Linkin Park - Da Bloos Lyrics

Baby, I said baby
I'm gonna leave you baby
I'm gonna leave you baby
I'm gonna tie you up to the railroad tracks

I said baby, I said baby
I'm gonna leave you
I'm gonna leave you baby
I'm gonna tie you up to the railroad tracks

Gonna tie you up to the railroad tracks
I'm gonna tie you up
Leave you down there by the railroad tracks
When the train comes by, it's gonna take you away
Ooh yeah

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Linkin Park Da Bloos Comments
  1. Brent-Lee Bruiners

    yup, the band definitely had way too many drinks

  2. Chrysalis Valerie

    i know this joke song but still funny 🤣😂

  3. The Nova

    Chester would be a great country music singer

  4. Tania-Maria Zegrea

    Tbh this sound is amazing they should've done something serious with it

  5. Livia Santana

    this voice ?? Chester Bennington?? noo, his voice is much better, come on guys! how can you say that this music belong to lp?

    Ludvig Burman

    it's Chester and mike writing a joke song, it's not supposed to sound good, it's a parody of blues.


    Well, he can say it because it does belong to lp ^^
    Dude, srsly it's a joke song, stop being that butthurt

  6. Eszy-mae Ara

    Gosh I'm dying😂💕💕

  7. Shweta Mishra

    this is exactly how I am going to remember Chester forever

  8. Kasey Southerland

    When you're bored but you need to release Underground 8

    Jorge Soto

    They don't work on their underground albums, those are just compilation of their old unreleased work lol

  9. Pratyush Pandey

    This is so not Chester or anything Linkin park will make

    Tom Henrik

    In fact - this is EXACTLY Chester xD

    Ashish Gopal

    Then you are not a true Linkin Park fan if you don't know about the Underground albums 😂😂

    Kevin Florence

    Omg the Underground stuff is Mr Bennington. "My December" "A line in the sand" "Acrossed The Line" "No Laundry" epic stuff made in moments of IDGAF


    Well, that's how lp us in their free time and I love it... believe it or not, they are allowed to have fun and make joke songs too

  10. Waterhazrd


  11. Crimson The Reaper

    2008. Linkin Park tried acid

  12. Subject032

    NIce one Chester!!! hahahahaha!!

  13. Cyrus The Great

    they must have been bored to death in the studio while making their album and having nothing to do they came up with this

  14. Slavelike Constructs

    This is awesome.

  15. vonnix unfathomable

    imagine what chester was thinking when he wrote this


    Trains in dreams can be sometimes considered analogous to the male penis according to Freud...

    Bryan Bennett

    +vonnix unfathomable wrote? this was complete addlib