Lindsay Lohan - Bossy Lyrics

Oh, oh

Stop touchin' me without permission
Don't disobey, answer to me
Said if you wanna play, follow direction
We do this my way, my way, my way

What do you really want
What do you wanna know
What do you wanna see
Where do you wanna go
If you leave it to me, we will not go slow
I got places to be
When you ready let me know

I'm just a little bossy
I like it how I like it when I like it and that's how it is
I'm just a little bossy
You got a problem wit it
If I want it I get it now

La la la la
La la la la (I get it now)
La la la la
I'm just a little bossy
La la la la
La la la la (I get it now)
La la la la
I'm just a little bossy

Trust me, you want me happy
Punishment can be severe
Please me, and I will gladly
Brighten up your atmosphere

Let me shine for you
Huh, huh
Let me shine for you
Oh, oh
Only if I want to

I'm just a little bossy
I like it how I like it when I like it and that's how it is
I'm just a little bossy
You got a problem wit it
If I want it I get it now

La la la la
La la la la (I get it now)
La la la la
I'm just a little bossy
La la la la
La la la la (I get it now)
La la la la
I'm just a little bossy

Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
Don't tell me no
Don't tell me no...

I'm just a little bossy
I like it how I like it when I like it and that's how it is
I'm just a little bossy
You got a problem wit it
If I want it I get it now

La la la la
La la la la (I get it now)
La la la la
I'm just a little bossy
La la la la
La la la la (I get it now)
La la la la
I'm just a little bossy

I'm just a little bossy
I'm just a little bossy

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Lindsay Lohan Bossy Comments
  1. Ren Riv

    This should be on Spotify ASAP!!! I like it how I like it when I like it and that's how it is!!!! 🤯

  2. Alex Hacker

    I love Lindsay Lohan!!!❤❤❤❤

  3. Rockin Randy89

    I made a video on my channel for her new track check it out plzzz 😘😘😘

  4. Connie Kreese

    Speed up 1:25

  5. Michelle Frias

    She’s a boss!
    Idc what anyone has to say about her!
    She’s doin good and her haters want to see her fall!
    She owns it!
    Love this song!
    Keep it up Linds!

  6. Liana Soares

    The lyrics are SO me. 😉😏

  7. annduline

    i like this

  8. its oussamazaidi

    Who's here after Xanax ?❤🇩🇿



    Leyla Babayeva

    its oussamazaidi what is it

    Sewstyleshoot Insta


    Sewstyleshoot Insta

    @Leyla Babayeva her new song

    Sewstyleshoot Insta

    @Leyla Babayeva *and the name of a medecine in France too 😅

  9. LEAF me Be TV

    ooooo la la

  10. Kodie Smith

    Who's here listening to this in 2019?!?!

    Corina H

    Tbbbb af lmao

  11. John Tripler

    Lindsay Lohan always truly enjoy your music love ya always

  12. Juan Facio

    She's back #xanax


    Yup, liking this one too 🙃👍

  14. Merritt Network

    Fuckin love this song

  15. 1012wero

    I'm Just a Little bossy from Portugal

  16. Kendra Heathscott


  17. Katarina Giselle

    Thank you Lindsay..ahead of your time!

  18. C E

    Yes Fitness Marshal, I'm listening! Haha

  19. Raymond Langlands

    This song is awesome and wish I could have it on Spotify in the uk!!

  20. Raymen Pin

    Shes Fine looks Fine

  21. Joey Sauvage

    10 years later and it's still a bop

  22. Ferdis Factory

    can’t wait for her 2019 music comeback

  23. Aurora Martínez

    Linsay Lohan

  24. Insane One

    memories of my getting shit faced days of the late aughts.

  25. kotur28

    I remember this! She killed it, saw her Miami Beach at Mynt Lounge. Is this song 2008? ...I thought it was more like 2005.

  26. Clarkey Jesse

    That photo is Lindsay Lohan for Miu Miu 2006 or 2007

  27. Alvaro Tirado

    Quién habla español aquí 🤔?? Solo yoo😏 Saludos desde México.



    Alvaro Tirado

    AYEForApplesauce holaa de donde eres?

  28. Katherine

    Lohan Beach Club!! 💃🏻 ☀️ 🌴

  29. Alef Villani

    Pq não tem no Spotify ?

  30. Guilherme Lemos

    2019 🇧🇷

  31. Bradshaw

    Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club brought me here.

  32. Cesar Martinez

    She did what she had to do


    so late on this but i feel like i heard this in 2007....

  34. Commendatore


  35. Marguerite Pape


  36. Petar Andzharov

    Its so funny how they removed the original video, because she acts like a stripper there. Its a shame cuz the video is soooooooo goooood. I love her

  37. Axle Wavey

    I wish this was a video!!

  38. Natalia Depp

    What am i doing with my life?

  39. Tay Green

    Still a bop in 2019

  40. Fidel Rojas

    The new generation of 2019 doesn’t understand how much better 2005’s erra was better and we an Lindsey still got

    Alvaro Tirado

    Fidel Rojas hola bb👌 bossy

  41. REM Motors

    Lindsay Lohan finally bitch people recognizing your song a lil publicity didn’t hurt I love u girl keep it up

  42. Stephen Andrew Marquez

    This is how you party in Mykonos, bitch!!!!

  43. Rayne Michael

    I was watching Lohan’s Beach Club and I heard this and thought it was a new song!😱😍👏🏼

  44. THE WALK

    90s babies lets support our girl yaaasssss 💅🏽

    NeeNee Thompson


  45. Tommy Knox

    She needs to put this on Apple Music. My heart skipped a beat when the commercial came on TV and I heard this song for the first time in years.

    Austin and Bobby

    It is on Apple Music.

    Tommy Knox

    Austin and Bobby Sorry, just noticed you had replied. I’m from the UK and it’s not on my Apple Music?

  46. S Vlaski

    What a bop... 🎉

  47. Alvin Del Rey

    My heart jumped when I heard this in her new show! I'm glad she put it in there.

  48. Aaron Palacios


  49. yellowflicker

    Always and forever here, on repeat. This shit never gets old ❤️

  50. rodolfo rodriguez

    Lindsay es realmente sexy... Bella... 😈😍😍😍😍

  51. jaclyn farrell

    Bossy by Kelis way BETTER

    Villa Gente

    Love both. Fan of Lindsay and kelis here. 00s rules

  52. jaclyn farrell

    No voice at all just like Kim K My Jam. Lmfao Anyone with money thinks they can sing 🎤 it’s hilarious

  53. gregor mackenzie


  54. Juan Navarro

    Who else thinks Lindsay should release a music video for this?

  55. Juan Navarro

    2019 anyone?

  56. Mihai Parvu

    Crazy how this song is still catchy as fuck in 2025 !!!

  57. Martin Viramontes

    yasssss queen 2019!

    Alvaro Tirado

    Martin Viramontes hola marzo 2019 bossy😍

  58. Data Clipe

    She's so ahead of her time. This is the music theme from Lohan's Beach House. A song written and recorded more than ten years ago. And sounds so right now. Lindsay's the shit. <3

  59. Ferdis Factory

    here again after Beach house

  60. fredovilleMx

    Who's here for Lohan Beach House in MTV? ❤️😍

    J A V I E R M A T A

    MTV me trajo hasta acá 💕

    C A R U C H I S カルチス

    Me 💖🌸

    Breezy B

    Meeee!! 🙌🙌

    Cezar Bartholomeu

    So bad but so bad.

  61. Daka

    Anxiously waiting for January 8th 😊

  62. GuettaSounds


  63. Anelia Patterson

    Her new show commerical brought me here

    Breezy B

    Saaaame! 🙌🙌

    Sewstyleshoot Insta

    @we live what's your problem bro?

  64. Kasia Dean

    Let me shine for you... hu, hu... let me shine for you.. hoo, hoo..ONLY IF I WANT TO!🎶🎵🙌🏽🙌🏽🥂✨

    NeeNee Thompson

    The best part!

  65. Layla Sky

    This song is old!!!

  66. Hundred

    nice pop song, she should make a music video now to promote her show

  67. xxx xxx

    "stop touching me without permission." crazy that it's 2018 and we're now just starting to have a societal conversation about consent. all the early/mid-2000s starlets went crazy, but shit,i would have, too, if the mere concept of a young starlet requesting autonomy was considered such an egregious request.

  68. Monster Rock

    Please me and I will gladly brighten up your atmosphere

  69. Svetlana Parker


  70. Svetlana Parker

    I love her, she always looks gorgeous!

  71. verito carrera


  72. lutalica

    lindsay snapped.

    V V

    she truly did

  73. jefferson camilo

    Ouvindo em 2018

  74. Robert

    still listening 2018

  75. Princess Vampire

    🎵 'Baby It's The Beatle Ball' 🎵- 'Thumbelina {1994}'

  76. Jhøstýn Řøčh

    Oigan yo hablo español y la escucho y el coro me parese tan pegajiso

  77. Cassandra Bitz

    This song is from the album Spirit in the dark

  78. Felipe Hernandez

    2018 ❤️️

  79. Gilmara Silva

    2018 😎

  80. Jennifer R

    This my JAM

    Kevin Jacobs

    I think Lindsay Lohan is a really great singer, and actress, and model! <3

  81. Pablo V

    Best singer lily

  82. FiremanH16

    This song would've been a mega-hit if it was given to Rihanna during this same time period.

    My name is Aminé

    Rihanna turned down a bunch of songs that became huge hits for other artists anyway.

    D W A I N E

    @My name is Aminé imagine Rihanna doing party in the usa lol

    Renee G.

    FiremanH16 Rihanna would’ve killed this . With the same exact Lyrics and beat .

    andrew carson


    Vincent Ruvo

    Rihanna wanted something with a different style. It sounds too much like an old Rihanna hit!

  83. Josue Villeda

    I love this yonkie

  84. MrSimeaofei


  85. Samara Hopkins

    Who came here from Shane Dawson!!!

    Don’t mind me. I’m just afraid of everything.

    me! It’s that scene with his mom, right?

  86. alex fernando Huenten


  87. Adrian Williams

    I listen to this song whenever im feelin' a little extra and even I know it

    K Alexandrou

    you got me doin the exact same thing😂😂

  88. janiah

    still a bop

  89. Angelique Canty

    wtf what happen to my girl yo. I wish Lindsay would've struck with the right people that will her back none of this bad shit would of happen to her.All that true talent gone such a let down but won't take all the greatness that Lindsay had done in the past she still and always be my favorite pop and rock star.

    Juan Facio

    She's back #xanax

  90. David Ream

    still a great tune!

  91. Click HerePLEASE

    Hey, I´ve made a playlist with all the songs by Lindsay on my channel! Check it if you´re interested ;)

  92. moonlightbae

    Ok but this was the greatest song of our generation

    mogie dee

    moonlightbae I really hope you guys are joking her songs are catchy but she is far from a great artist

    Omar Aviles

    It should be the worlds anthem

    Attila Horvath

    moonlightbae it was a great time. Everything was ok!


    I pray this is Sarcasm.

    jaclyn farrell


  93. Eddie Byers

    I like this yes bossy my song of the day

  94. New New

    still listening 2016

  95. Breanna Langford

    Caty Harren! Wtf has gotten into you??

    Heartland Addict 123

    *Cady Heron