Linda Ronstadt - Adios Lyrics

Ran away from home when I was seventeen
To be with you
On the California coast

Drinking margaritas all night in the old cantina
Out on the California coast

Don't think that I'm ungrateful
And don't look so morose

We never really made it baby
But we came pretty close
Adios adios

Going up north where the hills are winter green
I have to leave you
On the California coast

Going where the water's clear and the air is cleaner
Than the California coast

Our dreams of endless summer
Were just too grandiose

And I miss the blood red sunset
But I miss you the most
Adios adios
Adios adios

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Linda Ronstadt Adios Comments
  1. Chuck Layton

    Sifey we never really made it baby, but we came pretty close

  2. Teresa Atchley

    Linda's powerhouse vocals, Brian Wilson's harmony, Jimmy Webb's soulful lyrics...a stunning alchemy.

  3. imagrandpa

    This song really puts her voice on display!

  4. Kenneth Di Leo


  5. Michael

    . . . but I'll miss you the most."

  6. Shawna Weesner

    Linda, just the best!

  7. Dennis Bozzi

    In concert in the mid90s in Chicago Suburbs. Remember this song. Heard for the first time!

  8. platinumblondie

    I just saw the Linda Ronstadt documentary and it was amazing!!
    I love Brian Wilson and wondered if she ever did one of his songs.
    Now I have my answer.

  9. Steven J. Hendriks

    Omg, what a voice.

  10. richard scott

    We never really made it, baby
    But we came pretty close...

    Bryan Phillips

    God, what a heart wrenching line

    Teresa Atchley

    So true for so many of us...

  11. JJ McCartney

    More love for a woman or for a song I could never imagine.

  12. Roberta Bassan

    Simply ...the best version .....Brian Wilson+Linda Ronstadt..Masterpiece!!!!! A very veryThanks.

  13. Don

    this is linda with voice in tip top shape... god she was/is good...damn parkinson's ... i have youtube to remember her singing..

  14. Greg Palmer

    vocals by Linda Ronstadt, oooohs & backing vocals by Brian Wilson, supervision for Mr. Wilson by Eugene Landy

  15. Sam And Jenny Sambrook

    Pure it.x

  16. Harlan Chess

    Linda and Brian Wilson. Authentic heartbreak. Feels like it was written for them.

  17. wcassady

    Glen Campbell now has a version of this out. Wished Brian could've laid down background vocals for it too.

  18. gsdsteve

    Definitely not Aaron Neville! Brian Wilson!!!

  19. evolutionary transgression

    written by Jimmy Webb