Linkin Park - No Laundry Lyrics

Goddamn it, I'm not gonna do no laundry
Said goddamn it, I'm not gonna do no laundry

Everybody knows
I don't do no goddamn clothes

The laundry, the laundry
The laundry, the laundry

Oh, I ain't gonna do no laundry... bitch!

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Linkin Park No Laundry Comments
  1. HuntMasterK

    0:54 gets me every time! Love and miss Chester so much!!!

  2. Joey


  3. Blueschy

    I ain't gonna do no laundry........... BITCH

  4. Alex

    Demo for War

  5. Normie Metalhead

    How long it takes to wash clothes- 40 minutes
    How long it takes to dry them- 1 hour
    How long it takes to put them away- 8 business days.

  6. Isaac Sánchez Venera

    That "B*tch!" at the end gets me everytime 😂

  7. prdhymis trovao

    R.I.P Chester❤

  8. Madara Uchiha

    I feel with him ^^ hahahaha BITCH!!

  9. Merrin Guthrie

    The bitch at the end is what really sells it.

  10. Ariel Alcazar

    Chester was always so funny!

  11. Ariel Alcazar

    So funny! 😄

  12. grace the rat

    *dabs and headbangs at the same time*

  13. seb april

    LP goes grunge


    Chester used to be in Grunge bands before joining LP. Grey Daze is one of em.

  14. Nuppie仝


  15. Adeena

    I feel you man... Laundry is SUCH A DRAG UGH.

  16. Ashiro White

    0:53 This needs to be put on a sound board.

  17. nikki

    Rip to this legend, Chester Bennington

  18. Aron

    Why Chester 😭💔

  19. Fairy C Rat

    This is definitely what me and my band are gonna perform at our next concert as a tribute to Chester.

  20. Violet Raven

    These problems are real XDDDD

    Expansion Pack Deluxe

    First world problems! XD

  21. Julia &more

    is this really linkum park

    Low-key Emo

    the crazy world of crazy cookies yes it it up there's a whole underground album

    The Giant Diugh

    The fuck is linkum park?

  22. Erratas

    still better than heavy

    aw frick



    Iche grew the fuck up!!

    Nai-chii Chan

    Iche get the fuck outta here

    grace the rat

    Iche - gtfo :/

    The Giant Diugh

    Shut yo bitch ass up

  23. Joshua Miguel Atienza

    Chester sounds like drunk here. Lol

  24. SleepForever

    It's like crawling on lsd

    Tamar Swift

    The Derpinator 😂😂😂😂

    Isaac Sánchez Venera

    Bruh 😂

  25. samurai senpai

    *sees video* 😐😂

  26. Kaja G

    I laughed way too hard at this.

  27. Sandtrooper

    BITCH! :D

  28. Nettled Ned Flanders

    sounds like me on Saturday

  29. micheal hoffstater

    This is what happens when Chester and the LP crew have a few too many drinks.

    390 Official

    +micheal hoffstater Or Mountain Dew!!!

    Fabrizio Nocelli

    micheal hoffstater seems a Kurt Songs

  30. Kaito Lover Stouffer


  31. Sweet Savage

    when my mom says time to do the laundry i should play dis song
    minus the cussing part at wend she would kill me D:

  32. Oreo

    Funny as fuck!