Lisa Mitchell - Sometimes I Feel Like Alice Lyrics

Well, sometimes I feel like Alice
In a wonderland chasing rabbits
Cheshire cats and mad hatters
A better world but it's not like it matters
Oh, no

Well, day breaks and light fills the darkest room
The air is laced with a sweet perfume
What is it about morning light
That makes everything feel all right, all right, yeah

Because it feels like I have just woke up
In a world where down is up
And up is a long way from here
And the big wheels, well they keep on turning
They don't slow down

You just keep on learning
Yeah, you keep on learning

Oh, oh
Well, my name's not Alice but I know how she felt
When her world started turning
Into something else, yeah
Something else, oh, else, yeah

Yeah, sometimes I feel like Alice
In a wonderland chasing rabbits
Cheshire cats and mad hatters
A better world but it's not like it matters

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Lisa Mitchell Sometimes I Feel Like Alice Comments
  1. Anna慈悲子

    Thank you

  2. Brandi Naugle Music

    Wonderful voice

  3. Thibaut Decoux

    good song

  4. Kathryn and Brad

    Lisa Mitchell sounds like she's channelling a bit of Suzanne Vega in this song. First time I've noticed it.

  5. Alice Liddell

    <3 this song...

  6. Alan O'Kelly

    Born in the lovely English university city of Canterbury.

  7. the wizard ii

    she was born in england but spent her childhood in australia i think....nice song..

    Lawrence Jenkins

    +shane david lowrie. |She lived as a kid down the road to me in Greenwich in the road adjacent the east side of the royal Greenwich Park , which by the way was the first designated  Royal Park under Henry VIII. Also his daughter Elizabeth would play in that park. It also is the original home of the royal observatory and down below as the land slopes down to the Thames is Queen Anne Palace and the Royal Navy College as well as the Maritime museum. If you travelled down the Thames at the point  where you reach Gravesend , that is the place Pocahontas was taken sick with her family on the return voyages to Virginia  after her first visit to London. Se subsequently died and is buried in Gravesend.So Lisa comes from a very special magical place  and  it shows

    Ell B

    Yeah, the family moved to Australia when she was three.

  8. Touchstones Finest

    Thats a rather depressing name you have

  9. waldfee

    wow...amaziing. skins brought me here

  10. MPWrecked17

    Just found this song.. forgive me

  11. UrpleActus

    I agree

  12. Rozi Rose

    I don't really like the echo, but still this song is wonderful<3

  13. TheMaster7280

    Crap, I can't resuscitate the replay button… *awkward whistling*

  14. Jessica Bieber

    This song always relaxes me.

  15. Jared Austin

    Lisa is brilliant - sounds different with unusual lyrics

  16. Theodosis Vidakis

    she sound like a cartoon character from my little pony! xD

  17. AMilanowska96

  18. AMilanowska96

  19. Zgredek from Polska


  20. MrFattyfatfatboy

    idiot,only beer enlightens,go join some justin bieber club and fuck off with your cliche

  21. Nick_Q

    neopolitan dreams remix by nilow

  22. Rogelio ramírez

    how its possible that i havent heard her songs, im in love with them and with she, amazing voice :)

  23. Sam Hackenson

    You can't even see the dislike bar.<3

  24. ZapHatter

    no we want to give her our money! :)

  25. Georgia W

    Going to see her concert! woot so pumped! she is amazing!

  26. TessTyler

    you can put "repeat" between youtube and the dot in the url.. that way you can just let it repeat itself xD

  27. Enya fan

    Your'e welcome hun.

  28. Enya fan

    - On iTunes. ;)

  29. Enya fan

    Yeah it is, it's on 'Said One to the Other EP'.

  30. TheCoolestBowtie

    Killing doesn't cover what i just did to that replay botton!!!!! :D

  31. TheCoolestBowtie

    this is a beautiful song, END OF!!!!!!!!! BEST SONG EVER!!!!

  32. Philo

    somehow this song represents spring time for me. it's soft and colorful and so, so full of beauty.

  33. la matta francese

    the girl in the video is so skinny ...but that's so beautiful<<3

  34. Selin Lewis

    shes so amazing! :)

  35. XxNonameGirlxX

    I'm sorry poor replay button.. please forgive me for killing you. :(

  36. Katherine McLean

    I quote this song more often than I realize <3

  37. Alejandra Sarmiento

    is amazing!!!!! i love that song!!!!!!!

  38. SakuraColor

    My favorite part is when it ends, not cuz i hate the song but so i can click replay again <3

  39. Ladislav Timko

    I regret I´ve not heard it before :-)

  40. Andrej Mikula

    Nádherná :)

  41. Sophie Laird


  42. PETPET60090

    this song is to good for the movie : )

  43. julia

    society killed the teenager.

  44. Claire

    my favourite song <3

  45. leena2103

    amazing<3 the piano ♥♥

  46. bmwlefty

    Beautiful music, Also check Toby's music

  47. findingbadgers

    Loved the part 0:00 - 4:01 !!!!!!!

  48. Meggie Meenehan

    I have fallen in love with this song

  49. al ba


    hä was labersten du da? xD

  50. chulia

    hallo du bist doof :D
    höhö ist ja mal voll geil ..
    hab aber meine maus noch nicht getestet.. mama und papa blockieren den PC..
    leni fühlt sich glaub mal wohl.. :D

  51. emily marni

    Ermm... I think i just killed the replay button.

  52. Hannah Kelly

    Love this, so much.

  53. Jedalesie

    i feel sorry for the 3 that have pressed dislike i hope it was by accident :) shes so great at singing loves her! I <3 LM

  54. Chloe Tully

    Wow. So pretty! Please check out CHLOE TULLY. She's an Australian singer-songwriter who is making new waves...light, folky and sweet.

  55. Jahni Kunt

    who aree the 3 peoplee who don'tt like this? i will murderr themm

  56. Alice J

    my name is alice :D

  57. Jedalesie

    so beautiful! ^-^

  58. smoogirl

    @bezzie4lyf Ohm... actually that is her voice, there is no symbolic reason for how she sings ^^;... so I stand on my point :P

  59. smoogirl

    @kerskins17 So offence, and I do love her singing to pieces, but she sings like a five year old child... She has such a childish voice... Maybe it's her style, but I always think a little girl is singing lol...

  60. Alex Frances

    this girl is a natural i love her

  61. medi jones-williams

    i love this song(:

  62. daniel hawkins


    Bullshit. The people that have the balls to spend their life and money and time going from gig to gig, hoping to pick up a producer, having to deal with people who put them down constantly. Not just people who go on Australian idol. Which is just a trashy show and "get famous quick"

  63. welovepies

    @ebabee666sohawt *australian idol :)

  64. JuliatheCandyfloss

    I really love this song♥

  65. memorymoog123

    just me or does she look like Effy from Skins?

  66. lochlandb


  67. symphonyofcolour

    @Bozzy83 Her voice just isn't suited to idol, she's too... unique. Of course she wasn't gonna succeed in a show that's all about making people generic.

  68. indieballoon

    I cannot get enough of her music, she has such an amazing voice.

  69. EmOhLee12345

    Her voice is so amazing!!!

  70. hilarbo

    love it .. really beautiful song

  71. justin makepeace

    stunning... love her voice, love her !!!

  72. Celia Bailey

    i lovee this song i cnt stop listening to itt :L

  73. thecapricorn94

    she was born in england, but moved to aus when she was 3.
    that makes her much more aussie than english.

  74. ucas9111

    voice like no other

  75. showjumperluvr4

    lovely song! XD

  76. TwinDusks

    this makes me want to lay down and think and never move. just in peace and serenity

  77. Katharina

    pretty !

  78. auz101babe

    great song!!!!!!!!! pretty!!!

  79. EclecticStranger

    english born - australian raised.

  80. Vibrations in air


  81. Maka1993

    What nationality is she?

  82. Doom1981

    Said One to the Other EP

  83. TwinDusks

    could you please send it to me?

  84. TwinDusks

    where can i download this?

  85. John H Eden

    There is only one word that can appropriately sum Lisa Mitchell up.


  86. Tanya Walters

    I love this song so much! she has a great voice.

  87. Marina Sienna

    She's just amazing. <3

  88. Brooke Sainsbury

    Oh Mi Gosh!
    Thankyouu so much :)

  89. Feguro

    It's on her EP "Said One To The Other" ;)

  90. LoonyMariposa

    So lovely <3

  91. Brooke Sainsbury

    nah sorry :(

    i tried to get it off itunes and it wasnt even there, i was pissed :P

  92. Brooke Sainsbury

    I absolutally love this songg

    my favourite of hers
    my band plays it thanks to my recommendations :)

  93. Kaeley Gilliam

    I absolutely love this song.