Lisa Mitchell - Neopolitan Dreams Lyrics

You go and I'll be okay
I can dream the rest away
It's just a little touch of fate, it'll be okay
It sure takes its precious time, but it's got rights and so have I

I turn my head up to the sky
I focus one thought at a time
I do not let the little thieves under my tightly buttoned sleeve
It couldn't be a longer time, I feel like I am walking blind
I have no arrival time
There are no legible signs [x2]

I like the way that you talk
I like the way that you walk
It's hard to recreate such an individual gait

You wait your turn in the queue
You say your "Sorry"s and "Thank you"s
I don't think you're ever
A hundred percent in the room
You're not in the room [x2]

Deepest of the dark nights
Here lies the highest of highs
Neopolitan Dreams, stretching out to the sea

You wait your turn in the queue
You say your "Sorry"s and "Thank you"s
I don't think you're ever
A hundred percent in the room
You're not in the room [x2]

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Lisa Mitchell Neopolitan Dreams Comments
  1. MiraVuz

    All most 2020 anyone?

  2. Kashi

    Yes it’s 2020 and we are still bumping. I hope you all are going at your trip down memory lane in the middle of the night right now.

  3. Darkbladespeedy

    Watching this video in 2008 brought me here also little big planet and fortnite block as well 🥺☺️

  4. angel cruz uwu

    Esta canción la escuché en un nivel de geometry dash que se llama dream machine aunque la canción que está ahí es un remix la canción original me encanta y me gusta mucho la canción porque al momento de escucharla siento como un sentimiento muy bonito que no puedo describir y se que nadie me preguntó pero solo quiero dar mi opinión ❤️

  5. Hisashi


  6. W A L L


  7. Breno Oliveira


  8. Đức Duy Nguyễn

    Little Big Planet PSP...

  9. Canal Hard_Mix!

    Vontade de tomar toddynho e jogar skywars minecraft kk

  10. Alexander Safranko

    The clip is like a fairy tale and a clip of life

  11. Alexander Safranko

    Neo politan dreams
    She gives us dreams beyond the limits 😀😍😍🤩❤️🧡💛💚💙🖤

  12. Slashy YT

    This is so old, but still gold

  13. Leo Veggi

    minecraft gold times

  14. DanimationMovies

    Who here heartbroken af get in here tell ya stories

  15. one8teen

    This song was on Packed to the Rafters.

  16. Star Platinum

    Wait, at the start i just noticed that the trees are making heart

    After all this year

  17. DantesCrd

    2019 and 2020

  18. Not Me

    The ultimate white girl song. And I am enjoying this

  19. Oscar Santillan

    Diciembre 2019?

  20. Bruna Silveira

    This song was made the year i was born, I just noticed that ;-;
    Btw, im not lying cuz im just on my sister’s account.

  21. Not xVexorr

    Great album

  22. Dolphin

    I love this song, found it through Syndicate Tom of course, but I have it as a favourite on Spotify, in fact it's top of my playlist. Just a good feel song. This is the first time watching the video as Tom used it again today and I answered a query in his posts, thought it was time to let you know Lisa how good I think this is 🤓🎤🎼

  23. Suikiruu

    I forgot about this song for nearly 5 years and listening to it now is such a nostalgia trip to 7th grade lol

  24. Spooki

    It’s so crazy we all come back to this I never would of thought I hope everyone is having luck with adulting

  25. rezza muhammad

    We all Miss u Lisa

  26. MA Productions

    The days of just playing Minecraft, Roblox and a bunch of flash games. These were the golden days

  27. 666

    Very good

  28. Max Johnson

    Its been over a decade and I'm still in love with this song.

  29. Bordan

    Venoninho EXTREME

  30. SoobSound MIX

    Wow - We love This Track - Have a Great Life Lisa - Thanks ♥♥♥♥♥


    This is soundtrack of film?

  32. alstinson

    Real Nostalgic. Personally brings me back to 2012. Found it through the Dubstep Remix, but prefer the original.
    Such a dreamy, fanciful song, who's music video really match it's charms.

  33. Owca

    If you're reading this I love you

  34. Софья Гайнулина

    Lisa the best

  35. Maru Viales

    Es un poco extraño que gracias a Geometry Dash me enterara de esta gran artista ♡

  36. Mike cool7

    nostalgia is hard. dammn my hearth and the memories

  37. TwentyPlay`S

    alguns Brasileiro vendo em 2019

  38. Persy54

    Just was listening to some Dr. Dre Cronic (1992 not 2001) and figured this would be a GREAT transition. XD

  39. Lucian Brihacescu

    X 1,25 speed works :)

  40. Luis Palacios

    cod trickshots ❤

  41. Sivã

    eu ainda não acredito que é 2019 e eu ainda escuto muito essa musica


    dá uma puta nostalgia, slk


    2013: A
    Qualquer Intro do YT :

  43. Lenny ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    I miss everything, why can't I go back?

  44. K3LV1N

    Essa música lembra meu irmãozinho

    Calma gente ele tá vivo,graças as Deus ele é tudo que tenho e a pessoa que eu mais amo nesse mundo ^W^

  45. The ZergiX

    One word, nostalgia.

  46. ツDK0S

    2019.. algum br ae?

  47. blyat dog

    So much nostalgia we're all growing old you're gonna look back and say wow

  48. finn w


  49. NilM Dreik

    Опааа, хей



    NilM Dreik

    @FARID казах)

  50. Silly Baby

    how did i know she was gonna be wearing brown brogues

  51. Maxim Kach

    [BFree-DS006] Lisa Mitchell - Neopolitan Dreams (Nilow Rmx) - download link inside

  52. PPBMDMSMU北马食品玩具商公会

    I am here because of this song is played every time I am back into my room at Mercure Hotel... I got addicted!!

  53. Gigi Umetadze

    Я один как далбаеб сижу и жду русских?



  54. Lindsey Henderson

    Every female pop star singing like this now. 😂

  55. joaopedro265

    I grew up with this song..Its so good to come back here..i like to hear that when i was playing a game like Kogama, Roblox

    *N O S T A L G I A*

  56. Arbeitslosigkeit

    Telekom Werbung!!!

  57. Булат Халимов

    Кто от Хайпера, луцк



  58. [HACK3R]Lipe難

    Quem Em 2019 Vendo Essa Música? (Não Quero Mendigar)

  59. Bananamagic898

    Syndicate nostalgia

  60. Frank Murdoch


  61. AHK

    Хах ясно у кого монеточка пиздит формат треков

  62. RSK_Marcelo99567

    Rap vski

  63. Chilton

    Almost 11 years since this was posted on YouTube... Madness

  64. The Prophet Inran

    The nostalgia is real, syndicate always a true legend!!!

  65. ambil pengkolan

    when the first time l heard this song my friend told me like this ;
    " go fuck with every bitch you can "
    but l never did it even though l have so many chance cuz at that time l just happy with my fucking queen,
    right after that,all is gone,
    it wasn't worthed at all

  66. isaias saenz

    vengo de nexxuz

  67. Dawud Waqas

    big frimile

  68. Beese Churger


  69. Dylan Brzezowski

    Bruh moment

  70. Assasn

    wish life was as enjoyable as when @TheSyndicateProject used to play this

  71. UNHOLYgrim

    10 years wtf where did all that time go?

  72. Yudo Onyejuru

    Who watch this so you can feel better

  73. Terminal

    just 4m views??

  74. Hussein Nathwani

    Can u pick me some mushrooms on your way home ???

  75. spandan

    cant believe i was 8when i listened to this for the first time

  76. Moyses br

    Mano dês de 2008 véi

  77. Rovenz _

    We were so happy and we didn’t notice it :,)

  78. CJIECAPb



    Не файпер,а хайпер

  79. Bibomisa

    I've watched this long ago but then I forgot it's name. Now it pop up in my reccommended after years. Thank you youtube algorythym!

  80. Gage Hughes

    LIKE.. if Syndicate Project brought you here! :) <3

  81. Josefears0 -

    2019 I’m in room if someone reading this I’m in North Carolina find me in 10 years and remember me if this comment my name is Jose Gomez

  82. Pekonimakkara

    I remeber that brighter than any of my passwords when this somg was super popular on growtopia community

  83. Pekonimakkara

    There is under a moth to 12th birthday of this legend

  84. Fernando Magalhães

    da uma vontade da porra de dar respawn nessa floresta

  85. Boon

    man what was that gd level i loved so much :(

    Hussein Nathwani

    Who picture is that on your image I see it everywhere ,?

  86. Константин

    Какая замечательная песня и клип. Эту песню порекомендовала мне сегодня Яндекс Музыка.

  87. Agung Tyanto

    I came here from Mercure Hotels Commercial ;)

  88. Lisa Mitchell

    Hope you like Mahogany Sessions Live that I just filmed -


    Little Big Planet! 😀

    Paragon Xeon

    I'm from Mexico and I say that the song is so beautiful that it makes me be in total harmony at the same time makes me cry of so much happiness that I experience several positive emotional states that make me see the life sense to a such degree of value it. And it also makes me cry of sadness with abundant nolstalgia of everything I have lived in the past, both good and bad experiences, sometimes strange and other very common.
    After so many tears I learned that after all I will be okay.

    WindyDa_Nerd UwU

    Pls make more music i miss chu!

    Austin Mitchell

    Look I know I'm late but at least I'm here.


    LISA TE AMO!!!