Lionel Richie - Penny Lover Lyrics

The first time I saw you
Oh, you looked so fine
And I had a feeling
One day you'd be mine
Honey you came along and captured my heart
Now my love is somewhere lost in your kiss
When I'm all alone it's you that I miss
Girl a love like yours is hard to resist
Oh, oh, ooh, ooh, oh

Penny lover, my love's on fire
Penny lover, you're my one desire
Tell me baby could this be true
That I could need someone, like I need you

Nights warm and tender
Lying next to you
Girl I surrender
Oh, what more can I do
I've spent all of my life in search of your love
Now there's one more thing I'd like to say
Don't you ever take your sweet love away
Girl I'll do anything, just please stay
Oh, oh

I don't understand it, oh what's come over me
But I'm not gonna worry, no not anymore
'cause when a man's in love, he's only got one story
That's why my love is somewhere lost in your kiss
When I'm lost and alone it's you that I miss
With a love like yours, it's hard to resist
Ooh, ooh, oh

[begin fade]
Penny lover, don't you walk on by (don't you walk on by)
Penny lover, don't you make me cry (don't you make me cry baby)
Penny lover, don't you walk on by (don't you walk on by)
Penny lover, don't you make me cry (oh penny baby)
Penny lover, don't you walk on by (don't you walk on by)
I remember the first time I saw you baby
Penny lover, don't you make me cry
You had the look in your eye, you had the look in your eye, yeah, yeah
Ooh pretty baby
I just wanted to reachout and touch you baby
I just want to reach out and hold ya, I want to reach out and say ooh, ooh
Don't make me cry
I wanna talk about you everyday (penny lover)
Need you, need you baby ...

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Lionel Richie Penny Lover Comments
  1. LaChele

    This is a pretty song, Mr. Richie. I'm feelin' it.

  2. Michelle Gillespie

    You can’t beat the 80s music xx♥️

  3. Ahmed salim awad ben sahaq

    Nice one

  4. Jolie C

    One of my favorite song...

  5. Ascensión Gómez


  6. Budi Mahawangsa

    Memory 1984

  7. Siyabonga Skhosana

    Guys should start calling gold diggers Penny Lovers. It's more endearing.

  8. NAOMI Childs

    Mine and lars song.. Love him too bits

  9. sandra Ten Voorde


  10. Alexander T

    Is this song antisemetic ?

  11. Shubrie Mhlontlo

    Feb 2020 I am here... Feeling all warm and fuzzy inside 😊

  12. Berry Barfield

    At 10:12 am,Sunday morning, loving it,02/09/2020!

  13. احلام احلام


  14. LittleSlim78

    Wow!! Speechless. Lionel is the freaking man!!

  15. Wendell Watkins

    I can't help but to think that he wrote this song for me and my wife cause I felt this way the first time I saw my wife back in October of 1982 and our love is still going on strong so thank you sir for putting my feelings on paper and making this beautiful

  16. Kenny Watterson

    Wow. This song bruh. It is awesome. I'm speechless. Lionel is the man.

  17. Brian Flynn

    I do, he great

  18. Small Mann

    This music cannot die

  19. Jimy José

    Una de mis favoritas..

  20. _drene hunter

    When I listen to this song, I think of my husband ❤

  21. JC McCain

    Me and Cade Michael theriot

  22. JC McCain


  23. JC McCain


  24. JC McCain


  25. JC McCain

    To Cade Michael theriot

  26. Dave Odigie

    Awesome Lyrics!!

  27. Harjinder Chaggar

    I've spent 30 years of my life searching for your love. I'll always be your penny lover till the end of time.Pam.! What an amazing song. The way Lionel sings it, is mind-blowing

  28. Selwyn Gibson

    What a lovely time of my life that was. Still listening to these romantic songs daily.


    Lionel Richie is one of the coolest voices ,2020 still & forever listening 😍😄

  30. Ederson Baiano

    Muzambinho MG (Brasil)
    Curtindo Lionel Ritchie

  31. Alfredo Adarraga

    Wow, Penny Lover. 1984. I was working with Riverside Comm. Hospital. This Song Brought up myself Sting. Penny Lover.

  32. Huda Omran

    💖 What a beautiful song to start the weekend 💖

  33. Mark Bradley

    If you have woman trouble.. For fuck sake don't listen to this!!

    Neil Cartwright

    I not my woman is name the Mariah carey my freind regards DJ smidnightcaller YouTube UK

  34. luiz mario medeiros de toledo

    sim só sucesso

  35. Fabio Adriano

    Quando criança, eu já sentia uma certa paixão por essa canção..

  36. sharron taylor


  37. Rey Calero

    The first time

  38. En souvenir de feue Lobé NIANG. Repose en paix.

    Le Meilleur en Rithm and blues de tous les temps. Chapeau !

  39. Carole Barker

    Having this at my wedding 2020

  40. Janelle Dorsett

    Who else say this still good music in2020

    Art Work

    Janelle Dorsett Me.

    Joseph Amunime

    I, I play it everyday for my Lady

    Stacy Lisco

    Kenny. Chesney

    marcelo amparo


    Lee Pearce


  41. Codeine Dreamer

    Last few hours of 2k19
    Best wishes for 2020🎆

  42. Juanita Buron

    12/31/19 fr.BL

  43. Tori Fleck

    Soul Music from the 80’s is so “right”.

  44. Mark Bradley

    This song.. If you've got women trouble do not listen. Sink you fast..

  45. sharron taylor

    So precious and special to me. Never ever forget about our friendship.

    David Owusu Jur

    sharron taylor yep

  46. Deniane Matos

    Brasil 🇧🇷 ??

  47. Derrick Crawford

    One of my favs (among several others) by Lionel.

  48. tt dyantyi

    I respect this man. So romantic. Like this song, makes me feel really a total woman. Long live Mr Richie!

  49. Yvonne Mendez

    Luv Lionel

  50. Lindsey March


  51. Joe Liswaniso


  52. ÖZLEM Z

    Sen dünyanin en mmükemmel sesisin

  53. Vikki Smith

    Darling my love is for you forever and can never be taken away from you love

  54. Simple Marìa

    la primera vez que te ví
    lucías tan bien
    y tuve el presentimiento
    de que un día ibas a ser mía

    caramelito viniste y atrapaste mi corazón
    ahora mi amor esta perdido sin tus besos
    cuando estoy completamente solo es a tí a quien extraño
    nena un amor como el tuyo es muy difícil de resistir
    oh oh oh oh oh oh


    penny amor, no vayas por ahí
    penny amada, eres el deseo de mi corazón
    dime nena podría ser esto cierto ahora
    ahora que necesito a alguien
    como te necesito a tí

    noches tiernas y calurosas
    yaciéndo junto a tí
    nena, me rindo
    qué mas puedo hacer

    gasté toda mi vida
    en busca de tu amor
    una cosa más te quiero decir
    no te alejes de mí
    nena hare lo que sea, por favor quédate
    oh oh oh oh oh


    no puedo entender
    lo que me estÀ pasando
    y ya no me preocuparÈ
    no,ya no mÀs..

    porque un hombre enamorado solo tiene una historia
    y es que mi amor se perdió en tus besos
    cuando estoy solo y perdido, es a ti a quien extraño
    nena un amor como el tuyo es dificil de resistir

  55. Edinho Dias

    Quando eu ouço essa música Penny Love , eu viajo no tempo , em 1987 saindo daqui do Rio de janeiro em direção a são Paulo i quando chego lá acompanhado do amor da minha vida pegamos a estrada Raposo Tavares , até chegar na casa da mulher da minha vida , " M.M " eu sinto a sua falta.😑

  56. NO bs

    Back when it was okay to feel sweet, tender and expressive.

    Valerie Burkhardt

    Damn. So true


    I couldn't agree more with you, what we have today is not music.

  57. Alysese Thomas

    When me and O'Brien Thomas met back in 89 after a month together he sang this song to me

  58. Neil Cartwright

    Enjoy regards DJ smidnightcaller YouTube ❤❤

  59. Nombeko Ketelo

    This was my mom's favourite song 😍💃

  60. Maria Laura Salomon

    Que lento más bello gran recuerdo de mi niñez me encantaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!

  61. James Barker

    2 of us here in Georgia. sitting on the couch holding the girl I was with the first time I heard this song. seams like a life time ago.

  62. James Barker

    2 of us here in Georgia. sitting on the couch holding the girl I was with the first time I heard this song. seams like a life time ago.

  63. Doris Patricks


  64. Uebio Moreira

    Linda melodia , demais

  65. Sharmilla Jowaheer

    Lionel Richie is a lover! He sings to the soul.

  66. kao allen


  67. Bryan Mcwhite

    2019 Rules forever lioneil Richie Rules forever taco Bell rules forever. Taco John's Rules forever. Bye 👋 now.👍.

  68. bazar portoes

    Sou fã desse cara , teve no Rj e não pude ir no show dele ,fez parte da minha adolescência, e da grande safra das relíquias das melhores músicas , e sinto orgulho de ter vivido os anos 80s no auge da minha adolescência , namorei
    uecível anos 80s.
    Obrigado Deus por te vivido os anos 80s
    E hoje tô aqui pra conta a diferença dos anos 80s pros dias de hoje,
    Tem diferença ? Não sei , nem notei , kkk

  69. E Stew

    I’m ashamed to say that I discover this song in 2019 and only cuz on Pandora I typed in ‘80’s soft rock’. This song played and here I am. In shock that I ever missed this song.

    Aglaya Majorem

    Wow, wished that I have that experience of the magic of ever hearing the song the first time all over again.

  70. Barcelona Guayaquil

    This is definitely one of the greatest songs ever...

  71. Thawng Kung Mang

    What a classic collection,best of the bests!

  72. Emmy Veenstra

    💝I love this beautiful song...

    Rudolfo Resendez

    Me too.

  73. Pew Banerjee

    What a marvellous gift of God the sound makes ones goosebumps to raise.

  74. Ancy Hope

    Lying next to u...😘😍😘

  75. JC McCain

    Sing brought me here

  76. miimo's life adventures

    Love from Namibia.. 😊

  77. Anna Long

    Tim From Menlo Ga remember this was our song ( Winn Dixie) late 80’s !

  78. Bernard Patinet


  79. Hasnah Hasnah

    Still remember this song 2005
    Miss U honey...
    ❤u hanasofea.🌷

  80. Whitney Whitney


  81. Manu Ginobilis Bald Spot

    Can't Slow Down was just one of four studio albums that slowed the Thriller juggernaut in 1983, along with Synchronicity by The Police (a classic), Business As Usual by Men At Work (a classic), and Metal Health by Quiet Riot for one week (okay, two out of three ain't bad). In this era, you couldn't just put out janky had to be GREAT to be received greatly. That's why people look back so reverently at 80's music. Yeah, there was obviously some filler, but the highs were so much higher than the stuff you see now. It's not even close. Production values, songwriting, etc...we're never getting the art of music back on the pop level.

  82. John Smith

    Pure class

    Luisa Vazquez

    For sure... and pure love

  83. perivaldo junior Oliveira

    musica linda da zorra velho

  84. gustavo algusto do nascimento

    Linda música perfeita saudade desse tempo que não volta mais saudades

  85. Tajay Smith

    I hope my mom find lv some day she is so sad some time

  86. Sergio Rivera

    Lionel Richie
    "Penny Lover"
    #8, 1984.

  87. Nunya Business

    Loved it then, and still love it!

  88. Annie Lu-Ann

    the best!!!!!!

  89. Aegean Sailing

    I was 15 and I am so sorry knowing those years of music wont be back anymore

  90. hafiz mousa

    like please if you still listening to this music in 2019 from sudan

  91. Nikol Bedoya

    Te amo mi amor 😘😘😘😘😘

  92. Vikki Smith

    This song got me in the mood for love.

  93. terry king


  94. Vidya Singh

    Wondefull song always

  95. Moloko Manthata

    Everytime we used to go on vacations my dad would play Lionel Richie, The Temptation, Dobbie Gray, Commodore etc i used to be very irritated (mind u i was 5/6) but now i take holiday trips with my siblings and sons and now we irritate them with it...

  96. Mami kaur

    My true love song xx

  97. preeti Wanyoike

    Real soulful music