Linkin Park - Bubbles Lyrics

A-one, two, three four

Bubbles, bubbles
I wish my name was bubbles, bubbles
I wish my friends were bubbles, bubbles
I ride my car on bubbles, bubbles
I go real far on bubbles
On bubbles

Bubbles, bubbles
I blow a lot of bubbles, bubbles
I show a lot of bubbles, bubbles
I ride a plane on bubbles, bubbles
I go insane on bubbles
On bubbles

'Cause it's a B and a U
And a B and a B and an L
And an E and an S

It's a B and a U
And a B and a B and an L
And an E and an S
And an S

Oh bubbles, oh bubbles
I wish my name was bubbles, bubbles
I wish my friends were bubbles, and bubbles
I drive my car on bubbles, on bubbles
I go real far on bubbles
On bubbles, yeah

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Linkin Park Bubbles Comments
  1. Joe Bell


  2. Linkin Park love2talinda

    Let's replace song names with bubbles!
    Castle of bubbles
    Bubbles in my skin
    One step closer to the bubbles
    Bubble it down
    In the bubble
    My bubble
    Bubble it out

  3. neo pecorro

    bubble bubbleton

  4. Dimitra Dimitra


  5. Wlliany Alves

    É tão ruim que é bom

  6. Eijirou Kirishima

    Best album ever. Sadly not a lot of people know about it :c

  7. Alejo Curay


  8. k e s h

    Oh my fucking god

  9. Chrysalis Valerie

    i think Chester was bored he don't know what to do so he singing random stuff🤣😂

  10. mark152


  11. Tania-Maria Zegrea

    Amazing work of art, deserves a grammy.

  12. Nati የጨርቆሱ

    Comment section is funny

  13. Tania-Maria Zegrea

    Omg he sounds so much like Scott Weiland here wtf XDDD

  14. mizuki playz

    XD I think they were bored to make this

  15. Sedef


  16. Kiahna

    The way Chester's singing combined with the melody sounds like a John Cougar Mellencamp song 😂

    Or maybe Bob Dylan

  17. ಠل͜ಠ

    this sucks

    The Octofish

    It really doesnt

  18. Amelia Pond

    Bubbles Bennington. Here you go. May your wish be granted 😂

  19. Madara Uchiha

    spongebob = chester ahahah

  20. Lovely Day

    Rest in bubbles ❤️

  21. II_TH13F_II OpGam3r

    Damn they must have been bored hahaha aaahh,.. We shall always be with u in ur 'lonely' world Bennington infact we always were mate..we love u dude..

  22. OriginalDarkMew

    RIP Chester.... its this side of him that makes me and many others miss him and have us asking why....

  23. Sweet Loneliness

    he was drunk or on drugs but its just soo funny XDD

  24. Ved Potdar

    this, laundry, and forward are their greatest songs

  25. suetcakes yt

    I miss Bubbles with all my heart 😭

  26. Sableshade

    Its a good thing I like songs that are so ridiculous that they're good to listen to. It breaks the norm, in a good way.

  27. Merrin Guthrie

    You were so funny Chester. RIP

  28. Lovely Day

    I hope there are lots of bubbles in heaven. RIP Chester.

  29. amazingnothingness

    Why do I get a Kurt Cobain vibe in this song?

  30. Linkin Park Soldier

    This is so cute 😭

    The Octofish

    So is PB N’ Jellyfish. 💞🥺

  31. Christian Beltran

    I swear I've heard the melody of this somewhere else... Like it was a song by The Wallflowers or something

  32. Maria De La Rosa

    lol why don't these songs have more views , R.I.P Chester

  33. Sunbir Chawla

    He was a really beautiful soul. Down to Earth, funny, and an overall hero. RIP Chester.

  34. Maddison Johnson

    How cute he sounds like Bob Dylan

  35. Tehja Orcherton

    i have just discovered god

  36. ImaginaryHeart

    OMG ♥♥♥♥

  37. aom

    miss you so much chezzy bubble ;(

  38. Cristina Ionela

    Rest in peace ,chazy

  39. Ryan Lehman

    God I am deep in this Linkin Park phase. RIP Chaz

  40. Irrev77

    RIP Chester Bubbleton

  41. i luv Trevor

    gonna go blow some bubbles rip Chester

  42. faith

    I'm so sad listening to this. RIP Chester

  43. Alain Azim

    RIP Chester always thought he was a great singer no matter how he wanted to sound. Made a great Bob Dylan!

  44. Dancing Tulip

    Everyone's gotta like bubbles. Right? 😂

  45. Dorothea Xiao

    this song is over weird in my opinion....

    The Octofish

    It’s called goofing off and joking around

  46. jonginmypie

    Who's here from GMM?

  47. Annie1962

    came from Good mythical more to see this.

  48. //Cassiopeya Plus\\

    *B U B B L E S*

  49. Shadow of the day

    1:08 Mike laugh XD

  50. Tim Haddad

    Still better than that shit new song they just released.

  51. Shadow of the day

    Not much few time ago I thought: <<"Bubbles"? Who can do a song named "bubbles"? It's stupid!>>
    Underground 8:
    I go on YouTube
    "And one two three four..." (with "stoned air") "Bubbles! Bubbles! I wish my name was bubbles!" <>
    I love this song! I'll sing it to each hater of LP! Like:
    <> <>😂

    Tamar Swift

    Shadow of the day Just imagine people's faces when they hear you sing it😂😂😂

  52. AfterLyfe

    sad that this is still better than most of the shit on the radio hahah

  53. Kaja G

    Was he drunk? Lol

  54. Fairy C Rat

    This song is so bubbless I love it.

  55. Johan Eka

    Wadefukkk is this o.O

    Iron Ram

    It's bubbles. And it goes a B....And a U...And a B and a B and an L...And an E and an S.

  56. Xeavone

    10/10 - Edgiest Linkin Park song to ever exist. I quote, "these bubbles will not heal"


    What about 26 lettaz in the alphabet?

    Mick 92

    "13/10, I cut myself every time" - Rolling Stone

  57. Mesablanka

    Jokes aside, this EP really shows how damn versatile Chester's vocals are.

  58. DerTomatenToaster - JRPGs, VNs & mehr!

    Bubbles... Bubbless

  59. Attila Kondacs

    At 1,5x speed, it's actually enjoyable!

    The Octofish

    It’s any speed! Except .25 lol

  60. Mr Popo

    this is LP's greatest song ever

    Die Legende

    I prefer Jellyfish

    Nati የጨርቆሱ

    didnt hear jellyfish. I"ll check it out. thanks for mentioning @Die Legende

  61. Bryan Bennett


    Krzysztof Legumina

    Bryan Bennett r

    Jason Lor

    A joke song when band members get bored...

  62. manny 2

    my favorite song

  63. daniel zak

    This song make me laugh so hard I cry lol

  64. Mei Tachibana

    Exactly how high where they? 😂

    Catarina Serra

    Mei Tachibana high as bubbles

  65. Dark Warrior The Great

    What the hell man?!

    The Octofish

    Do you have a problem with the extravagant bubbles, sir Dark Warrior The Great?

  66. Schatten Wolf

    Still a better lovestory than Twightlight.

    Tristan Thibodeau

    Schatten Wolf I uh, what?

  67. Treyton Nugent

    Oh god Chester..... wha-..... I can never look at you the same way again.

  68. Joseph Billing

    Sounds like Bob Dylan.

  69. Brandon Perez

    I like bubbles.

    Shadow of the day

    BP TV me too!

  70. Rafaela Monique

    What the fuck is this?! LOL A song about bubbles? 😂😂


    +rafaela monique Better check out No Laundry

    Jason nichols

    Creepy ):):

    Rafaela Monique

    @xGOKOPx WTH?! hahaha

  71. Carriella Cano

    What bands do when they get bored

  72. Dany Zamora

    se nota q no tenian nada que hacer

  73. TwoCan Sami

    When I first heard this I cringed.

  74. Sara D.

    Ahahaahh @Chester Bennington what's this and why??? xD

  75. Anthony Nowell

    Chester likes bubbles. I think bubbles means marijuana ._.


    @Anthony Nowell nop, bubbles means bubbles

  76. Cyrus The Great

    got to get me some of what they got when they made this


    Somehow im starting to think that whatever they smoked, snuffed, inhaled or ate before writting this, is called bubbles, maybe some kind of new mixture like "the piña express" or something

  77. grosezero

    Bubbles Bennington

    Mr Popo

    bubbles bubblington

    Shadow of the day



    Shadow of the day mad respect for your chester

    Expansion Pack Deluxe

    +OriginalDarkMew Nah, there is nothing special about this profile pic anyway, it's soo overused.
    "Says the one who has the same profile pic" COFL (Crawling On The Floor Laughing)

    Jason Lor

    That's gonna stick in my head... for a long time.
    Also good times.

  78. Jarret Hornbaker

    I thought for a second he said I fart out bubbles

    Schatten Wolf

    Made my day

    Deez Biscuits


  79. Jarret Hornbaker

    WTF HAHAHA LOL what kind of song is this


    Jarret Hornbaker Its about bubbles, obviously


    It's called a cookie. It's a joke song that they made to test the equipment before starting a day of recording. Most bands just practice what they are going to record that day. LP made full songs like this. Just goofing off, having fun, and being completely hilarious.
    I love stuff like this.

  80. vonnix unfathomable

    this is fun!!!

  81. Derek Colton

    Dafuq? c:

  82. Chilly gamer

    can i get this on itunes. XD. i really want this fucking song

    Sandtrooper :D

  83. hannah wooten

    lolol this is really funny
    i <3 you linkin park