Lindsay Lohan - Symptoms Of You Lyrics

There a good kind of pain
And insane kinda sane (when I'm around you [2x])

There a chill in the heat
Feel the sky at my feet cuz I adore you
I cant ignore you

I'm not ill I don't need to
Take a pill to fix what you do
Cure can't come through
Cuz baby all I do is suffer from
The symptoms of you

There is a left kinda right
There is a blind kinda sight
Looking at you [2x]
There is no light in the moon and its winter in June
When I'm without you [2x]


And it trips me off my feet
I think I'm falling in too deep
Do you feel it too

[Chorus 2x]

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Lindsay Lohan Symptoms Of You Comments
  1. Itzel Hdz


  2. Trish Mc

    um i think i just did....

  3. Jay Mar

    To bad lindsay will never see this. But thank you for this album it was an still is one of my favorites

    D eez

    Come on, you don't know that for sure; so how about not think like that not write things like that? And it's wouldn't hurt if you wrote more grammatically correct too I think, eh?