made
it`s time to trust again

Nothing hurts like love can
like love can do
it can make you cry
make a fool of you
but nothing feels like love can
when it´s right
it can make you fly
so hold on tight

Should I lose my self control
and let the gods decide
how the hell can I
keep running away
nowhere to run
nowhere ti hide

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Lisa Stansfield Love Can Comments
  1. Jazzy JJ

    Only just discovered this today...a great find, Lisa at her best 💃🏽🥳

  2. Marcella Mcduffie

    This is a bad beat !!! Thanks for the upload!!and thank you for sharing it!.

  3. Andrew Flood


  4. Jiannis Tsiaoussis

    really nice

  5. Will D

    Gold. As good as anything I used to listen to in nyc back in the day

  6. Shante Barze

    My new favorite by her. Love her music

  7. bahamiangreek101

    Great song from Lisa Stansfield

  8. Dirk Benedix

    love it!

  9. rebecca z

    wow this gorgeous, no one can write like this

  10. rebecca z

    I must be mad, I never listened to this album before, incredible

  11. ekcj1

    This has a really cool Marvin Gaye's "Inner City Blues" feel to it.

  12. AMY whimsicalworks

    Lisa Stansfield Love Supreme 2015

  13. BLATINO40

    this could have been a hit in the USA for sure

  14. Nufar Alb


  15. Alejandro Rodriguez

    I just heard this song for the first time today on Spotify. I absolutely love this song and the music.

  16. Douglas Latter

    So this one was done very recently, huh? Well, it sounds divine. Usually, today's music is just false garbage, but this? This song is wonderful, just what I need. The mood, the vibe, the energy, everything about it. I appreciate Lisa Stansfield's passionate style a lot.

  17. ted norton

    This one is perfect.  

  18. aft ladybug

    Fabulous as ever. 

  19. aklavina

    Want to make love right now

  20. Gary Crossey

    This is such an awesome track... a bit timeless really 

  21. Franc Schoba

    my fav. track from the new album and the rain!

  22. Carlos Ganga Z

    <3 Lisa

  23. Jax Martin

    Fantastic track, but heard Love Can feat Snowboy on Jazz FM, amazing.... does anyone know How to get hold of it???

  24. nickthekiller3

    Classic Lisa. 

  25. Katie Louise

    I think this my favorite song from Seven so far, really sounds like Classic Lisa!!

  26. Claudio Peña V.

    I love lisa!

  27. Daniel Arbaiza

    The Longer We Make Love Pt. 2  ;)