Lisa Stansfield - Carry On Lyrics

This world will take me
Never to forsake me
Would never ever make me
Do it all on my own

Lately I've been feeling on the low
I can't pretend he's gone
But baby, if you got to go
It's something you should know

I will carry on
I'll take it as it comes
I'll keep putting one foot in front of the other one
And I will carry one
I'll take it as it comes
I'll keep putting one foot in front of the other one
I'll keep putting one foot in front of the other one

And I wonder at the spell you put me under
You tear my world apart
And then you let me go

Lately, I've been feeling kind of cold
Like this world is growing older
But baby, if you got to go
It's something you should know

I will carry on
I'll take it as it comes
I'll keep putting one foot in front of the other one
And I will carry one
I'll take it as it comes
I'll keep putting one foot in front of the other one
I'll keep putting one foot in front of the other one

Love me but before you say goodbye
Just look me in the eye
I might cry but I won't

I will carry on
I'll take it as it comes
I'll keep putting one foot in front of the other one
And I will carry one
I'll take it as it comes
I'll keep putting one foot in front of the other one
I'll keep putting one foot in front of the other one

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Lisa Stansfield Carry On Comments
  1. Dorothelia Barnett

    You go girl!!!

  2. Ava Long

    Long hair noooooo😭

  3. Michael Mckagan

    First time I heard this woman sing. Was at the Freddie Mercury tribute concert. I thought damn she's good.

  4. eicher rudolf

    Eine Traumfrau, was besseres gibt es nicht auf der welt, ich liebe sie und verehre sie

  5. Estela Marvulli

    Diva 💕💕💕💕💕9/2018

  6. farid abdulali

    Before listening to this new joint I was had listened to All Woman this Woman can flat out sing love that voice much underrated however so appreciated Lisa you are definitely All Woman. Nuff said.

  7. farid abdulali

    Listen this Lady here and the Sades of the world has made it possible for those other females that are from across the pond. Lisa Stansfield stands out that voice man is one of the most unique in soul, r&b, and pop music she is a Star in any era, I like this record nuff said

  8. STUDIO BENCIVENGA Marcus Bencivenga

    Lisa and Sade get better with age - they call this class 🥃

  9. diego josé gonzález villamarín

    Esta canción me atrapó, siempre estado enamorado de esta bella inglesa desde la década de los 80 no importa su edad (yo tengo 54), esta canción suena como la música disco, guau, This song caught me, I've always been in love with this English beauty since the 80's no matter how old I am (I'm 54), this song sounds like disco music, wow,

  10. FATIMA franzoi


  11. mpixi 3kd

    gorgeous, having an erection

  12. Avalon Park

    Yes Lord!!!!

  13. Carola van Linden

    Nice to have you back here with us!!! Missed your music and voice😘

  14. j2times2006

    the song is pretty good but the dance moves not so much

  15. morkygorky

    Now there's a stylist that will be out of a job...... the makeup's bad, the hairdo all wrong, the dress.... was that an old curtain from a  flophouse? And the choreography....???  I won't even begin to go into the lame music - what a shame, cos the voice is still there!

  16. Miro MiroV


  17. patrick dowell

    Great voice, good song. But the video needs work. This could have been a hit with a decent mix?

  18. Rlynn SPENCER

    hey Lisa Stanfield! the song won't get out of my head! been around the world and III I don't know where I don't know why what he's going where he going to come back to me my baby my baby love you girl

  19. Sunshine Winter


  20. jean luc desjardins

    so pretty !!!!wouch !!!!!

  21. jean luc desjardins

    so nice !!!!!!!!!

  22. Remmy Duchene

    wow...this is...soooooo far from her other stuff...not sure how I feel about this...must listen to it a few more times

  23. Alexander M

    Lisa's voice is charming. Video is better to skip. In any case who and where watch music videos now - MTV era is long gone

  24. Mirna Otto

    Great for your come back Lisa....but the videos of your new album need more.............things.....

  25. Miro MiroV


  26. Terry Powell


  27. Francesco D'Arcangeli

    Still a magic voice, still beautiful..

  28. Ethian Hugo

    Love this song ,but this video NO NO NO

  29. Deborah Reithel

    Love her songs

  30. BLATINO40

    STILL A GREAT VOICE ... with a few american producers on her side now she could have a HUGE USA comeback

  31. The cat on the moon

    excelente cantante, simplemente fascinante

  32. wtoz1

    Lisa have loved you from the start and this song would grow on me for sure but shame about the cheap video.and the dress is trash.

  33. David Morales

    sigue siendo la sensualidad hecha canción

  34. dadjmixesit

    She fucked up when she dropped out back then, as much as I like disco, I like the song and production on it but it's too little too late now for her to make a serious comeback to the fame she had back then, such a tragedy, she should have never left.

  35. Jackie T

    short hair style be better to you Lisa...

  36. Ramón Manuel Peteiro Sierra


  37. michael de Pledge

    Definitely themed around northern soul.

  38. Artisticart79

    A flop or not....

  39. James Haworth

    sad...sometimes better to stop on top

  40. AntoanetaDD

    she is the one...

  41. qdmazo

    Wow, for a guy from disco she is making a great comeback

  42. Bill Gates

    She is look even better!!

  43. Matías Diaz

    ella sige siendo la reina su sensualidad vocal y corporal....TAL CUAL ...TOOOOOOPPPPP

  44. cesar antonio saez sandoval

    Exelente, saludos desde chile

  45. Dorian Graye

    Wow! She still looks good!! Like Lucy Parteger from emmerdale!

  46. Andrew Flood


  47. PopOff!

    Disco is back baby!


    @Pop Off! Well it never left. Lisa's been doing it for some time. But you know...

  48. angelo catalano

    The best 💋 💋

  49. Kálmán Széles

    lisa i love you,and,always i loved you,whatever you sinnging,a fan from europa ,hungary,budapest

  50. LIguy

    Woman hasn't lost a step....smoldering sexiness and a voice that just won't quit.  Go on wit yo bad self, Ms. Lisa!

  51. phfrixion

    Snowboy production! Love Lisa!

  52. OlymPigs2010

    ..." a rose blooms and then doth youth so does the fairest maid..."

    ted norton

    If you think this is fading i got news for ya.... let's see YOU hold a career that long.  Not only that but her voice changed significantly and she re mastered her instrument better than most people can ahold of the one they have in the first place.  I suggest you research what makes for an exceptional red wine.   


    ...Reality Talks and Bullshit Babbles!

    ted norton

    and yes, every rose fades. 

    ted norton

    and i do believe she is talking brillaintly in this video. 

  53. 36 сантиметров Pictures

    Boy George sound))) but I like it)

  54. phoenixvalley

    I would love to see this song lip-synced on Rupaul's Drag race :)

    Avalon Park

    They should do "All Woman"

  55. Laurence Cabon

    Rien a voir avec les précédentes chansons de Lisa stanfield .... C'est dommage

    Ken Ungar

    Je pense que c'est la réalisation du vidéo qui est le problème ici et non forcément sa performance.

  56. Ddera Oj

    Beautiful Bonita!!

  57. Charles Dupont

    LISA  performance  notre princesse clubbing heigties  new album  SEVEN !!!

  58. Zofia Chilimoniuk

    absolutely fabulous

  59. Constantine Konstin

    she is the real deal

  60. Estrella Martin

    que bueno

  61. Ramon Guillem

    "Sigue Lisa Sigue" CARRY ON Deliciosaaaaaaaaa

  62. Charles Dupont



    Hermosa ella....

  64. Laco Varga

    I like Lisa's voice and her music. I have bought this album in the Google music. And I really like it. But, this video is not a best one.

  65. Miguel Angel Sepulveda


  66. Boulevardwheels

    She has so much style & class. Today's artists cannot even come close...

  67. Lisa Nyese


  68. castorbtlanger

    She looks great, the voice seems to be there, but the song does not move me.

  69. Rocio Martinez Ornelas

    Maravillosa!! Por favor no dejes de cantar

  70. B .C. A.

    She looks Great, and very Happy to see her finally back at her Best!

  71. Nelly Juren

    May God Bless U Lisa!

  72. seabady

    I always love Lisa!  Glad to see her enjoying it too!

  73. 2malecon


  74. Markus RiverRhine

    Her last too albums (Face up / The Moment) bombed big time and also her latest effort flopped. So why for heaven´s sake should her record company waste big time money on a video budget? Its a wonder they cared to make one at all! 

  75. side2 Side

    i prefer the "i've got something better" style.

  76. Marcus André

    Who directed this video? I can't find it anywhere!

  77. greeko25

    i really think stansfield is great but her comeback video needed a bigger budget and better director

    Karawan Mann

    true man
    but the song is just damn awesome. thought its from the 80s and i LOVE the 80s funk. feels damn good its coming back man.

    Rich O Hanna

    I agree the production values are deplorable, the lighting of and direction of Lisa makes her look like a drunk in a seedy bar. She deserves better. 

  78. Westonelm

    Always incredible !

  79. Lee Michaels

    Great song . . . It's a shame that radio in the US is so %$#@ up that this song will not get played.  Internet radio should be all over this one.  Lisa you still look great. :-)

  80. E'yaniBrandi Taj

    she got mad old

  81. Rob Tecum

    So good to hear new songs of Lisa :))

  82. Pierre Willy marcelin

    j'aime trop .lisa s.......tu manque un concert a paris .merci...

  83. Richard Murphy

    My girl is back!

  84. mauricio reyes

    Mrs Stansfield absolutly fabulous!!

  85. Sidonie Jansson

    One of the best female voices!

  86. MMATBK

    you can keep adele. Lisa is back and I'm loving it.

  87. Tony Mical

    WOW!!! is all I can say....I Love this song! Welcome back Lisa!! Now this is music!

  88. Christophe Dauvergne

    toujours un immense plaisir â t'écouter une petite pointe de disco j'Ador  j'ai hâte d'avoir cette album " Seven "


  89. LMmccallL57

    In the past few months, I've listened to some of my favorite songs by Lisa and wondered if she'd be making a comeback. I hadn't heard anything until a friend made it known, today. I'm so glad she's back.
    Do your thing, Lisa!  :D

  90. Charles Dupont


  91. edgardo gregorini

    the white woman of the soul pop

  92. SaverioDiGiusto

    welcome back :)

  93. udi rojanski

    great single... great voice... boring clip

  94. İhsan Burak Atinc

    love love love her !

  95. Les Pickersgill

    Love the song, love the album but...... this video is SO wrong...... does not do Lisa any favours in my eyes..... looks unprofessional.... I am no expert by any means but...... can not watch it.....

  96. Mister Stelio

    Hallo ik hou van lisa stansfield en heb haar een hand mogen geven.
    Het is een mooie videoclip en ook een sterke liedje.

  97. fredrick Hambleton

    Ok I love Lisa like we all do ..... BUT who advised her to look like this? The stylist and director needs shooting.. NOW 

  98. Predrag Kovac

    Full of SOUL! Love! 

  99. Branko Jovicic

    Abum SEVEN is perfect! :)