Lincoln Brewster - Made New Lyrics

You're calling me over
You're pulling me close
With love You surround me
You give me hope

You're taking me deeper
You're making me whole
With grace You redeem me
You restore my soul

Now I'm made new
Because of You

You hold my head up
You remind me who I am
You hold my head up
I'm alive in You again
I'm made new

You're making me stronger
You're healing my heart
With Your hands You hold me
And You set me apart

You are my salvation
I will not fear
You're the strength of my life
I won't fear

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Lincoln Brewster Made New Comments
  1. Brittney Young

    Love it!

  2. chaos blades

    New year new me 2020 😁

  3. Jeziel Mendez

    Happy 2020!!

  4. RuhamaK

    Yyu bjjillkkkkn

  5. Morning Glory

    You hold my head up you remind me who I am you hold my head up I’m alive in you again

  6. Michelene Geffrard

    Yes l'm made new.

  7. Gods_left_asscheek

    This is one of the few Christian songs I actually love and yes my family is Christian

  8. Carnage 2018

    Mecha-King Ghidorah💙

  9. Spectre DK

    I just wanna say If people make fun of you for listening to this, and being a Christian in general, satan is using those people to bring you down, he's trying to bring down God's army, but God is stronger, if we trust God and follow his commands we'll be stronger than those other people, and we can work to help them to understand what we do. I hope you all have a great day no matter what you go through!

  10. LaToria Richardson

    I love listening to His Radio and K Love!

  11. Jenny Ayo.

    Wish I could hit the like button 100 times

  12. Kadingir Lycaon

    I've been looking for this song for quite some time.

  13. B. Baby

    God is always good even when he seem so wrong🙏

  14. Ieiah Sweet

    Drake help me IAM afraid of the his big oh a conspiracy21🐎

  15. mixtura peru

    Grande es Jesus

  16. Antonio Matthews

    I’m made new..........I’m made new... thank you Jesus

  17. Lewis Amberg

    This is a game changer. Thank You Lord Jesus, in You, I am made new.

  18. R. Sammons

    i love it

  19. David Sallade

    Love this song!! I’m glad that I’m made new by Jesus! I always listened to this song when some rude people talked nonsense about me and God! Thank you my Lord Jesus for reminding me who I am and making me new in Your name!!

  20. have a nice day

    God healed me from smoking and drinking.thank You Jesus !

  21. Mary Marino

    This Song is Awesome

  22. joyce1122 Macpin23

    Thank you Jesus

  23. Yarek guy

    I'm made new indeed. Glory be to GOD.

  24. THE PR3TTY1


    Rae Marie

    THE PR3TTY1 Praise God, that's a testimony! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  25. K.J. Mayfield

    We are made new. Because of you

  26. Doug Chapin

    My cousin is an atheist, however I am going to share this song with him, so we’ll see what happens. But please keep him in your prayers

  27. Preme Supreme

    Uplifting, Encouraging, K💜

  28. Ephrem Assres

    Every comment is positive which is not surprising because it should always be like that

  29. Ephrem Assres

    All the songs he make are so catchy god bless everyone amen

  30. erik wille

    This amazing song, (Lincoln Brewster is super awesome) got me or at least helped me get through the hardest time of any humans life :)

  31. Refentse Mokobe

    I'm made new❤😍

  32. Jomë

    There might be some hope for Christian music...

  33. Christian Olivarez

    I love your music Lincoln please don’t stop making awsome music

  34. Isabella Rossi

    491 ppl disliked on accident

  35. Michael Quintana

    LINCOLns jams....amenn..! hallelujas will return..... GOD did that..... HE held up my head.. i really was down cast..

  36. Henriette Dyer

    Just discovered this song. love it!

  37. jack cooper

    God. Is. All. Good

  38. ExaltaZion Worship

    Where is the Jesus Name or a God mention? (retoric)... "Letras blancas"

  39. Di Bn

    What a reviving music... a different beautiful track to hear with ....Great!

  40. Gypsy Ray

    I am not a Christian and I adore this song so much 💚

  41. William Dykeman

    it is always good to hold your head up

  42. Dave M

  43. Moni D

    i'm made new AMEN!

  44. Georgia James

    This is my go to music in my YouTube Library and I listen to it anywhere I am whether Canada, Russia or USA..I’m listening to it right now on an island as Far EAST as you can go in the USA!!!

  45. Jared Morales

    September ,9 , 2018

  46. Siyasanga Nyongoba

    This song helped me to get through the worst season in my life...

    Love from South Africa.

  47. William Dykeman

    Being made new is a thing that no magical princess of Disney can do and that is seen by the spirit filled people

  48. Swiftlover55 Cortes

    My dad built lincoln Brewster's house cuz we own a construction company and has met him directly

  49. Mike stevens

    What a amazing song! God wants us all to go get saved and repent of all sins. An God saids that you can't make up any excuses not to believe in the gospel and Jesus and God's word. Its all the way, truth, and the life! Gods spirit is pure love and love is Life and is perfect and all it's ways are perfect and So God's word is the best paths/advice you can take. An You walk in the spirit so God is doing his word in you then! It gets that cool and co0ler! Haha

  50. Destiny Murray


  51. Gracee Evans

    this is one of my favorite songs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Novela Love

    This Song My Gf Sent It To Me And I Gotta Say It's A Non-Stop Hearing Song

  53. Jazzlynn Brown

    This was my theme song for my church who went to camp Baldwin

  54. GoodNewsJim

    Jesus is real. Jesus loves you. The Bible is legit. I heard it from God personally. Trust me telling you to trust truth. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.

    Michael Quintana

    you better believ it legit!!!!!! 1000 percent.. the devil hates it!!!!!

  55. SauLifestyle !

    I'm alive in You again!!!! I'm made new!!!!

  56. Roselyn Oppong

    We are doing it for children's day

  57. leia


  58. Antonio Matthews

    Hey!!! I’m made new!! Jesus!!!!!

  59. Grace In-Sook Park

    god does have mysterious ways, just like those books from the christian devotional bible study magazine, forgot name,. ive been soooo so disgustingky in utter despair because iv3 neen oraying ready wanting wifhing wanting for mot3 than aaaaaaanytjing in this world for oast ten years. the oooonly on3 hope iv3 heen holding onto is my mom telling me the day after i was screaming on top of my lungs sweating treating my ooor mom sick coughing from workingvso sooo very hard when she was 66 yrs old...cuz my expimp santeria worshipping exso called bf was demanding i hsve to give him $300 to b3 able ti spend 2hole weekend with him!!!!!!! my poor mom was usong all hervlittle strength to grab my ohonevto defend me to orotect her beloved pr3cious daughter from thos eeeeeevil greedy man who absolutely would not ker me be with him for that wknd unless i gave him $300 !!!!!!!!!! and i wante to b3 wit him so soooo fkng bad i was treating her so so evil horribly when she was just orotecting me from his evil lying ass saying" if he truly loved u, he wouldnt demand money from u to just ve with him just for one weekend!". god has a very good man out tere for u" the next day she shocked me with a surge of powerful hope from eternal god. she said a few nights ago her nun friend eho has been oraying for me for many years told my mom to hot despair anymore about especially me( i have rwo sisters also still not married in 30s) nun saud " i saw a vision of ur daughter getting married to a very nice decent man. she will find a very nice ,vdecent man who will ge nice enough to marry her....." i felt god telling me ",grace dont worry dont fear anymore about if u will ever find ur future husband of ur dreams( and so many years endless years if deligent prayers for the number one ooooonly true deeply most
    strongly desire of ur heart ur dying crying what u slmost died for 12 times from the most terrifyying most deadliest overdoses ever, what will finally once and for all put consrant smile onur face, iverjoyous happiness) yes grace it is the absolute truth u r truly beautiful like so many oeopl3 told u r( dont believe the negative ugly opinions ur ugly or not besutiful, thats why ur still for ten years been forever steugglingbto find ur right godly husband). so stop wastong ur orecious money, ur enery , ur precious tine chasing after this evil man who is a liar, Satan worshipper." that was tgree tears ago now that i will ne ong turning 41 yrs old akready and noe im full of unbareabke panic fear, terror ill end up forever never meeting the right man who will be myfurture the nun saw in her vision. ive been praying for past year god now im full of doubt if nuns vision was true vision premonition from aknighty god, or delusion hallucination, imagination or lie???!!!!!! iv been losing hope especially now lost losing compkete hope of ever being blessed with ultimate amazing miracle of if ill ever get pregnant carry 100%healthy baby , first of all i need a man husband first to get me pregnant and i still fkng still am still three years after vision of amazing hope from jesus!!!!!!!!! so past week i was so unbareably suicidal depressed i was laying in bed for 48 hours straight!!!!!!!!! i might as well be dead and then iv been praying for just few girlfriends or very least just one gf i can have social life socialize with!!!!!!!! so long story short im sorry my point is i accidentally pressed on this song and i felt as if god is speaking to me!!!!!!!!😅😅😅😅😅

  60. sunsets21

    Love the song

  61. Bill Zearfoss

    We Saw Lincoln Brewster At Bayside Church In Granite Bay California On Easter 🐣 Sunday 4-1-2018 Night Perform Made New ! Awesome Song Awesome Performance

    FeeFee 86

    They performed this song at my church as well First North Little Rock Baptist Church!!!!

  62. buckman Susie

    Great song, ma jam when I hear it plays on UCB radio 💞

  63. Alexa Kenneth-Ogah

    me and my class are doing this song for lenten show! Its my new Jam! I love Jesus! He is my only hope for the next day!

  64. just_jimmyYT !

    0ray for my mind

  65. The Horror & Syfy Creepster's

    A powerful song! I love your music Lincoln Brewster! Your the best!

  66. halogirl316

    4x ovarian cancer survivor
    5x ovarian cancer warrior
    Fighting this giant again.
    God is my strength.
    I won't fear.
    He holds my head up and reminds me who I am.
    Thank you Jesus and Lincoln Brewster!

  67. The Horror & Syfy Creepster's

    The best song out there in Christian music

  68. Robert Coleman

    Me and my family get's to hear him sing in church.He's the worship leader there.

  69. Marty Hall

    Thank you Jesus for reminding us of who we are in You.

  70. Dynamorphic

  71. Miriam Santos

    I love your voice but it's not the only way to make god happy by the way I like your song 😍😍😍😍

  72. Karen Vallelonga

    This song makes me want to DANCE! 😄

  73. MayBe Entertainment

    Just discovered this 2018 💗

  74. MayBe Entertainment


  75. Khalil Coleman


  76. Nehemiah Hoffman

    i love you GOD

  77. liz sunseri

    You Hold My Head Up!  Great song

  78. Sergey Onufrienko

    Как oooopp zzz

  79. Kahlia Bell

    I love this song

  80. Judy VanNatta

    This is my favorite song to

  81. Höundie Boi

    Something about this song, it helps me cheer up when I'm down. I feel as if.. the lord actually is here with us. As in, listening to the song with us. Right beside us. This is true. And I know it is.. Jesus is our savior. Our lord of mercy. God loves us, every single one of us. Don' t let someone look down on you because you are young, neither because you're "weak." No one is weak. Not even you. I hope this helped you, and brightened you're day, even the slightest. God bless you all. Amen? Amen!

  82. Seojin 'Ryan' Lee


  83. Zoe Johnson

    CHRIST in me is SOMETHING To shout about!

  84. Cindee Libby

    I love all types of music but this stuff is just so uplifting and powerful it's almost too much too handle. Does that make sense? Makes me so happy to be alive struggles and all!! 🕊🙏🏻🦋

  85. FeatherWalker


  86. dhutube100

    Nice! Very uplifting we praise Jesus

  87. Jacob Ferguson

    This is how god tells us how we are made new

  88. Super Mommy

    Thank you God. Without you I couldn't stay n fight for my marriage.

  89. Ann Lorraine Lames

    I love this song. I listen to it every morning. It gives me renewed hope, strength and confidence.

  90. Marcial hinautan jr

    reminds me of our youth camp

  91. sheila branch

    Yet again I am in hospital listening to all my fave bands planetshakers Darlene and Lincoln keeps me going.

    Integrity Music

    Praying for total Healing for you

  92. miiworld2

    The Power in the Word... the Name of Jesus... man, the whole world NEEDS to know this! :D

  93. Ada Broussard

    Love this song

  94. The Real Brendon

    This comment section is powerful

  95. Jesus Is the Way

    Why the dislikes!!! Jesus the wonderful name of our Saviour is in this awesome song!!!!!! I love it when Christian music sings Jesus Jesus Jesus!!!! JESUS!!!!!!!!! HA HA HA HA DEMONS FLEE AT THIS MIGHTY NAME, AMEN......

  96. Amy Culver

    love love love the encouragement of this song. this is everything we need to remember when we're going through a hard time

  97. Lisa Bambarger

    I love it