Lionel Richie - Only One Lyrics

Let me tell you now
All that's on my mind.
For a love like yours.
Is oh, so very hard to find.
I've looked inside myself.
Now I'm very sure.
There can only be, you for me.
I need you more and more....

You, turned me inside out and you showed me.
What life was about.
Only you, the only one that stole my heart away.
I wanna do all I can, just to show you.
Make you understand.
Only you, the only one that stole my heart away.

When you're in my arms.
When I'm close to you.
There's a magic in your touch.
That just comes shining through.
Want you everyday.
Want you every night.
There can only be, you for me.
You make it seem so right.
Oh, girl, cause.....

You, turned me inside out and you showed me.
What life was about.
Only you, the only one that stole my heart away.

In my mind, there's no other love.
You're the only girl my heart and soul is thinking of.
Only you, only me.
There can never ever be another.
That understands the way that I feel inside,

You,turned me inside out and you showed me.
What life was about.
Only you, the only one that stole my heart away.
Yeah, you, turned me inside out and you showed me
What life was about.
Only you, the only one that stole my heart away.

(you stole my heart away)
You stole it. (you stole my heart away)
Only you, the only one that stole my heart away.
Yeah you, (you stole my heart away)
Oh you stole it, ( you stole my heart away)
Only you, the only one that stole my heart away.
You stole my heart away.
Stole it, (you stole my heart away)
Only you baby, the only one that stole my heart away.

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Lionel Richie Only One Comments
  1. sharron taylor

    Just the two of us. Only you.


    A great song, just awesome!!!

  3. Katarína Svobodová

    Lionel 👍💋🦋🌈💃😎👏🍓

  4. Лидия Силианова

    Astonishing,magic love song!My favourite Lionel Richie!

  5. Aloe Antinous Aquila

    🎼🎶a concerto ✨👌🏽

  6. Cikal Cikalj

    Manis Banget

  7. Di Bn

    Love steals love...

  8. Geraldine Gaggia

    Seriously though, do you tamper with my phone

  9. Geraldine Gaggia

    You such a psychologist! Lol


    Linda demais!

  11. Obi Ochu

    This man can write. Incredible talent.

    African Traveler

    Obi Ochu was written by David Foster

  12. Salmiah Mohamed Yusop

    Make my life calm. Love this song.

  13. Bryan Mcwhite

    2019 Rules forever best concert I've ever been to Lionel Richie he's the best 👍.

  14. Deborah Bunker

    i love all his music just love l
    Lionel Richie

  15. Paco Soundtrip

    Timeless song

  16. Jon Mcintire

    The real boss of love ballads😘😎😎😁😁😁😁😯

  17. taleta nasi

    Ini dendi kan?.

    Dendi kenapa masih belum selesai antar hbb dan andi?
    Aku jd sering ngeri sendiri , kalo aku salah komen kamu cemburu, padahal aku kan kadang ga bs bedain mana hack km mn yg bukan,
    Ga mudah loh milahnya.
    Ketika memilah ada perasaan sedih juga menyakiti hati org lain. Mengabaikan kebaikan org lain.
    Yg bikin aku makin perih krn aku harus mengabaikan org2 baik lainnya.
    Kadang aku juga harus ketemu hack tentang kamu dari mereka. Bisa tentang ana, istrimu atau ami. Sebagian bikin aku makin merasa bersalah.
    Dendi aku ingin segera berkeluarga, aku ingin semua hack dan stalk selesai.
    Semoga ada jalan keluar ya buat kita semua.

    Nikahi aku dendi.

  18. David Kennedy

    I guess we've all had the only one this song takes me back to some fabulous memories when the only one was in my arms, oh for those happy memories makes everything worthwhile.

  19. donna hookem

    DAME !!!! LOL

  20. donna hookem

    This a very special song !


    Me regresa a principios de los 80’s la epoca mas hermosa de mi vida, cuando compartía mi vida con el amor de mi vida, QEPD. Y me dedico esta canción.

  22. Lionel Villahermosa

    Excellent beautiful inmortal songs sublime the 80 amazing rules

  23. Vladmir Ferreira De Oliveira Ferreira

    Simple the best!

  24. Yogamartinda Adrian

    The best song from Lionel..

  25. Paula Murrien

    Beautiful song!

  26. elena carcamo

    bellísima canción, razón de bellos recuerdos de mi juventud.

  27. stela menezes

    Who' s listening in 2019...

    Russell Regan

    I ve been listening for decades

  28. kandolyssa soares

    Lionel richi..maravilhoso meu Deus Só amoooorrrr

  29. Luisa Vazquez

    You have stolen my heart forever, honey…
    Just only you and me together, till die…miss you too much, JM…….💕

  30. Kasey Dee

    They don't make good songs like this anymore, so sad.

  31. landyachtfan79

    The PERFECT wedding song, & I REALLY think this would have been a SMASH had it been released as a single!!!!

  32. mike5556

    I heard this song on my first morning at my permanent unit in Korea back in 84.
    Knowing it would be a LONG time before I would dance with an American girl to it.

  33. Luisa Vazquez

    You are the only one for me, honey…
    you’ve stolen my heart…
    missing so much…….
    Only you and me... ❤💕

  34. you good

    True song

  35. sabrina brown


    I don’t care what anyone saids, The Rolling Stones are “STILL” a BAD ASS GROUP, have to go there because I am surrounded by BEATLE FANS ON HERE! By the way, I am the only one that I can think of that digs them in this equation, SAS has NO IDEA, who either really is and Z was into music that had no CATEGORY, it was music to whatever, not important!!!

  36. thantei c

    Why have I never heard this before?! ❤️

  37. June Maharaj

    The best in music I have ever known

  38. Paulino Cuba

    Época de adolescencia y sueños

  39. jp2556817

    Forgot about this song. Thanks for uploading and reminding me of this beautiful song.

  40. Chanju Mwale

    If i ever get married this will be our song

  41. Drea Smart

    Who would dislike this? Love, Love, Love, Love Lionel!!!!

  42. Luis Henrique

    Música de melhor qualidade vale a pena ouvir de novo. Só tem músicao tôp de linha. 👏👏👏👏

  43. Yvonne Akimana

    31/dec/2018 j ai joué cette chasson toute la nuit seule à la maison " j pensais à celui que j ❤ "

  44. Chick Mby

    Tear in my eyes when hear this song!!! Love you Lionil Ritchie always!!!

  45. Ivan Oliveira Santos


    silvestre aparecido


    Nanci S. Braz

    Descobrir essa musica em 2018 e apaixonei. Linda demais!

  46. J Landon

    Why doesen' this song have 100m views?

  47. Airton Nolasco

    Unicamente somente vc tempo bom 1984-85

  48. ricardo souza

    Parabéns linda canção

  49. Hazel Eyes

    Dedicated to Donald (Meechie) Oliver. We met in 1984. This was my song. Only one who stole my heart away. It's 2019

  50. Michelle Mcknight

    Sat under the stars and listened to this song with someone special a long time ago... Thought things would go on forever then.. Life is funny..

  51. John Fronczek

    This is a great song. I don’t think this was a big hit or single, but it’s from his album “Can’t Slow Down”

  52. hinds72

    When you're with another man's wife and you both know this where you wanted to be forever..and this song wasn't making it any easier..

  53. yester day

    Wow......this is so beautiful!

  54. Dorian Pereira de Seabra

    Adoro! É grande entre todos os que conheço!

  55. Vicky Dee


  56. Rohan Padiyar

    Fun Fact: My birthday is on June 18th and Lionel's birthday is on June 20th. GOD, I LOVE BEING A GEMINI!!

  57. Adriana Uyema

    Beautiful music

  58. George Brown

    This man change the face of music forever.

  59. Cristiane Lima

    Linda demais essa música! ❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😘🎵🎵🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼

  60. Cristiane Lima

    Que música maravilhosa! Amoooo! ❤️❤️😘😘😘😘😘🎼🎼🎵🎵🎵🤗🤗🤗🤗❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😘😘

  61. BJ Rodgers

    My husband now has dementia. This was our song. He doesn’t remember it, but said I love this song when I played it. Music wakes up his memories :)


    Medical Medium BJ - lemon water, heavy metal detox smoothie. xo

  62. Florie Bulaong

    My favorite Lionel Richie's songs. you Lionel Richie the only one! One of the most great singers! Salute to you

  63. Clinton Pough

    A great underrated song by Lionel Richie.

  64. Susie Burge

    For you baby. You are only one for me . And me for you . XX

  65. ambong wangge

    Memory 80's.

  66. Pepe Panoy

    Nice voice

  67. matthew a

    made a video clip for my wife to show her how much i love and truly appreciate her.she's the best thing to ever happen to me. and giving me 2 beautiful kids to top it up.i truly am blessed to have started on this journey with you Laura .love you overdose

  68. Jeferson Ribeiro

    Pena que essa geração acaba

  69. Carlos Hara

    the best time of my life

  70. Florie Bulaong

    My favorite Lionel Richie's song the only one!

  71. George Brown

    77 crazy people thum down this is one of the gratest song ever sing wow .

  72. Gilvan Afonso

    Eita sabadão (R.L.)....
    Taguatinga-DF, 20/10/2018 às 20h22

  73. Brenda Renguul

    Memories in Guam 😊

    Brenda Renguul

    @ur butthurt
    Oh my. I am so sorry what you went through but know in your kindness heart that He forgave and Loves you. This song has feelings that I went through as well. My first love was killed by a drunk driver and was our first ever slow dance song. Be strong and you are a blessing to your granddaughter always ❤

  74. Patricia Anderson

    You sure did loves

  75. Russell Regan

    This was a gr8 song from a gr8 album

  76. NewAge Queen

    Lionel Richie is a genius. Period

  77. Marion Moore

    Inside out are you
    Up side down am I,
    what a pair ❤️🦋🦋🦋😂❤️

  78. Tavoi Aiono

    Love and light. Higher self, guardians of light. I accept your love, friendship, protection and freedom. Clear my path and protect me from negative energies and hurtful intentions. I accept the world is beautiful and friendly I accept unconditional love for all my experiences and for everyone and everything I see and feel. I am ready to heal all aspects of my life. Love and light.

  79. Eloá Martins


  80. Renata Morais

    Beautiful music

  81. Michael Knowles Anthony

    Only god

  82. Claudia Oliveira

    My favorite song of Lionel Richie!

  83. Frantz Mina

    Lionel Richie you are so Great

  84. Marleen Van Dooren

    Our wedding song - July 1st 1989 !!

  85. Fast Indemnity

    Beat this !Never a song writer of the 80s like him

  86. angela gomes

    Recordando um grande amor do passado💔💔

  87. Gilvan Afonso

    Belíssima canção!
    R. L., essas músicas lindíssimas me lembram você...
    Eita 15 anos que passaram voando.
    Taguatinga-DF, 16/07/2018 às 23h30

  88. Michele Beers

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  89. William Duffin

    This was my wedding song

  90. Aziz Darwish

    Ein tolles Lied 😎😎

  91. Herc. Pascoal

    amazing song

  92. LiveLove Laugh

    Melts my heart all the time.

  93. Ramon Campos


  94. Ramon Campos


  95. Helen Tinio


  96. Skhumbuzo Msomi

    when i heard the song for the first time,it was at night,since then i only enjoy listening to it at's the only time i realy enjoy listening to it.somehow it has that special meaning everytime i hear it, it just takes me somewhere far away.

  97. Olaide Davies

    my first love

  98. Áurea Costa Daniel

    Bom ouvir