Linda Ronstadt - All My Life Lyrics

Am I really here in your arms
This is just like I dreamed it would be
I feel like we're frozen in time
And you're the only one I can see

Hey, I've looked all my life for you
Now you're here
Hey, I've spent all my life with you
All my life

And I never really knew how to love
I just hope somehow I'd see
Oh I ask for a little help from above
Send an angel down to me

Hey, I've looked all my life for you
Now you're here
Hey, I've spent all my life with you
All my life

I never thought that I could feel a love so tender
Never thought I could let those feelings show
But now my heart is on my sleeve
And this love will never leave
I know
I know

Hey, I've looked all my life for you
And now you're here now you're here
Hey, I've spent all my life with you
All my life all my life

Hey, I've looked all my life for you
And now you're here now you're here
Hey, I've spent all my life with you
All my life

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Linda Ronstadt All My Life Comments
  1. Ümit Şeren

    In 90's Turkey this song belong to Parliament cinema club. Every Sunday evening box office movie started on channel called star 1 with this beautiful song.

  2. helio teresinense

    eu achava gue o none era oh my love por isso gue eu numca achava no YouTube kkkkk

  3. Stanley Nhongonhema

    Never be fooled it shall never get any better than this .......this was and still is the best music ....🤗

  4. Carole Dickerson

    Love this song. 😘🌟💐🌼🌸🌻☀️🌷🌺⭐

  5. Elisa Timóteo fontoura

    Que música linnnda !❤❤❤❤😘😘

  6. A Rice

    My first big crush in 3rd grade. This was our song.

  7. Erna Abordo

    I love it ...

  8. Kent Allen

    Aaron and Linda should have a greatest hits album.

  9. Cat Stevens


  10. Genno Malvas

    wonderful....wonderful song

  11. Carrie Orser

    Omg this song makes me cry! So beautiful and my song!

  12. I am honest

    Who's still enjoying this lovely song in 2020?

  13. Ricky M

    E.Y.R., Linda Ronstadt.

    Or, should I say, T.I.E..

  14. Adam Silber

    Always loved this

  15. Becky Roberts

    Love this song💖💖

  16. Dinda Ganes

    Lagu keren bangett

  17. fengshui1978

    Biri şu konuya açıklık getirsin. Parliament sinema klubu jenerik müziğini seslendiren linda ronstadt mu yoksa karla bonoff mu..?bana göre karla bonoff ama bazıları linda söylüyor diyor. All my life ı hem karla hem de linda (aaron) ile ayrı ayrı söylüyor onu biliyoruz. Ama parliament sinema klubü jenerik müziğini kim söylüyor?

  18. Benjie Loria

    thnx nahanap q din un song aheheh

  19. Reveron Everon

    My Astro boy 💕💓👬🌻💋🌎🌹☝

  20. Karla Borders

    One of the best duos of all time! I'm pretty sure heaven has music like this.... <3

  21. mkl62

    This hit from Linda Ronstadt (featuring Aaron Neville) was the 629th #1 song on Billboard's Adult Contemporary charts.

  22. Mike Wilson-Barrett

    Baywatch 1992. Eddie and Shauni's Wedding song <3

  23. Tina Brunson

    LOVE - here in 2020!!

  24. Glen Drennan

    Never gets old ! Voices of angels ,love this !!!! When artists could sing ,

  25. Terry Gelinas

    Great arrangements and amazing vocal talent! Has anyone seen the CNN documentary on Linda Ronstadt (Jan 1 2020)?

  26. moonwalk104

    They made such beautiful music. Thanks to you both

  27. Marlzz 81

    First dance at my wedding for sure just need to find a groom 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


    I'm here

    Stanley Ntsibande

    Wow that was magic. 👌 Perfect voice

  28. MisterGee509

    One of my favorites...

  29. Diana Hayse

    All of my life too looking for you. Then God did this....I love you Baby.

  30. NFactor Entertainment

    This is the song I danced with my wife on our wedding

  31. Eva Daly

    The sing given to me and I recipacate it back always that's why I'm alone waiting to join you💞💔 rest in peace Daniel F. Daly

  32. Susan Harris

    Heartbreaking that Linda has a devastating disease she is my favorite female singer of all times. Stay strong Linda and know you are loved.

  33. Gary Sutphin

    Music is poetry. At least songs like THIS are.

  34. Gary Sutphin

    And this one TOO! If a lump doesn't come to your throat and a tear to your eyes when you listen to THIS one too? You just also might want to check your pulse to make sure you're still alive.

  35. JMcmstr08

    Duet blended so nicely.

  36. vash

    Timeless lovesong. 2019💪

  37. Ken DeRosa

    My wedding song 23 years ago and it never gets tired

  38. moggs

    Nice, but the background music kind of gets in the way. Such a great song, beautifully sung, but....

  39. Rita Shaw

    I feel like we're frozen in time, and you're the only one I can see! Hey! I've looked all my life for you, and now you're here!! ♥️

  40. Cyrus Capitalist pig banker

    And then she goes out and sucks another man's cock

  41. Christopher Green

    A wonderful love song written by Karla Bonoff

  42. Michael Glickman

    For those wondering, the musicians are lead vocalists Aaron Neville and Linda Ronstadt, electric guitarists Andrew Gold and Michael Landau, bassist David Hungate, drummer Carlos Vega, pianist Don Grolnick, additional keyboardist Robbie Buchanan, and the Skywalker Symphony Orchestra arranged and conducted by David Campbell.

  43. BeeBea

    To my long lost daughter- forever love you- your mother.💖💖💖💖💖❣❣❣❣❣❣❣.

  44. Francine Davenport

    My husband and I got married to this song! It was amazing. Thank you my husband Loren, I totatally love you!

  45. mae ramirez

    First time i heard and fell in love with this song was watching Baywatch... And i always love the beach

  46. James Stahl

    Take me back to this era.......smooth music you can listen to over and over..........


    same here. I listen to any music that I love over and over again.👍.

  47. Erdem Şahin

    Bunun Türkçe versiyonu kaldırılmış sanırım :(

  48. Sauvoli Soqosoqo

    1332hrs 9th November 2019 still listening to these two amazing voices singing this beautiful song. Lolomas and prayers from the oilfields of Basra, Iraq.

  49. Jay H

    Beautiful song.

  50. dum ass 3211

    i miss my dad :(

  51. Sergio Rivera

    Linda Rondstadt & Aaron Neville
    "All My Life"
    #11, 1990.

  52. jazz lover

    My wedding song !!!!! Married in 1993 and still going strong!!

  53. Robert Joseph

    Incredibly beautiful

  54. Jo O Reilly

    I love both.

  55. Jhonny Valdivieso

    Sweet Song

  56. Shelly White

    This is a song for all the ones of been married for many many of years and

  57. Shelly White

    This is a song for all the ones of been married for many many of years and And there’s a strong

  58. Shelly White

    This is a song for all the ones of been married for many many of years and

  59. Shelly White

    This is a song for all the ones of been married for many many of years and Their love is still strong

  60. Shelly White


  61. James Chavez


  62. Latrena Graham


  63. Vinyl Talk With Tavis

    Thank God for this song!

  64. Luis Natal

    I love this album so much. The credits in the actual record inner sleeve include over 200 people. Icluding George Lucas and all the people from Skywalker Sound Studio in CA, they achieved a huge monster production with a very very lovely sound. I really consider this album as one of the best recorded of the 1980’s.

  65. 333lamberti

    Imagine a love like this, impossibly beautiful.

  66. Melanie Nunn

    Listening to this brings back memories. Makes me want to get out & find Mr. Right!

  67. Moto Singh

    This song goes out to the woman who brought me back to life and show me the meaning of life and happiness this is to you My gorgeous Ruthie Chacon you are my world my everything thank you so much for bringing me back to happiness and remember we are a team and a team sticks together all the time in good times and bad times we will work it out no matter what everything is fixable expect death I ❤️💖💗😘😍U mija always remember that Adolfo Ruthie together always and forever 💖💏👫

  68. Chris's Snack & Game

    Two beautiful voices

  69. Peter Cotter

    what a duet, does not get any better two supreme talents

  70. Nina C.

    Truly give you the feels! They dont make duets like this no more. This and “Dont Know Much” are so amazing and give you that typd of butterflies in your stomach kind of vibe!

  71. Darlah Kelley

    I Bought My Father In Law Linda Ronstat Arron Neville this Tape for his Birthday in the 80's, He Love Big Band Music Here's to You Don Hutter Miami Florida ❤

  72. Sydney Ghisyawan

    Karla Bonoff's version is very good too, her's was the original..but the version is what took the cake.

  73. Mercedes Martinez

    Aaron... Te amo💘

  74. Mercedes Martinez

    Hermosooooooo😍🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷 Amooo la voz de éste HOMBREEEEEE😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🤗

  75. Edwin Niles

    Hey I've looked all my life for u now you're here!!!!

    Hillary Thai

    😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 Change your name, first. Good night, Ed

  76. markus8696

    This younger generation will never understand...

  77. Alejandra Parker

    🙏🏼Peace and Blessings.
    It's 2025, anybody still listening to these 2 beautiful voices?....sadly I am not one of them.

  78. Ken DeRosa

    Beautiful song. Was my wedding song. Never get tired of it

  79. Josh's Mom

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaah, be still my heart

  80. Ife Austin

    Omg this sound brings love to my heart 2019 and am dancing to it ❤❤

  81. Nhlanhla Nene

    This song just reminded me that I have a girl that really loves me... And aught to take care of her heart. ❤️

    Hillary Thai

    Haahahahaha, you are so funny. Hey just want to dedicate this song to that baby boy. He is super sweet when he is good. I don't know if he really came tonite. (i guessed so. What can he do? He is a lonely potato). It's so windy tonite. I'm a little moved (not much) . Just want to say thanks to him and he really doesn't have to come every time since it's not safe for him to drive at night .But i have to confess that I'm happy...
    Hey meh meh. how is everything on your side ? How is your dad? I'm really tired and sleepy now. Want to go to bed. You should sleep ,too . With your pillow... Good night, baby. Ich liebe dich

  82. Bayu Indarto

    “ .... send that angel down to me .... “

    Rindu Ibu ....

  83. Wilfred Chua

    Brings back great memories!!!

  84. Swat Katz

    just a beautiful song. dont know what else to say! Perfect wedding’s song. I love Aaron Nevil’s voice. Very clear and high. Just love it.

  85. Mista Nyambati

    Marcia Griffiths brought me here 🙌🙌🙌.

  86. Tol Apostol

    i love you
    nanny nguyen

  87. Tol Apostol

    i love you
    nanny nguyen

  88. Luke

    I love them both :)

  89. Robert McIntyre

    What an amazingly beautiful song! It was well written and definitely well sung!

    jennifer Warner

    I agree! My ex-husband and I wedding song. Still love it

  90. Ivy Williams

    when MUSIC means MUSIC

  91. Forgotten Palace

    Twin Flame love is true love.

  92. miguel martirez360

    Finally found it. After looking for about 2 months

  93. Stephanie Schmidt

    Only people with soul in their hearts will love this song regardless of age, religion or where they come from. Beautiful!

  94. Mz.Pisces 602

    Dang I've never really heard this song before like i did right now. So much tears to my eye's 😭 to late now
    Beautiful Song 😍😭.