Lion Babe - Jump Hi Lyrics

Jump so high

[Verse 1: Lion Babe]
Tie me down, try to hold me up
But the wall ain't high enough
They play so hard
In a game so rough
But I still can't
Give it up

I'm out here on my own
Work but I got to get some
Run right into the sun
Ohhh (jump so high)
(so high)
I jump so high (so high)
I jump so high (so high)
I got it right (so high, high, high)
I jump so high (so high)
I jump so high (so high)
I got it right

[Verse 2: Lion Babe]
Find your light
In the darkest sky
And the stars burn
Inside our eyes
Cutting through the haze
To our glory days
We won't give up
Never too late


[Verse 3: Childish Gambino]
Yeah, we finally made it, you know they hate it, I swear to God
Knowing where you are made you into a star
Made you into the man, no one else like this
Before the house was a house, it was on my wrist
It's the island life, yeah mahalo bitch
Went from ashy to classy, I'm aloe rich
I stay Aloe Blacc, man, Bino back
Man he never left, I smoke loud, I'm deaf
Your smoke plead the fifth, I know the glory
They hate on your shine because they know the story
Thrown to the wolves but your drive so Mowgli
I could drive through the hood and them, boys, they know me
Is he one of the greatest? Time will tell
But time is relative, they assume the melanin
And they kill the culture, this might insult ya
White man can't jump, and I (jump so high)


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Lion Babe Jump Hi Comments
  1. jefferie strong

    Lion Babe run free no taming this lion love your sound.

  2. Eva Stood

    This song is such a good ass chill ass song🍃✨

  3. linda preza

    1st time hearing this song!!!!!! Love it

  4. Lfrog Lfrog


  5. Natasha

    she sounds similar to erykah badu voice

  6. Benjamin Ely

    The gospel of go spel I jump so High Heaven the Sky must Thought I can Fly Heaven the Sky of the Bible old King James Bible I jump so High

  7. Pre Dispose

    I always forget how this song goes, so when I come back to visit it it’s like the first time listening so it’s probably never gonna get old if i keep this up.

  8. Mr Funky

    wait....WTF... that's Eryka Badu's voice coming out of a strippers body and her beats played by a wack producer the end is HERE!!!!!

  9. eskayel

    The new Erika Badu!!!!!!!!!

  10. SupHaters

    Glad Erykah is back!!!!

  11. Skolioxyfos

    "Tony z betonu" brought me here ;)

  12. Owen Mitchell

    So looking forward to today's concert in Union Square NYC!!!!!!!!

  13. Vilmos István Rácz


  14. Georgie Tisdale Steding

    Is this the Tompkins skate park??

  15. Feyisayo Ogunmokun

    Jumped so hi it feels like spcejams + MJ Jordans

  16. steve mcquen

    This chick is 3 X times better looking then Beyonce.

  17. Teddy Abere

    *That name is just awesome... a sexy lion with huge blonde/brownish manes* 🔥🔥🔥👌🏾

  18. aanasmira

    I found this in my “watch later” vids…I’m mad it took me 5 years 😩😂 I love lion babe!!

  19. ITS Aloe Breeze

    new fan

  20. K_C KH

    Jheeez is she ever gorgeous and talented

  21. ivarr beinlausi

    And cringe shit

  22. Gcina Nkomzwayo

    What this song is from 3 years ago?

    Gcina Nkomzwayo

    Oh my word...👀

    Gcina Nkomzwayo

    Lovely track

  23. Kelly Dilay

    That voice...

  24. Ruby Spry

    Style this not. Who you see on here

  25. Taliyah Golden

    Our generation of Erykah Badu

  26. just me lol

    She defends
    She attacks
    But the most important
    She Jumps so hi

  27. Latisha Tolbert

    She kinda sounds like erykah badu.


    I loveeee her hair!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️👩🏽‍🦱👩🏽‍🦱

  29. Aisea Solomone

    There are days when my recommended videos just... 😍😍

  30. harlemdeni

    I came here to read the Erykah Badu comments, tbh.

  31. AGE Games

    Sounds like a PES song

  32. Diego Delgado

    Badu level voice

  33. All Apple

    Love her hair!!!! Queen!!!

  34. KD W

    Go girl!!! 🙌

  35. Ugly Pastries

    Don’t come here if you’re insecure about your hair 😭😭😭 she’s so beautiful and has amazing talent

  36. kayla

    I remember when this video didnt even have a million views yet still 20,000 good times back then and now!!

  37. Aerus Ph.D.

    Me: So who was your inspiration?
    Lion Babe: Erykah Badu

  38. Tracie

    She look like Ciara...

  39. nekolita

    How our hair the same giant mane and I'm just hearing from her... *Saves my new artist*

  40. Chantel Wensley

    Came for gambino- stayed for gambino.

  41. Keysha Bey

    Hold it!...its only one Eryka Badu....she sounds to much like fat belly bella 😩

  42. The Underdog Hero


  43. Sophisticated Elegence

    Rihanna's twin!!

  44. RudGrl

    omg her hair!!! 😍

  45. Fatma Nur

    I want to say this video have been watching 4.399.999 and so I +1 :)

  46. carina robinson

    Lion babe + Erykah= epic/repeater

  47. Manprit Shahi

    She looks like Ariana Grande.

  48. Charlie Bidmead

    So unique lav it

  49. nana yaw berko

    Lion babe with the mustapha mane

  50. william teixeira

    Erikah Badú?

  51. Harry PAnnU !

    i like her hair

  52. Ąlēxąñđrę Xąňđåñ

    Nice vibes 🕺🏽🌀🎵☄

  53. Pout-a- Belle's

    I started playing this without watching. She IS Badu's complete sound.

  54. NeDibles sweet

    Who tf rolled her whole head 😂😂😂 so many rollers

  55. Beyza

    Gntm hat mich hergebracht 😂

  56. Lets Play™

    best song on this channel, contiune music making

  57. Ali nrz

    Isn't Nina Simone sampled ?

  58. Donnie

    Sound too much like Badu. Badu even has a similar song with Lil Wayne. Cool vibe. But sounds way too familiar

  59. Aemzo


  60. James James

    When i looked at the screen...was shocked to see it not be her.

  61. James James

    Anybody else here ms. Badu.?

  62. mimi tn

    she sounds like erikah Badu. she steals some of her vocals styles from MRS. BADU

  63. CAsH M0NEY

    Sounds like miss badu

  64. Sandy n Simon Kazeminy-Quon

    One word: CONDITIONER.

  65. Amor Del Rey

    So queen Erykah...

  66. cornbreadthedog

    This is my favorite LION BABE track of all time. Love it. Love it. Funky, soulful, and awesome vocals. Very smooth!

  67. Gordishify

    When I listened to Nina my heart pounded hard 😍😍😍

  68. Tawanda Matanda

    Song is still fresh!

  69. Hiram Quintero

    Where is childish? :v chingada madre no salio xd

  70. airbrat

    that hair....

  71. K_C KH

    This song gives me life! Love love it

  72. Samantha Machado

    Body goals 😍😍😍 also that volume!!! Gorgeous

  73. Ling Ling

    i swear this woman is so fuckin beautiful 🥺❤️ we need more people like her bruh periodtt

  74. Ron Swanson

    mmhmm she good
    she makes the feels

  75. Jeffkingson

    Does she have a license to be so talented?


    2019 and still here

  77. Troy Jenkins

    Sounds like Erykah Badu
    Loves it

  78. got2kissme


  79. Ampeire Bridgette

    damn sugar

  80. katalin kovács

    LOve music !

  81. grumpycheerleader

    I love it

  82. Julian Stapper

    The "Jump so high" parts are they the voice of Nina Simone?

    Royalty Johnson

    It sounds like it

  83. Am'uniq'e Starre

    Is this erykah badu w this girls image in her place??

  84. Siyabonga Skhosana

    Didn't know Kelis' youngest sister is making music

  85. Michelle Clark

    Vanessa Williams beautiful daughter got that E. Badu vibes, love it.

  86. Juliana Londoño

    Oh wow.

  87. Sgt Baker

    I found Lion Babe maybe a year ago through a Rolling Stone article about their track Honey Dew. Title was "Lion Babe Channels J Dilla" or something. I looove J Dilla, so I went and gave it a listen. I was blown all the eff away. OMG Lion Babe is brilliant. Hope they on tour sometime in 2019.

  88. Kola Cymone

    @2:33 beautiful shot 😍

  89. B Collins

    This is nice and she looks and sounds beautiful!

  90. GABIOL !

    I miss New York went I see this video, and I've never been in NY in my life so far lol

  91. FarleyRuss

    Childish Gambino ruined this song. No need for him.

  92. Clark

    what a goddess. that hair is amazing

  93. Анна Тимощук


  94. Linxy Wun

    She is hotter than fire!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  95. diana lopez

    Her hair has like mesmerized me, like good song and all but not really my jam think I stayed mostly for her hair (sorry if that sounds creepy😭🙏😂)

  96. Norma Kubane

    hello! I just discovered her. am so happy

  97. Phil McIntosh

    first two nanoseconds my soul scream FKYES, first line of vocals i realize. FKYES! Lion and Babe, easily seen and recognized. star, shine.