Lincoln Brewster - Oxygen Lyrics

Wake up, eyes open wide to
Mercy waiting that’s brand new
Your love's taking me over again
Your hands, lifting me up so
I find wherever I go
Your love's taking me over again

You are life, every breath
You're the heart beating in my chest
I breathe out and breathe You in
I need You more than oxygen

Each step, I find that You are
Speaking Your will to my heart
Your love leading me all of the way
You speak, I am an echo
Your voice, I choose to follow
Your love leading me all the way
All of the way

I need You more than anything
More than oxygen

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Lincoln Brewster Oxygen Comments
  1. Tree Lemmon

    You speak I am an echo. I need you more than oxygen.

  2. Dino Manzella

    7th Heaven Band covered this song "oxygen", here:

  3. Tree Lemmon


  4. Challa Hadley

    This song is amazing. check out @ for an inspiring video. it is really heart touching.

  5. Ephrem Assres

    Keep it up

  6. Ephrem Assres

    Love the song

  7. Emrei Shearer

    I need You more than oxygen!! Haha!!! Yes, Lord!

  8. Aiden Myykal

    You definitely need Oxygen more, just saying.

  9. Ieiah Sweet

    To 👼

  10. Jackie Nickovich

    Oxygen is NOT AS IMPORTANT AS BEING A CHILD OF GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!🙏🏻

  11. Charlotte Drinkall

    I literally hate how Lincoln doesn't get the recognition he deserves. This song is so amazing.

  12. Jake Stine


  13. Wesley Wolfe

    Don`t you wish there was a LOVE button. (Like if so ;).)

  14. BrendaC

    Amen ! Glory to God

  15. Nicole Rising

    this song helped me through some hard times jesus is my oxygen

  16. Sherry Kissoon

    You are life !!!

  17. Stan Andrews

    Just saw my first sketch of the all forest ''actual surroundings'' God bless!

    Stan Andrews

    Bots seem to think she made it LOL

  18. Thereisnoname

    Great tune

  19. p e a c h y c h e y


  20. judith Chemtai

    There is none like you Jesus 🍥🍬

  21. Christian Olivarez

    Thank you for making all of this good music god bless you

  22. prathiba madnalkar

    Amazing worship

  23. Jane Wanjiku

    Cant get enough of this song!!! I need you more than oxygen.....

  24. AndreNitro X1000

    Without God there would be no oxygen, oh I’m sure science can explain it, as it should, but how is it we never run out of air, how is it even possible that it is one of the most vital things humans need to live and it just exists, how convenient, it’s just too perfect.

  25. GoodNewsJim

    This song legit rocks. I like 60-90s classic and alternative rock. I don't know any other Christian song that rocks out like this one.

  26. Győző Nagy

    Yes and amen!

  27. GoodNewsJim

    Still a good song.

  28. swati shabnam

    Amazing song..i love it

  29. Smart Jons

    I feel so blessed by this song, we need God in our lives.Whatever come may, i will worship Him for we are all nothing without Him.

  30. GoodNewsJim

    Was just listen to Ozzy and this song still sounds good. Christian music is raising the bar.

  31. GoodNewsJim

    I might be someone you never met, but God let me know he is real. Be good and loving from now on because Jesus is real. Make it your goal in life to be good and help people. It feels good to be the good guy, and following Jesus is the path to Heaven.

  32. mxxnlight

    My school is doing a dance for chapel on Monday, and surprise, surprise we're doing this song! I've been practicing this choreography in my room and at school, and it's super fun! Love this song and can't wait to hear more songs like this!

  33. The Cause of Christ-Children Of God


  34. The MIRLVerse

  35. Michelle Greenhalgh

    Still listening to this song love it

  36. Ron Dunbar

    the new project is most excellent!.

  37. Melody Fuller

    If we don't have God we don't survive

  38. Tim Johnson

    One of my favorite albums of all time. This dude rocks. Dude rocks about THE Dude, The Rock.

  39. Michelle greenhalgh

    Wow what a song I lovvvvveeeeee it😁

  40. Katie Thomas

    I love God so much I am going to cry

  41. Jesus_king_of_ kings

    More than oxygen I need you! Love you Jesus...

  42. Cindee Libby

    This makes me want to get up and dance 💃🏻

  43. John Carretta

    jesus. is. lord. John 3: 16

  44. Michelle greenhalgh

    Wow love this song

  45. love- Jesus!

    Number one favor song:)) Jesus is lord.

  46. Robert Umba Adokwe

    This song really is something.God bless you in Jesus'Mighty Name Lincoln Brewster, keep on going higher!!!

  47. Margaret Lambright

    We’d rather have you than oxygen

  48. Angie Rae76

    I LOVE just blasting this song on my BOSE surround sound theater system in the spring time while cleaning with ALL the windows WIDE OPEN!!! I've even seen people walking by my house and actually dancing to it as they walked by....LOVE IT!!!!

  49. Jackie Boniel

    it's for loving god

  50. Jackie Boniel

    that's our song when we are dancing in the family day


    my fav song 💖
    thank you Jesus

  52. r Johnson

    I have not heard this song in a long time

  53. Sae young

    This song is awesome

  54. Chicken Banana

    Great video

  55. Cindee Libby

    I absolutely LOVE this song!!!! I get up and dance every time I cue it up 👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻😄

  56. nathan lamb

    One of my favorite songs I love you Lincoln Brewster

  57. maranda Peterson

    God i love this song. My boyfriend sang this for me during a sleepover.


    Amo essa música!

  59. Carolina Salas


  60. Eric Peter D'souza

    Amen Hallelujah

  61. Joe Chacon


  62. MyFriendsCallMePhe

    for a christian song its pretty good

  63. Dawn Krenz

    This album just renews my spirit. Thank you so very much! :-)

  64. Room1 Teacher

    You speak I echo oxygen

  65. Room1 Teacher

    The song is beautiful

  66. America Nicole

    Was randomly going through youtube and found this amazing song! Hallelujah!!♡♡♡

  67. Barrett Triad

    I love Jesus😄😄

  68. jesse slaughter

    Do you know that GOD brought me back from the Dead! I thought that I wanted to DIE. I cut myself off from LIFE retreated into myself and pushed myself to the brink of death. I had lost my job my fiancé she left me to die when I was on drugs, I started to spiral downward when I found out about my heart. I was having heart failure at 25 they couldn't figure out what was wrong. So I gave up, I lost everything. Then GOD came to me, when I was ready to die he showed me what REAL LOVE IS!!

  69. Alexander Davis

    I am a Christian, I lost my faith, but I still kept going to church, because I am a Sunday school teacher. I believe Jesus spoke through my student to me. As if that time I'm getting but back up

  70. Loany Romero

    God bless each one of you guys

  71. Loany Romero

    born singer

  72. Bob Fresno

    I don't normally don't like Christian music but this one is pretty catchy

  73. Abe Unger

    Good song. Love the short guitar solo that starts at 2:00.

  74. Amayita Ramirez

    This song sounds like he's trying to get a girl that he loves

  75. Death Room

    I didn't know this was a Christian song until I actually listened and I love it so much!!

  76. 2TimothyBand

    In Him is Life.

  77. Monkeybutt 148

    My friend told me this was heavy metal. I'm Christian. But this made me depressed.

    Monkeybutt 148

    I was looking for heavy metal

    Monkeybutt 148

    I'm just gonna go back to imminent doom now, a Christian death core band.

  78. Prudy Ray

    This song is meaningless.. Smh.

  79. Snoozy Sun

    I'm not a Christian but I find this song really good.

    Robert Schilling

    Snoozy Sun Never to late to seek the truth!

    nathan lamb

    Ask God to except you as one of his children just think about it heaven is amazing if you don't you save you don't go to Heaven heaven has streets of gold you can talk to every animal is soon as you get up there you won't know Adam eve Moses all of them ask and you shall receive

    David Roberts

    The guitar rhythm is very Keith Urban-esque, and the accents with the lead guitar (as well as parts of the lead) are very Phil Collen (Def Leppard) with a healthy synth bass with some cool modern touches with the keys in there too. Lincoln definitely shows his range of influences here. "Made New" brought me to this track, now I want to explore the whole album!

  80. Warrior of the Light

    When Christians unite, true Jesus loving, Holy Spirit absorbing, God our Almighty, All Loving, All Caring, All Knowing Father whom art in Heaven, Christians.  When we pray for each other and love each other as Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior has asked us to do.  Then nothing and no being can stop our power in Faith.  Satan is the prince of lies and filth, and if you disregard the lies and block out the filth, then he that is Satan holds no power.  I fear no evil because the love of Christ is in my heart, cling onto Jesus and hold on to Him as tight as you can, for He will lead us to life everlasting.  May the power of Christ Jesus overwhelm our spirits and lead us to the Father.  May God bless all who Believe in His Son.

    Michael Quintana

    do u mean we dont have to witness?

    Warrior of the Light

    @Michael Quintana, Hi brother of course we must proclaim our love and belief in Christ our King, that's what I'm doing. Love you and stay strong in the Lord our God and may His peace be with you.

  81. Michael Kolesar

    Fantastic song!

  82. Maddie Smack

    I am a Chreistan

  83. Yolanda ortiz

    I love your new album

  84. Nick Jaramillo

    my current favorite contemporary Christian song absolutely love this

  85. M M

    Love it!!

  86. Zach Bilkes

    I love this song... thank you so much!!!!!

  87. Mégane Séreau élève

    I really love your song

  88. LA3779 7

    I love it! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  89. Nature Warrior

    Something interesting is that this song played on the radio A LOT in my parents' cars (mainly my dad's truck), it was the beginning of the school year when it did, and it played all trimester. And ironically MY ENTIRE UNIT LAST TRIMESTER IN SCIENCE WAS CHEMISTRY!!!😂 Point is my entire chemistry unit it was playing in my dads truck. AND IT PLAYED ONCE AGAIN TWO MONTHS AGO THE DAY I PRESENTED MY CELL PROJECT IN THE CAR, AND AT THE TIME AND STILL NOW WE ARE IN OUR BIOLOGY UNIT!😂 Like if you agree that this song was playing a lot perfect timing.

  90. Allyn Follette

    I'm just now getting the O2 thing they did in the beginning. (O2=Oxygen). It's the formula for oxygen

  91. Skilahr Cox

    this is the song to the lesson plan at my church.... I can't stop listening to it😊

  92. C.G Simon

    what a blessed to hear this song...praise God...Have mercy on us God, Forgive us for all our wrong doing and we repent...Amen.

  93. Germaine Padsican

    I love this

  94. Bethany Ha

    We need GOD more than anything. more than oxygen

    Christian Winkler


    Jams Epic

    God is the. Oxygen of our life for man can not love on food alone but the word of god!

  95. Bamababe68

    Jesus Reigns

  96. joey gingell

    i get made fun of at school for listening to this

    Gisel vlogs

    joey.gingell 1 they are just jealous that you are you and that you might not be afraid so they are actually afraid that you will stand up for what you think is right. So don't worry god is there for you always, so all you have to do is have faith and believe that everything will be alright and that
    God is always by your side,believe me i have been bullied for my whole entire life Because of that reason (i am 13yr old about to be 14) don't worry everything will be alright because god will always be there with you at all moments.

    Alco the Beog

    Don't mind them. They are strangers walking among us.

    Dad Who

    Let them say what they want...we know whats right :)

    Christian Winkler


    Roberto G23

    Just do your thing and ignore haters:)

  97. David Ambrosio

    The best song ever

  98. Eric Linsky

    I love you so much linkin

  99. thewayofthemasterful

    lol I just lost my data connection yet I'm still listening to this awesome lift up this
    wonderful Sunday morning. praise God

  100. Valencia rose

    l love this song OMG. God bless u all.