Linkin Park - No Roads Left Lyrics

Standing alone with no direction
How did I fall so far behind?
Why am I searching for perfection
Knowing it's something I won't find?

In my fear and flaws
I let myself down again
All because

I run
'Til the silence splits me open
I run
'Til it puts me underground
'Til I have no breath
And no roads left but one

When did I lose my sense of purpose?
Can I regain what's lost inside?
Why do I feel like I deserve this?
Why does my pain look like my pride?

In my fear and flaws
I let myself down again
All because
I let myself down
In my fear and flaws

I run
'Til the silence splits me open
I run
'Til it puts me underground
'Til I have no breath
And no roads left but one
No roads left but one

In my fear and flaws
I let myself down again
All because

I run
And the silence splits me open
I run
And it puts me underground
But there's no regret
And no roads left to run

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Linkin Park No Roads Left Comments
  1. Ангелина Обух

    Это не линкин парк!

  2. mariam

    holy shit i forgot about this song till now!!!! im so emotional listening to it.

  3. Dandy Satria

    the vocalist voice is very look like Indonesian Boy whose name is Reza Muhammad has a slow tempo and go to the high level of emotion tone

  4. Gábor Králik

    "Why am I searching for perfection knowing it's something I won't find?" That hit hard.

  5. Basil Bonehead

    Anyone else wish we hear mike sing like this more

  6. SkeletonPirate

    linkin park for life!

  7. Edo Doe

    This? A demo? After all those years listening to LP, I still don't get it how this and many more songs didn't get on the albums.

  8. Link Parker

    It`s like they made a song just for me!

  9. Yves Royales

    Oct 19, 2019!!!!
    Linkin Park pls REBORN!!!

  10. Jack Jack

    Why can't this song be on Spotify? I love it so much

  11. Nalu


  12. Jordan Lacerda

    alguém sabe o porque dessa musica não aparecer no rolo do canal oficial do lp?

    Veen Nogare

    Porque essa música é uma faixa bônus do Minutes To Midnight Deluxe Edition, não foi lançada oficialmente nesse álbum, só nessa edição especial.

    Jordan Lacerda

    @Veen Nogare obrigado Maninho

  13. MCRSkilletREDLPSP

    Why am I searching for perfecting knowing its something I wont find :(( literally me

  14. Anonimus Inc.

    Remember,there are always roads untraveled

  15. Colt

    Chester actually plays guitar on this as it says on the Wikipedia page for Minutes To Midnight. Same with Shadow Of The Day.

  16. Dude

    One of few LP songs to never be played in full live, now is one of the few LP songs that “survived” and can still be played live in full

  17. Berzerker God

    This is literally the first time I'm hearing this song, and I though I I listened to all their songs.

  18. Tim Schneider

    I‘m listening to LP since Hybrid Theory, but I only know this song since a few days. It‘s awesome.

  19. Manuel Melis

    I want this on spotify, right now!!

  20. Sigurd Torvaldsson

    I remember when I first found this song. I listened to it on repeat for hours

  21. Jboneabs3445

    Ya this song could've been a single. There's so many different parts to this song that just blow ur mind every time. It's like the 1st time hearing it again bc ur like WOW!! I Ruuuuun til the silence splits me open

  22. Osama Sihi

    my favorite music for the next couple months

  23. The Dancing Guy

    Really fits MTM the second best album of LP

  24. -DoubleD-

    nobody sees this song after chesters death! I'm feeling so empty

  25. ͲЯοӢ ՖЄϩτΙΝΎ

    Listen at .5 speed

  26. Declan Dunn '24

    This song is about OCD and trust me OCD sucks fucking ass

  27. Tristan Thibodeau

    This is the same guy that raps in papercut and bleed it out etc.

    Jean Éplinlku

    *12 years later

    Die Legende

    @Jean Éplinlku Papercut is from 2000. Bleed it out is from 2007. This song is from 2007. The fuck are you on about with your "12 years later"?

  28. Lucas Parmentier

    Bleed It Out 2.0

  29. hardlybreathe93

    I thought Im through this
    I tried my best
    I tried
    I miss you Chester

  30. Adela Abascal


  31. Jess Vlogs

    The thing that people forget is that LP is Mike's band so it's down to him tbh but I think he should carry LP On as just him as lead

  32. Genny 1998

    I thinking my going to die lol this song was like a message to me .. I lost my self...

  33. Arturo Jara

    Mike habra hecho un esfuerzo tremendo para cantar esta canción y que suene bien

  34. M&N Distribution

    Mike needs to perform this more

  35. Никон Ярослав Волаков

    Am I the only Mexican ???

  36. Burnt Chicken Nugget

    I can’t believe they didn’t release this!

  37. Batuhan Aksoy

    I feel like this song is about my life...

  38. Txpk210

    I completely forgot about this song......thanks for having it for me to find again

  39. eBRUH

    It‘s been 9 years now and this is the song I come across once in a while and cry to because it fits 1:1 to my life

    I miss Chester, I miss Linkin Park and I‘m so in love with Mike singing this

  40. Lydia Benton

    I was born into the wrong generation
    people my age don't know what good music is anymore

  41. Camilly Lynch

    it brings me back a lot of memories.
    thank you, mike. your voice made the mess in my heart gets better a bunch of times. idk if angels do exists, but if they do, you're one of'em.

  42. Jula Moon

    A part 2 of Roads Untraveled?

    Die Legende

    This song is significantly older than Roads Untraveled

  43. Flonic

    Love this

  44. Flonic

    Love this

  45. Xavier Osorio

    i searched this song like crazy, finally

  46. imso happy

    It sounds like Post Traumatic

    tdvc YT

    It really doesn't

  47. Rez Boy

    It's weird to hear Mike sing like this, idk I think this should have been in Minutes To Midnight

    Die Legende

    It should've been a single

  48. ImAManiac

    Why the fuck is this not on Spotify?!?!?!

  49. chocolate nest

    The damn guitar!

  50. Dnax 04

    Ive literally only just heard this song and ive been an lp fan for 10 years and this song is great

  51. David Kathurima

    I miss these guys so much

  52. Soshito Kussen

    I thot it was Chester at first

  53. C H A M E L E O N


  54. Ramsy 831

    Sarà?! Ma ho apprezzato ogni singola canzone loro, poco meno quelle con jz...Rip my hero

  55. HeroesToKings

    Wish I heard this sooner

  56. Omar Castillo

    I NEED this to be on Spotify. :(

  57. Arturo Jara

    Why mike don't sing like that again?

    Die Legende

    He does more or less on Post Traumatic

  58. Puneet choudhary


  59. GabrielHC

    Feel like listening to this before the end of the year

  60. MoFo Pics

    Best chester's song


    Not chester. This is Mike singing

  61. REL A.

    LP songs fits every phase of my life. This song reminds me of the mistake of resigning from the best job i ever had in the past. Yet till now i never stop regretting for the stupid decision i made

  62. BlaZiN718

    Oh yeaaaa👽🌊🔥

  63. Tenacious Lu

    Great song

  64. Igor Marunchenko

    I wish lp sing this song during new performances. Rock this fckn world, mike

  65. Ultra Instinct Goku

    These lyrics have a real deep meaning

  66. 陈俊峰

    This song is underrated.They should include it in a official studio album

    Die Legende

    It was a bonus track on Minutes to Midnight

  67. thiccshinobi

    Unreleaed LP songs are a treasure


    Minutes to Midnight Bonus Track xd

  68. Nitefor Gamers

    Don´t Surrender Mike continue with Linkin Park please...

  69. Angelika

    Use this comment as a ''We-support-Mike-Button''

  70. Jay Dallas

    This sounds like Maynard voice

  71. Blue - Scorpion

    Can I regain what's lost inside ??????
    Why does my pain look like my pride??????
    This is the best of Mike !!!!!!

  72. N E R A

    Its not Linkin Park style, but its one of their best songs :D ♥

    Die Legende

    "Not Linkin Park style" Why do you say it's not? I'd say the guitar is very similar to Bleed it out and the general song structure is very Linkin Park-ish

  73. DtoTheE

    One of the few rappers on the planet that has a music background of learning piano and song writing. No shit he can sing.

  74. dedley01

    You can tell Mike gave it his all here.

  75. Reyvaldo Christian

    Lagu yg bagus

  76. Thiago Augusto Sanches de Almeida

    musicão da porra!!!

  77. amg-Maud- France amg

    I love this song too. Chester or Mike.,it's intense. RIP dear Chester

  78. Eugene Lai

    It's nice to know you are never alone with problems I'm glad I found this song

  79. Rose

    Double click the power button

  80. Nae Bother

    It really does piss me off how I go on about how big an LP fan I am yet I have only just discovered this now (2018), and I am absolutely shocked at how high Mike's voice is capable of going! Shame on me dude 🙄😂

  81. Skdog3 _

    This Is what Mike should do to keep Linkin Park going, If they don’t wanna get a new lead singer cause Chesters basically Irreplaceable, but I’m actually surprised I haven’t heard this song, It sounds so different and the styles so different from the rest of Linkin Parks songs, yet still amazing...

  82. Imad Elhilali

    Can't believe my mind, at first i said that's not chester, so the voice of who?? At last i explore it's mike, by the comments 😱 mike where did you hid that voice before???

  83. Arjun A M

    LP should reupload these songs with visuals

  84. Arturo Jara

    Ahora mike ya no puede cantar así y cada vez va abandonando mas el rock es triste

  85. Hely

    I wish this were on spotify😭

  86. Super Park

    This song give me hope at linkin park will continue with Mike as lead vocalist

    Edit: just imagine mike singing then he started to rap then go back to singing

    Die Legende

    He does that switching between singing and rapping on Post Traumatic

    Super Park

    Die Legende well i know I didn't really think about post traumatic when writing this comment

  87. Super Park

    Well i though Chester was singing at first. Good Job Mike

  88. Terezi Pyrope

    "When did i lose my sense of purpose?"
    Damn this line hits me hard.

  89. A is O

    I searched for ancap music and then this showed up

  90. Jason Burn

    This should be the future Linkin Park sound. I would 100% accept it sounding like this. It's perfect.


    Ya if Mike keeps writing like this and he is. Just get a stand in for the Chester on LP songs when on tour. No replacing Chester of course but ... WE NEED MORE!!

  91. Elizabeth Wilson

    Can someone tell me how I can get this song please wahhh

  92. Harsh Natekar

    I thought I will never get the feeling of listening to a linkin park song previously unheard and I find this

  93. Dynn The Innkeeper

    This would honestly make a good anime opening

  94. Giacomo Battisti

    This song is soo me

  95. Reno Lim

    There's always hope for Linkin Park. Mike it is =D