Linda Ronstadt - Get Closer Lyrics

Want love? Get closer
You want love? Get closer
Hold her hand, be forward
Come on, be a man, get closer

Instead of worrying about those things you said
Follow your heart and forget your head
Maybe some things will jump out your mouth
Make her notice that you're crazy about her

Want love? Get closer
You want love? Get closer

You make a fuss when her eyes ain't on you
Well give her something to look forward to
Remember all those other girls who ran
Away from something they didn't understand

You want love? Get closer
You want love? Get closer

Why you worrying about those things you said
Follow your heart and forget your head
Oh, slide over on the seat
She'll give you something that's oh so sweet

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Linda Ronstadt Get Closer Comments
  1. 안녕JOYful

    옛날 노래들이 더 좋다.
    익숙해서가 아니라 시대반영적이어서 좋다.
    세계 경제 황금기 시대에 나온 문화예술들은 다 좋음 지금보면.

  2. rpq66

    Va Va Voom!!!! Brunette, brown eyes and that voice. My personal, all-time favorite LR tune and video. Yes,sir.The Original Diva, in a class all by herself. All others will never come close.

  3. pepino735


  4. rob cochran

    Great voice but like watching my mom

  5. John Smith

    She didn’t weather the transition to MTV too well. Her vocals are strong, but the song is weak. That dress and the polka dots are cheesy and early 80’s cliche.

  6. fullplate100

    THIS heffer is working this tune! You go, girl!!

  7. Buckley Mordecai

    horrible video, but great, as usual, song by her.

  8. Tony Hemingway

    Not one of her better ventures.

  9. Jocelyn Doucette

    I miss songs that I can sing along to.

  10. John Smith

    I had kind of moved on from the abilities of Linda as a vocalist at this time, with U2, ZZ Top and INXS either establishing themselves or continuing their assault on the charts. I do remember and enjoy this tune, all kinds of ability offered as a reminder here.

  11. Ken Payton

    The GOAT !

  12. George Hirst

    Quite obviously a poorly thought video entry. It's terrible! The song would have done better had the video not been stupid.

  13. Mark Yokum

    This song is in 7/8, a very unusual meter for a rock song. It gives the song a nice rolling, slightly unresolved quality. And if you dance to it, you'll land on a different leg every time. Very interesting for a radio-friendly pop song.

  14. Jerry Brownell

    How could anyone not like anything this remarkable woman does. Thank you Linda for sharing your voice, your beauty and your humbleness with us.

  15. Skip Acuff

    Damn, Linda has great legs, too! So much to love about this woman. If I weren’t a non-believer, I’d bet she’s an angel, if not the Second Coming ❤️

  16. al fresco

    She sure is fetching! I should have taken her advice back then...

  17. Sergio Lobato

    How cute and wholesome Linda was.To think it was a scandle that she and Gov Jerry Brown were an item.

  18. zayoutlaw

    You know, everything she's singing about was once what a woman looked for, and expected out of a man. Flash forward to 2020, she's singing about toxic masculinity. I'm so glad I grew up in the 60's and 70's!

  19. Walkertongdee

    Oh Wow!

  20. Quality Vibes 4 Life

    Holy Gawd, now I need a cigarette!

  21. John Roberts

    I always felt the Get Closer album should have done better. This album and Mad Love are underrated. I thought the song that should have been released was "Lies" from Get Closer. She rocks that song very well.

  22. nuked nuked

    Has to be one of the sexiest music videos ever produced.

  23. Larry Jackson

    Stole my heart in the 70s

  24. Peter Williams

    This should have more views! Great song & singer.

  25. Allan Smith

    I saw Linda in concert twice in the 70's; I am falling in love all over again.

  26. Sammyd

    Who says you can only be sexy when half naked?? Ok I know the females trying to sing today think this,...but then again they have to look like skanks cuz...they cant sing !
    This is about as good as it gets...She was something in her day.

  27. Lynn LeRoy

    Patty Smyth looks like her

  28. Jck747

    As big as she was in the late 70s, she should have been a video star with the emergence of MTV in the early 80s but I guess she had moved to standards by then


    I don't know who was the producer or author of this nice and cute song, but it reminds me Michael Jackson & Mick Jagger's "State of Shock"... 🤷‍♂️😉👍

  30. dabigdikdangler

    Who else is here because of CNN?


    CNN did an awesome job on "The Sound of My Voice"


    @6361kris It actually made me a fan, I've probably played "Different Drum" 10 times since


    Me too! The short clip of this song "Get Closer" in the show took my breath away! What a voice! I always liked her music, thought it was so beautiful and positive! I've now take a real interest in Linda's music and career!

    David Emerling

    Well, I am here because of my renewed interest in Linda Ronstadt because I found her story (that I didn't know) so interesting. I forgot how beautiful and innocent she looked. I see her in a completely new light. CNN hit it out of the park with that story. Who knew Linda Ronstadt could sing opera? A true talent. Why aren't there more like her today?

  31. IrnBruNYC

    If you want to be reminded of the damage Autotune has done to music, listen to this 37 year old track. I heard a few seconds of this song in the Linda Ronstadt documentary and fell in love. She’s an American treasure.


    You want to hear just how great a voice she had, check out the live version from The Tonight Show 1983.

  32. Micky May

    Thanks spongeXver1 for posting this video cause I never got to see it before. This is the coolest video of Linda Ronstadt that I have ever seen & that is a lot of them. You got great taste in what entertainment is all about and Man this is cool.

  33. Victor Lutes

    She wants me to get closer,,, alright

  34. Victor Lutes

    LINDA is as JILL, this girl is stern,, so is Jill,, whew!!

  35. Debbie Bushard

    Playful, cuteness,on her Mark⚘⚘

  36. CrozetBob

    I see some Jackie Deshannon here.

  37. Trav D.

    After all these years I now know where the 80’s Close Up toothpaste commercial got their jingle from.

    Andrew Meil

    Totally! I was like "This song reminds me of Toothpaste..." Well damn! She sang it!


    Get Closeup !

  38. joebainter

    Be still my beating heart! Linda Ronstadt the love of my life!

  39. Charlie OBrien

    I always loved what Linda Ronstadt could do with a song. From Desperado to Heat Wave and many others, she sang it and she owned it. This song would be a terrible flop by anyone else but Linda makes it pump!
    Also back in '82 I was lucky enough to date a girl that had those same beautiful eyes and every now and then she would floor me with one of those looks.
    I'll always be a fan of Linda Ronstadt and wish her the best forever more.

  40. Eric Waldo

    Love her! I don't think Linda particularly cares for this song, though. In her amazing documentary, they were showing this video when she was commenting that some of these pop songs were starting to sound like a washing machine. I can kind of hear it. LOL

  41. Grant

    She's cute, playful, and adorable here. Look at those eyes.

  42. Jose Muñoz

    German origins for this great and beautiful singer.
    She looked hot and fresh then (1983) saw her MTV days of glory.

    Stephan Meno

    Jose Munoz: German, English, Mexican, and all mixed up real nice!

  43. fullplate100

    A... SANGIN' BITCH!!

  44. karl Kruger

    jesus, Ok time for a cold shower.

  45. Nelson Robert Willis

    😍 cute singer, good voice, catchy tune.

  46. patrick wolf

    Wow, I am surprised to see so few views of her in this period? She as usual radiates fun, flitryness with sexyness! I so love her. I'm old now but who isn't growing older right? I was 13 when this was on MTV (back then they used to play music videos) Oh mmmyyy GAWWWED awestruck and didn't even know why. I so love her rock vocals in this one, she makes me feel the song is for me alone. I pray for you Linda, Keep the faith and stay with us, you will endure same as your career did!

    I wish somehow Linda could read my post, but i'll be happy just to enjoy her music and Icon status. :)

  47. Aidan Mikrut

    Just the right balance of soul, pop, rock and country....glad I revisited her...

  48. mchandaltx

    The great Patti Austin on backing vocals. this was also the first album she did after her stint in The pirates of Penzance on Broadway and she had done intense vocal training for it. You can hear the maturity and growth of her voice on this album.

  49. mchandaltx

    One of her top 5 best albums.

  50. Mike Weidner

    Big crush on her.

  51. Winston Guitar

    Yes, you music-nerds counted right. The song is in 7/4. Not the frantic 7/8 of Genesis pedigree, but the nice, loping, beat-skipping 7/4

  52. John

    I'm a sucker for brown eyes. Her and Stevie Nicks were my 70s/80s crush.

  53. Branner

    Linda's voice all muscle here.

  54. qquark99

    Great song! Just wondering how many poor saps have got their faces slapped for following the advice in this song.

  55. John Golofit

    This song was being played as a video during the Fall/Winter of 1982-83. A classic timeframe for MTV videos...


    Love Linda, met her back in the Day at the Troubadour, sweet Girl...

  57. youtube premium 1

    Why are all of her songs better at 1.25 speed?

  58. Jake Jake

    Just heard this song on Knight Rider

  59. Mateo Arzua

    This incredible song will be a politically incorrect in today’s world according with the stupid Feminatzis.......

  60. fullplate100

    Baby, this heffer IS KILLIN' IT! I remember her from my freshman yr. @ univ. when she was with Stone Pony! Such a long way here, since then!!

    Yolanda Reis


    Stephan Meno

    @Yolanda Reis Yeah, really, I was wondering about that comment myself. She's thin, sexy and gorgeous!

  61. Ricky Parker

    Thinker you TOTALLY missed the point I was making! I'm sure Mexico is a wonderful place and YES I would like to visit and probably WILL someday but I speak English like MOST other Americans and I don't NEED to learn Spanish! Also I Love Linda Ronstadt but I was Just making the point that regardless of how many Grammy awards she won for singing "other genres" of music she lost a big core of her audience when she abandoned Rock Music which lets face it her voice was more suitable for. And as far as her being the Queen of Rock for a "small" period in the 70s and that's debatable BECAUSE Stevie Nicks was also singing during that period "albeit" in a group effort Fleetwood Mac and SO was Pat Benatar Ann Wilson Tina Turner and let's not Forget Grace Slick! Any of these women COULD have been considered the Queen of Rock during that period. And of Course when Stevie Nicks donned the cover of Rolling Stone magazine in September of 1981 just a few short years later they crowned her Queen of Rock and she's STILL the QUEEN of Rock today even being the ONLY woman to get in the RRHOF TWICE! And by the way I'm a DJ and follow music very closely and "know" what most audiences want to hear.

  62. Majestic Marisa

    Pop team epic anyone?

  63. Ricky Parker

    I wish Linda Ronstadt had recorded MORE rock tracks like this instead of that BULLSHIT Mexican album and Nelson Riddle crap! She has the pipes for Rock and Roll! But sadly no more because of Parkinson's disease. But during the early 80s Linda Ronstadt could have rivaled Stevie Nicks for her crown as the Queen of Rock and Roll but she chose other musical ventures so Pat Benatar gave Stevie a good fight!


    Oh, Mr. Parker, you don't know what you are missing.

    Regarding the American Songbook, these are the classics of the previous generation (previous to Ms. Ronstadt's and my generation). This is the music of singers such as Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby. This music has its standards and its classics and its own sense of musicality. When Ms. Ronstadt told her manager and the record company that she wanted to do the American Songbook, they told her it would be a mistake and ruin her career. When Ms. Ronstadt made that first American Songbook record, she toured the U.S. to dozens of sold-out performances, sold millions of reocrds, and won a Grammy.

    Regarding the Mexican records, by the time she cuts Canciones de mi Padre, she's played Gilbert and Sullivan on Broadway, spent hundreds of hours taking opera lessons, and made a country album that also went platinum and garnered two Grammys. Canciones de mi Padre became the best-selling non-English record in American history. She got a Grammy for that, too. At this point in her career, her voice is most accomplished and powerful. Try singing one of those long bravuras that she makes. I bet you can't. And those songs are really classic. You are missing out on the second-most widely spoken language on earth -- 400 million and growing . It's an entire universe about which, apparently, you know nothing. And Mexico is a wondrous place. You should go there sometime.

    Comparing singers is just silly. It's not math. There are no absolute. It's a matter of personal taste. If I told you that Ms. Ronstadt's voice was more powerful, with greater range, accuracy, support, and projection than Stevie Nick's -- who I also adore -- I would probably just anger you. How many singers have asked to sing with Stevie Nicks? I don't know. I do know, that over 100 singers sang with Ms. Ronstadt. Besides, Ms. Ronstadt already was the Queen of Rock n Roll in the 70s. She had four triple-platinum albums in a row, and was the best selling woman singer. Look it up.

    Being the creative artist that she was, she decided to move on and take up new challenges.

    There is more to music -- a lot more -- than just rock in roll. I love rock and grew up on it. But limiting yourself to a single genre - it's like living in the same town your entire life, instead of seeing the world.

    Maria Luisa Torres

    God forbid a woman chooses to do exactly as she fucking wishes. Good thing she followed her pursuit of JOY & fulfillment instead of listening to asshats like yourself about what she "should" do. LOL.

  64. Phil Hurd

    Linda rules!

  65. SuperPutzPutz

    She's almost like that mousey little girl like in that song by The Loving Spoonful and I did see a cute little mouse once with beautiful brown eyes like hers full of life, I didn't want to mouse trap that!

  66. Josue2018

    Danny "Kootch" Kortchmar on guitar. He's the coolest. Love when he collaborates with Linda!!!

  67. Gustavo Izurieta

    Precious Linda!!!! What a voice!!!

  68. Christer Albäck

    Wow, Linda’s voice is really strong here.


    She had just come off Broadway in The pirates of Penzance and had done a lot of vocal training.

  69. 1irishanml

    Great song until that horrible 80's guitar break. No reason to throw that in there. Otherwise. Linda sounds awesome, great song. Love it. Never heard this until today. Wish I would have heard it back then.

  70. Miriam Boyd

    classic country music.

    Miriam Boyd

    cmt. mtv classic and more.

    Ricky Parker

    This is ROCK! Not Country baby!

  71. gary barber


  72. Eagles S

    I swear shes the mother of Selena Gomez. They look alike

  73. L vD

    This video is fun, cuz it looks like she's having a good time. Doesn't hurt that she looks gorgeous, too.

  74. Joanne Lawrence

    The song is comes from 'Knight Rider!'

  75. stan smith

    I love her 70s songs the most but she had some really good and underrated early 80s rock and pop songs, wish they were played more often.

  76. Lean Sigma Life Coach

    She was sexy.

  77. Andrew j wheeler jr

    so sexxxxy hot and beauuuuuuutiful In this early 80,s video nice looking legs so healthy doing her thing a little dancing and singing with some style elegance and beauty behind it she just makes me want to be closer to her because she deserves so much more miss her and that beauuuuuuutiful singing talent of hers love you miss Linda sweetness😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.

  78. laustcawz

    Hmm..."Want love? Get closer. Hold her hand. Be forward. C'mon, be a man..." Seems like she's encouraging what now would be characterized as "sexual assault". Instead of being sued, though, she got this... Have any of the #metoo crowd thought about/seen this? ...& what about this-- ...& this--

  79. anónimo2323

    Thank you, I love this song so sad that I did not act as she says and I am a lonely man. Please if you really love a woman with a good heart ask her out, do not be shy if she tells you no respect her and move on, at least you will know the truth but she can tell you yes and that is the difference between love and a life of sadnes like mine. I do not want nobody to suffer like me, 55 years old and never a girlfriend, never.

  80. Jiltedin2007

    Still rocks in 2018!

  81. Seddi Moussavi

    Go Linda!! We love you.

  82. Mad Beard Man

    Simply a beautiful lady with a beautiful voice.

  83. Michael Shellhammer

    Want love? Get closer
    You want love? Get closer
    Hold her hand, be forward
    Come on, be a man, get closer

    Instead of worrying about those things you said
    Follow your heart and forget your head
    Maybe some things will jump out your mouth
    Make her notice that you're crazy about her

    Want love? Get closer
    You want love? Get closer

    You make a fuss when her eyes ain't on you
    Well give her something to look forward to
    Remember all those other girls who ran
    Away from something they didn't understand

    You want love? Get closer
    You want love? Get closer

    Why you worrying about those things you said
    Follow your heart and forget your head
    Oh, slide over on the seat
    She'll give you something that's oh so sweet

  84. steve shattuck

    Who cares??? She was awesome 😁😁

  85. TEG Knox

    This is so hot it could melt all the stuff in the frozen food section. And so not correct, lol.

  86. Ser Rico

    I forgot about this song, great video.
    i guess 19 of you don't want to Get Closer.

  87. FlowtnWitWalden

    Awesome! This makes me want to hear some Saraya

  88. Mark Springer

    I love this coming of ax age vibe and your body language is on fire dancing like a beautiful young girl who has learned that which is timeless yet not insecure because she is wise enough to know that Love has no pride , yet we all have to throw away our foolish pride walk up to him or her and say baby what you been doing ,I still love you. I so love Linda Ronstadt content ,voice and her body language is so grand, if you watch enough of what she has on ytube you will catch her laughing I love this in everyone but I reallyl adore hers because it's pure effortless expression . I know most people place a lot of value on someone who can easily bring laughter from them while not doing so at the expense of others, Yet I know I have laughed at traits of people in my life and as they have at me. Some people can be sensitive in their word's and have the right delivery. prior to what they say but. I'm going to stop before that, this ain't the place .

  89. Al Curcie

    What a minx

  90. Bill Bright

    Yes Mam ! Linda in one of her “ Bootylicious “ moods.
    Goddess Linda has spoken. Just a born FOX!

  91. CaptDingDong

    Her "MY LOOOOOVVVVVE" ar 1:57 is just blood curdlingly gorgeous.

    Bob Davis

    You mean "WANT LOOOOOVVVVVE" :-)

  92. E Z

    This is a great sexy song, but the video doesn't really reflect the vocals. Here, Linda is representing MILFS everywhere who aren't getting enough attention from their husbands (aka the lonely housewife syndrome). Look out for that naughty milk man, Linda!

  93. frank peter

    i wish i had listened

  94. Russ Paladino

    With all the raunchy stupidity that goes on in videos and on award shows that's supposed to be sexy today, this right here is truly sexy. Innocence is sexy. The song and her voice, devastating. I remember seeing this video when it came out and the combination of that voice, face, dress and cute little moves, hooaahh I was in love! Still am. Even though she can't sing anymore there's YouTube, and we can all be grateful for that. Long Live Linda Ronstadt.

    JJ McCartney

    Russ Paladino seriously you believe Linda was innocent then? I have it on very good authority that Linda was a world-class tease! She showed up at the recording studio to record the album with the Nelson Riddle orchestra, sat on a stool in a skirt with no underwear on.

    I think she was trying to distract the string section.

    She was very sexy, but hardly what I would call innocent. But yeah, with the raunch-fest of modern music(if you can call it music) aLinda Ronstadt set the bar much higher than any of these bimbos like Taylor Swift or the rest of these no-talent performers today.


    @JJ McCartney "on very good authority"--yep, that's credible.

  95. Gustavino K

    This early MTV bs ain't Ronstadt's thing. But her voice is, as usual, Killer, the song kinda odd - the adorableness was still there.

    Eagles S

    Gustavino K Maybe not her thing but I have no problem with the concept of watching just Linda Ronstadt for 3 minutes. Btw this song was used in commercials for close up toothpaste for years.


    @maritonmae x yeah but I don't think she was heartbroken about it. I think VH1 played her. she wasn't into being a video artist. that was for her record companies.

  96. Angel's Music

    Donald Trump knows that this great talent is half mexican?

    robert goodman

    legal mexican, and hes a legals scottish, , idiot

    robert goodman

    legal, trump is a from scotland, so whats point, from new mexico

    CJ Johns

    TRUMP has his faults as do we all.BUT MOST OF what the LAMESTREAM media TOLD YOU ABOUT HIM IS LIES & PROPAGANDA. Pretty FUCKED up, all media has to do is slander & LIE ...SHEEPLES BELIEVE IT.


    How about you all just shut the fuck up about politics and enjoy the song and the pretty lady?

    rick l

    @CJ Johns Thank you for a sane comment. Linda is of many backgrounds and I dont know why someone has to bring up that heritage garbage for. She is an AMERICAN ,first and foremost. Enough with this hyphonated American bullshit.

  97. Greg Rak

    good vocals, video stinks however.

    TJ Wash

    Greg Rak Linda said in a People article in the early 80’s that performing is not her gift. In the 70’s you could have hit records without being a great performer. By the 80’s you had to be the whole package which is why the vocal quality of many stars today is virtually non-existent.

  98. david hamilton

    Linda in that little red dress has never left my mind since the first time i saw it. wow !