Lincoln Brewster - What Kind Of Man Lyrics

How many would do the same
You'd die so others gain
Even for the ones who hate
The very sound of Your name

Tell me what kind of man would
Die for you and me
Tell me what kind of man
Would die to set us free

Whom of you wouldn't fight
As they robbed you of your life
And whom of you would still cry
For the souls of the men who speared your side

Well ya know
It's not quite that simple
To just ask yourself
There are times when the answer
Seems so far away

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Lincoln Brewster What Kind Of Man Comments
  1. Robert Lynn

    Amazing solo! Linc is a gifted master!


    Robert Lynn This is his best song to me. I wish he would've played this live, when I saw him with my youth group years ago. Hes super gud!

    Robert Lynn

    Linc and I go way back to his Modesto CA years. Friends ever since.

  2. Ulysses Arriola


  3. aira megio

    galing ni lord!!!!!!!