Lindsey Buckingham - Sleeping Around The Corner Lyrics

She called to me
Meet me at the border
Wake me up when my papers are in order

Lord I don't want to bring you down
No, I never meant to give you a frown
I'm just sleeping around the corner

Lord I don't want to bring you down
No, I never meant to give you a frown
I'm just sleeping around the corner

We made sweet love over and over
She said oh sweet darling
I'm your little red rover

Lord I don't want to bring you down
No, I never meant to give you a frown
I'm just sleeping around the corner

I'm just a kiss away
From where you don't know
If you want me to stay
You got let me
You got to let me go

She said to me, I don't mean to scorn you
But I've been lying
And I've been too scared to warn you

Lord I don't want to bring you down
No, I never meant to give you a frown
I'm just sleeping around the corner

Lord I don't want to bring you down
No, I never meant to give you a frown
I'm just sleeping around the corner

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Lindsey Buckingham Sleeping Around The Corner Comments
  1. John Doran

    Just found this, really good. Lindsey and Christine are Fleetwood Mac.

  2. Rich O

    Watching how Lindsey and Christine made this album with Mick and John makes me so sad. All the lovely things Lindsey says about them and then they fire him all because witch Nicks doesn't want him in the band. Such a brilliant musician, it's the dumbest thing FM have done.

  3. Rich O

    Brilliant song by two of the best. Thank you Lindsey and Christine

  4. Nick Slouka

    Thanks Starbucks!

  5. Wild Heart

    I'm a massive fan of Fleetwood Mac and an even bigger fan of Linsdey on his own.
    His genius was the driving force behind the whole shebang from '76 onwards.
    I like this album, but have to say that I think his vocals on the line "meet me at the border" are weak/iffy..and he could've spent some time redoing them IMO.

  6. MediaStatsX

    Thank you

  7. Bridget House

    I have always just loved you Lindsey Buckingham. Gawd you are talented. This is a rock solid and fantastic album!! yahoooo!!! <3

  8. 9 Errante

    We love fleetwood mac vibes

  9. RobTackettCovers

    Hey, this one is good..I just wish they would have pushed in a little harder guitar edge into it...maybe I'll buy it off iTunes, drop it in Logic, and put in some harder guitar tracks, hahaha!

  10. Jode Ville

    Contact me...... I need a contact email or phone number.......I need to speak with lindsey.

  11. Salvatore Aversa

    Love this CD brilliant. 🏍🏍🇬🇧🇺🇸🇮🇹☕️👍

  12. Salvatore Aversa

    Love this and the CD brilliant songs 🏍🏍🇺🇸🇬🇧🇮🇹☕️🍫

  13. Salvatore Aversa

    Love the CD brilliant 🏍🏍🇮🇹🇺🇸🇬🇧☕️🍫

  14. Sushmita Lal

    Great song. It is giving the chills. Christine thanks for coming back and forming this doet with Lindsey. You make beautiful music together...

  15. Sushmita Lal

    Great song the whole album is great. Congratulations Christine and Linsey. It has the Fleetwood Mac sound. I love, love love it!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for giving us some more great music.

  16. Beau Québec

    This song is an absolute Lindsay solo product. Would fit perfectly on Lindays's last solo album.

  17. Beau Québec

    Great... The Say you will album missed Christine a lot, and this one might miss Stevie just as much.
    I thought the two girls liked working together. Apparently just a bad timingl Stevie preferred to focus on her album and tour..
    My conclusion is that Fleetwood Mac never really disbanded, they just started recording in a different process, more or less with each other. For example on Behind the mask (1991), Lindsay had left the band, yet he plays on the album; same for Christine: on Say you will she had left the band, yet she plays on it.
    Btw, Christine is 74; good for her for this late comeback.
    This album is a surprise, considering that during the recording of Say you will, Lindsay said that the absence of Christine was a good thing for him and Stevie as a creative duo.
    Well, Lindsay and Christine have been the "other creative duo" with the band over the years.

  18. Mellow

    Nice tune. Again though, lyrics weak.

  19. Chris Hannon

    I bought this album.. Great radio type songs.. Highly recommend

  20. Scott Will

    Boy knicks missed the. BUs and I kinda dont care

  21. T ROSS

    Hollywood Bowl :):):) old and new=timeless see them in concert....

  22. Kevin Moore

    It is more than refreshing to hear NEW REAL MUSIC! This is brand new Classic Rock! Instantaneously classic, and nobody can do that but Mac members. Buckingham and McVie show just how much of the Mac they have always been, although they seem to be over-shadowed by Stevie in the Mac. Well, with this CD, they are not shadow in the least, and in fact, they take you back to every Mac album and make you realize that they were not ever in Stevie's shadow--they always shone with their own brilliance! Thank you Christine and Lindsay! It's been sooo long without REAL music!


    Don't forget that they were the driving force behind tango as well, my favourite mac album :D

  23. SongBird1059

    Can you imagine being 70 and 75, doing what Chris and Lindsey does. I Love them so much. Wow!!!

  24. Nate Pitts

    Great song but would have benefited from a harder edge and some growling vocals. Like a live version. Well done.

  25. Bambi Hernandez

    Ok first of all I am thrilled to hear these two get together making music, but please don't confuse them with "Fleetwood Mac" for goodness sake! They deserve the credit for singer - songwriters in their OWN right!

  26. Daniel Yard

    Great song! Read the Guitar World interview. Always been a fan!  You guys sound as good as you always did in that band? er, Fleetwood Mac? Still, it's odd employing Fleetwood & Mac and not having Stevie? Might have been more appropae using a different rhythm section, or hey, inviting Stevie? Just my take. But keep writing those great tunes!

    Sean Griffin

    Daniel Yard You realize this album exists because Nicks was uninterested in returning, correct? Honestly it should have just been a Fleetwood Mac album. Say You Will was missing McVie.

  27. Glenn Cormican

    Transported to the 70's

  28. Vali Mcqueen

    Zurück ist der Fleetwood Geist!  Halleluia

  29. Kevin Poppy

    Thank you Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie...Best album i have heard for years!

  30. Chris Heidkamp

    Been listening to Lindesy for 30 plus years as a big fan. This one is really good! Creeper, sneaks up on you. Listen to it at least three times with your eyes closed, and then come up for air and comment.

  31. Pernille Jensen

    Elsker deres stemmer og rytmer. (y)

  32. Carol Porter

    big fan of Fleetwood mac .love it

    Emmett McAuliffe

    A "big fan" as in very discriminating or as in "will like uncritically anything that involves them"? How do I take your "I like it", in other words?

    Luiz Fernando Peres

    Carol Porter iam brazilian fan off the fleetwood mac


    @Emmett McAuliffe You take it up your arse, as per usual.

  33. dewey cheaten and how

    Strong strong song It leaves us wanting more

  34. patcharisma

    When all the melodies were sung already, it is difficult to find a new one... :-(
    (Pat, Switzerland)

  35. Klaus Lelek

    It´s time to make a finish point. The music is calling like a pensioner combo.

  36. Taterly Saladman

    Recorded in the Village studio B, same place Tusk album was recorded. The backbone of FM was always these two super musicians, now given free rein they have reinvented the wheel and made a fantastic album. It reminds me of when rock music was advancing forward and getting better every year, before punk and grunge made that huge bubble that ran the train off the damn track.


    Please checkout some of my music lists.


    You don't think Buckingham was blatantly ripping off punk sound in Tusk in What Makes You Think You're the One? Folkie 70s rock was over by 1977.

    Peter Callaghan

    Studio D.

  37. lstar rtna

    Sounds alright.

  38. Sermon 2016

    So good! Wish they would make a 8 minute remix of them just jamming with that groove at the end.

    Kevan Dalzell

    Sermon 2016: You should try and DIY the remix (even get some sampling/recording apps online,) and then submit the results! I'd listen!!!

    Emmett McAuliffe

    you mean 3:17 et seq? I'm good

  39. tom purcell

    so happy to hear new music! Fleetwood Mac the best!

  40. Thomas Jensen

    Love it!!! The song is on repeat atm :)

  41. phatte

    Sounds like something from Tusk. That's a good thing!

  42. Consider Casey

    I'm in love with this song! So great!

    Welsh Simon

    Consider Casey Best Song On The Album , But Having Said That , I Love Em All .

  43. Stacey Grove


    Kym Larsen Music

    Maybe to you but have you lived his story?

  44. xtstevie

    Just Fleetwood Mac 30+ years later........Alright & nothing special but the old romantics won't like me saying this ?

    kenny P

    You're entitled to your opinion and way of thinking.

  45. art po

    ordered the vinyl. so good to see these 2 working together!

  46. Gregg Barnette

    Out of the 3 songs they have released for preview ..I think this should have been selected as the first single...its pure Lindsey for sure. ....I just hope that eventually the entire group does another CD/album again esp... now that Mcvie is back

    Pete Perry

    Whaddaya mean McVie is back? John and Chriss parted years ago dickhead.

  47. Bill Allen

    Everything Sounds Fantastic Thanks Fleetwood Mac for always giving us That High We Need through your Music Love It All Cant wait till June 9th !!!

  48. Greg Ferguson

    i love all 3 of the new songs cannot wait till June 9th pre-ordered