Linda Ronstadt - Cry Like A Rainstorm Lyrics

Life isn't easy
Love never lasts
You just carry on
And keep moving fast

I pulled off the highway
And rolled into town
I'm just fancy free babe
And I travel 'round

Sometimes I'm up
Sometimes down
Where can I run to
How have I sinned
When you cry like a rainstorm
And you howl like the wind

And my thoughts are filled with memories
They won't let me be
But if all the stars are shining bright
Well they would not let me see

It's so cold and the rain keeps blowing
It's tearing through the town
But I'm still fancy free darling
And I travel 'round

Sometimes I'm up
Sometimes down
Oh where can I run to
How have I sinned
When you cry like a rainstorm
And you howl like the wind

Sometimes I'm up
Most times down
Oh where can I run to
Tell me how have I sinned
When you cry like a rainstorm
And you howl like the wind

Who can I turn to
Tell me where to begin
When you cry like a rainstorm
And you howl like the wind
When you cry like a rainstorm
And you howl like the wind

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Linda Ronstadt Cry Like A Rainstorm Comments
  1. Anna Lanzotti-Venrick

    Ah Linda and Aaron it doesn't get any better! 💗🙏😘

  2. Laurie Seilhan

    Saw Linda in concert 4 times. Her concert voice was just as great as her recorded voice. Amazing...

  3. rockn24x7goog

    It is impossible to listen to this music and not feel from both ends of the spectrum... the sadness and the power within. Ms. Ronstadt has always been a class act, and is very much missed in the pantheon of legendary performances!

  4. tracie m

    Anyone remember this playing on thirtysomething during Nancy's birthday?

  5. Rodrigo Gaspar

    We need this album remastered. Sound quality is pretty poor. The Dont Know Much remaster shows how (more) powerful yjese songs can become.

  6. Jan McNair

    Had the pleasure of seeing her live in 76 and again in 1999...what a freakin awesome set of shows.One when she was getting started one after voice training.Still get goosebumps listening to this one

  7. Deb Hunter

    One of my very favorite albums ever! And all very unique songs!! Nothing like anything she had done previously! I have played it to death. Wish SO much I could have seen her perform!

  8. Deb Hunter

    One of my very albums!! A masterpiece of truly unique music!

  9. Kim Kent

    19yrs ago this album hit my soul. Now it just dawned on me again and I came searching. Linda your music is thought provoking and soulfood.

  10. Vicky Bell

    Imagine sitting in the orchestra rehearsal with Linda & Aaron, in NOLA, for Aaron Neville's Christmas in New Orleans, for Showtime.....their duets took my breath away. Their kindness still impacts me from way far away. Thanks for the memories. Love, Vicky

  11. James Ruff

    So sad she lost her voice but what a legacy left behind.

  12. James Ruff

    Now THIS is a song. That feel. This is water to a thirsty man. And ya howl like the wind.

  13. Lahliwe Metsile

    I love this song with all heartedly yooooo that sweet romantic voice

  14. Lazar Wolf

    Great recording - superb pipes. Clear as a bell - no frills. Sad, pure and strong

  15. Franco Fonte

    ho acquistato l'LP NEL'89 Gia' sapendo che si trattava di un grande disco ..ascoltandolo ho capito che e' un grande capolavoro ,grazie Linda!!

  16. michael soape

    Amazing album. I grew up with my mom listening to it and I love her as much as she did now.

  17. TheGgamer dads

    My all time favorite Linda Ronstadt album. I have 4 copies of the CD and blast it everywhere I go. My kids know all her songs and I've taught them to appreciate true singing talent.

  18. Jeffrey Nelson

    I love Linda Ronstadt.

  19. joseph danick

    One of the best albums EVER!

  20. H. Walkermaan

    Interesting chick. Powerful and tender vocals. Very special songbird.

  21. Susan Howard

    omg what a voice, growing up in the 1970's I was pretty young but something about her music I could relate to, it's not what she sang but the way she sang it . it would send chills throughout my body. so the next time she asks herself when will I be loved, know that you are by a woman from Baltimore named Susan Howard. I am still head over heals for you that it scares me, I am not some nut job,just a girl who is still crazy about you. God has blessed you with a killer face,body and a voice to die for and the curses you with a horrible disease. Go figure.

  22. Jerry Waldman


  23. Gordon Ford

    Sends your soul flying. Great song!

  24. nyg1954

    what a great voice.had a huge crush on her and bonnie raitt in the 70's.two of the best singers ever.

  25. MrSunlazer

    Simply the best!

  26. clay clown

    Whew. Fine set of pipes Linda had. Miss her voice very much.

    Dream Boy

    I love me some Linda Ronstadt & Aaron Neville. (Larry Holmes) Dreamboy Wichita Kansas

  27. Harry C

    power and passion. great great vocalist.

  28. Luve Apostle

    superb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what A Voice...........

  29. Tshepo Phiri

    music indeed, to uplift ones soul.

  30. TheLaurel1971

    The whole album is a gem, as is Linda.


    +TheLaurel1971 So right!

  31. Joseph Hickman

    Notice the closer to the storm traffic thined out. .its darwinsm...hope everyone got home to family and friends alive.

  32. Brian Ward

    Such Power

  33. DealReal12

    I LOVE this song and I LOVE Linda I met her a few times over the years and I always ENJOYED her Presence.Let's all KEEP PRAYING for her.Btw this record is so Gospel-ly in it's Intensity and Emotion.

    Roxxane D'troyt

    +MusicMC1 it was my sister when she was 16 her favorite song she kept stealing my cd';s the brat, i miss her she died in february, we played this among others with her picture slideshow, but played adios at the funeral, she told me at 25ish she wanted it.. she was 37 with 3 children...and its almost 6am and i havent slept ,im missing her, and my niece that died the one year and one month and 1 day before... she was 25... my heart will never heal..but no one understands or really cares, im not being oh pitiful me,thats a different song,but really right how it just feels this way... good days and bad days his is a bad one..


    +Roxxane D'troyt G-D Bless you Roxxane. I for care and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one. But you're right we are living in very selfish times.
    Feel free to reach out to me any time your heart aches. I will do anything I can to try to comfort you and possibly even bring you good cheer. Sometimes just knowing that another person is on your corner emotionally can be a powerful palliative for healing but the love you have for your relatives will never end, nor should it.
    Please write me at [email protected]
    (Use Linda Ronstadt in the subject line so I may sure to receive it amidst my junk mail clutter). I hope my words eased your heart in a positive way even somewhat. Peace and Love my friend!!!


    +MusicMC1 should have read I for one* care....


    +MusicMC1 should be, I'll do everything* I can (sorry)

    Roxxane D'troyt

    @MusicMC1 was a bad night, thats all thank you though it means alot!! 

  34. Dawn Fillinger

    she was a pioneer for women in rock!!

    Brian Ward

    She IS a Pioneer...

  35. Michael Dennis

    This song is so great because of Linda's emotional connection to it.  Kinda thought of her saying how tired she was of going from arena to arena before crowds she shied away from.  I hope , in the end, she found the inner peace to enjoy her life...she deserves it...and all the praise for her songs she gave us.

    Dawn Fillinger

    shes ill isnt she??

  36. Franco Fonte

    Bellissima voce,Linda,disco eccellente ,super Aronne

  37. Malcolm Hamerston

    This has to be one of the best productions can 'feeeel' the room......

  38. randall henderson

    its sooooooooooooooooo good I love her

  39. Suzanne Sheets

    Such a classy and amazing lady. Her voice will live on forever.

  40. Brian Ward

    Absolutely stunning.