Lin-Manuel Miranda - Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story Lyrics

Let me tell you what I wish I'd known
When I was young and dreamed of glory
You have no control:

[Washington and Company:]
Who lives
Who dies
Who tells your story?

President Jefferson:

I'll give him this: his financial system is a work of genius
I couldn't undo it if I tried
And I tried

[Washington and Company:]
Who lives
Who dies
Who tells your story?

President Madison:

He took our country from bankruptcy to prosperity
I hate to admit it, but he doesn't get enough credit for all the credit he gave us

[Washington and Company:]
Who lives
Who dies
Who tells your story?

Every other founding father's story gets told
Every other founding father gets to grow old

But when you're gone, who remembers your name?
Who keeps your flame?

[Burr and men (Angelica and women):]
Who tells your story?
(Who tells your story?)
Who tells your story? (Your story?)


I put myself back in the narrative


I stop wasting time on tears
I live another fifty years
It's not enough


I interview every soldier who fought by your side

She tells our story

I try to make sense of your thousands of pages of writings
You really do write like you're running out of

[Eliza and Company:]

I rely on

[Eliza and Angelica:]

While she's alive

[Eliza and Angelica:]
We tell your story

She is buried in Trinity Church

[Eliza and Angelica:]
Near you

When I needed her most, she was right on

[Eliza and Company:]

And I'm still not through
I ask myself, "What would you do if you had more?"

[Eliza and Company:]

The Lord, in his kindness
He gives me what you always wanted
He gives me more

[Eliza and Company:]

I raise funds in D.C. for the Washington Monument

She tells my story

I speak out against slavery
You could have done so much more if you only had

[Eliza and Company:]

And when my time is up, have I done enough?

[Eliza and Company:]
Will they tell our story?

Oh. Can I show you what I'm proudest of?

The orphanage

I established the first private orphanage in New York City

The orphanage

I help to raise hundreds of children
I get to see them growing up

The orphanage

In their eyes I see you, Alexander
I see you every

[Eliza and Company:]

And when my time is up
Have I done enough?

[Eliza and Company:]
Will they tell our story?

Oh, I can't wait to see you again
It's only a matter of

[Eliza and Company:]

Will they tell your story?
Who lives, who dies, who tells your story?
Will they tell your story?
Who lives, who dies
[Full Company:]
Who tells your story?

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Lin-Manuel Miranda Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story Comments
  1. • panta •

    This still hurts so badly even after months being in this fandom.

    Good job Lin.

  2. Arian Searcy

    Ngl this choked me up a bit, I startled my nephew 😅

  3. Kid who sits in the corner

    Everytime i listen to this song i tear up and just when i think i can go through it without tears i find this. God dammit im crying as i type this.

  4. FoxArtAndGames

    this is sweet

  5. casey landers

    Um excuse me I never gave you permission to make me cry

  6. Adjútora I

    Teared up the MOMENT the first flash of blue hit my eyes

  7. Jordy Bugg

    Holy hell I am crying??

  8. Galaxy Dragon

    When Lauren's and alex hugged I cried.

  9. Philip Hamilton

    Who is 3:17? Is it Laurens?

  10. Kawaii Unicorns

    I’m so exited I’m gonna watch Hamilton

  11. Fluxxymune

    It's this exact animation, every freaking time. When it gets to the orphanage part I start bawling like a freaking baby.

  12. Kawaii Night Bunny Derp

    Eliza is like the definition of a saint.

  13. carson crying

    i just came back on hamilton to watch every animatics songs i find and i cry everytime when i saw the sad ones

  14. UniPleb

    Bruh im in a hair salon and jesus christ i wanna cry

  15. xX Midnight_JP Xx

    1:56 My sister said she hears "mauchient" instead of monument. Reply on what you hear.
    She's dumb.

  16. Natsuko Tomoyama

    Why am I crying each time????

  17. pнeonιх prodυcтιonѕ

    Eliza told Hamilton's story. Lin told Eliza's. But who will tell Lin's? Maybe there'll be a musical in 300 years about Him.

  18. Unicornited 2

    It's 2020, and im still crying over this. Fml

  19. Monira Ahmed

    that was so cute and warm but sad and I was trying to not cry bc my mom was right there and I didn't want her to say " stop crying over some animation " ya know

  20. Annie Jimenez

    Me: So... I haven’t listened to Hamilton in a while. I’ll watch this animatic.

    Me two minutes later: *intense sobbing*

  21. Isabel Owen

    That part when he sings " She tells my story! " Eliza is literally amazing! ❤️😊

  22. Sara Autio

    One of the things Hamilton cared about most in the world was legacy. He needed to know that people would remember him and he wouldn't just be another name in the course of history that could be easily erased. Of course he will forever be in the history books but people were starting to forget about him. Most people only remembered George Washington or Thomas Jefferson. He was even about to be taken off the ten dollar bill, Hamilton's worst fears were slowly becoming a reality, not as many people knew who he was. "Every other founding father's story gets told."
    With this musical Lin saved Hamilton's legacy. Now the world knows his name once more. Lin saved Hamilton.

  23. daniella Gutterman

    I’m holding back tears😭

  24. threadson

    why are my eyes sweating

  25. Smol Alien Creature

    I'm pretty sure the main reason she founded an orphanage is because Alexander was an orphan...

    *violent sobbing*


    "In their eyes I see you Alexander"😭

  26. Opal Eevee

    "and when my time is up, have I done enough... Will they tell your story?!" Oh, you have NO idea.

  27. Emma Paige

    lmao who was crying at the end

  28. •Clarity•

    You see... This is why you dudes should respect women some don't leave you and some do but, the majority is they'll never leave you.

  29. elise

    I don't think I'm going to cry this time...
    "The orphanage..."
    Yeah about that

  30. Gachax V

    There's like some Lams and Elaurens(?)

  31. Dylan Resendiz

    Im not crying my eyes are cosplaying as the ocean

  32. JammytheDog

    I haven’t seen this in a while I just watched it again and complete chills the whole time

  33. Sunflower Naz

    It is imposible to NOT cry at least ONCE during this whole ass masterpeice

    Natsu Dragneel

    Sunflower Naz I actually didn’t cry during this entire video

  34. Xcheny

    2020 and I’m still crying in the club 😕

  35. Nyan Prime

    Hamilton is kinda bad


    The person, you're not wrong. The musical, is a work of genius

  36. Tia Aiken

    Okay guys you will only understand this if you also like the the musical six. Is it just me or does anyone else notice Eliza and Jane Seymour have something in common despite what their husband did to them or put them through they still loved them deeply.

  37. Eli Medrano

    The song was good, like it almost had me crying. This animation,,, WITH the song,, oh MAN IM CRYING RIGHT NOW

  38. Do ya like Jazz

    Don’t know why I decided to spend the first night of 2020 crying to Hamilton but I did so

    Gonna be a fun year lmaoo

  39. Jimbo

    i used ot think that hamilto nwas stupid, a play about history? thats just school!
    Godamn i was wrong

  40. Luna Moon

    The first time I cry listening to this song is this video it’s so good

  41. autumn the moth

    I’ve seen this animatic so many times, I don’t think I can cry over it anymo-

  42. Waffle Lover

    2020 and still crying at this

  43. Фиона The wolf


  44. Mr. Junkfoods

    Eliza was actually able to live till 90

    It’s a reward for her being such an amazing person

  45. That Filipino Guy

    anyone in 2020

  46. Sans The Skeleton


  47. • V. O. I. D. •

    Is it just me, or does Hamilton almost resemble Shota Aizawa?

    That Filipino Guy

    • V. O. I. D. • Oh yeah. He kinds does

  48. kids Armknecht

    Ironically this was the first Hamilton song I heard exactly 3 years ago also who's ready for 2020

  49.’s New Year’s Eve and people keep firing fireworks and I keep remembering the gun shots...

  50. Natsu Cipher


  51. Leamhan Seabhac

    I am fucking emotional over some American musical I can’t help it-

  52. Obsidian Cyborg

    If you’ve seen this in the theatre, every single song from Hamilton holds so much.

    I can still remember the entire audience in a massive theatre crying, on this song.

  53. I like many rainbow flags

    I'm crying nooo i never cry iver song help

  54. Wooshi

    Can you also remember when she gasped at the end of the musical? Thats her realizing everyone was there, watching THEIR story. I SWEAR i'll always keep this musical alive

  55. L.K.N 176250

    If this is a "You cry you lose" challenge
    99,99%: *cries* (losers)
    00,01: Me and some other brave dudes: The animatic was good. (winners)
    Comment if you're a brave dude or not!

  56. AE1812

    I think Hamilton shit his life very hard..

  57. Fire Rocker13


  58. mari

    0:52 i jusr cant stop watching this part

  59. Emma Whoever

    you made me cry....this was beautiful thank you.

  60. John Laurens

    I actually cried, you did an amazing job!!❤❤❤

  61. Aris Callejo

    Already crying from The World Was Wide Enough
    *Watches this*
    *Cries harder*

  62. downright chaos

    Ngl my eyes watered when Lauren’s hugged Alexander-

  63. Shaden Gam

    I've heard the song a lot of times, I wasn't supposed to cry.....

  64. Logged Out

    Whoever disliked this is Charles Lee, King George and George Eaker’s many YouTube accounts

  65. Gacha Gamer526

    Eliza: hmm, could’ve sworn there were more papers than that. Oh that’s right, I BURNED OVER HALF OF THEM

  66. Tia Watson

    I legit think Hamilton was all about Eliza even though it talked about Lin's it just seems like it's all about her because of this song.

  67. gameb9oy

    You know the funny part of the title being Hamilton for this musical? While you assume that means this is the story of Alexander Hamilton, it can also be considered the story of Eliza Hamilton

  68. millie burson

    cry time :((

  69. White Dwarf

    Fuck bro. im crying.

  70. Gacha Builder James

    2:50 - 2:54 messed me up ;-;

  71. icarus x sun


  72. Peaches N’cream

    And now I’m crying. Thanks XD

  73. Zur Yahalom

    Isn’t cool how there are people who are fans of such a beautiful piece of art and great artists? My type of people

  74. Geeky Hacker

    People in 1806 worried their stories won’t be told

    *gets an entire musical off it*

  75. Ema Medunjanin

    I’m now sad because only two of my friends barely know Hamilton

  76. rallyman619

    I’m not crying, y’all are crying, damn onion chopping ninjas keep breaking into my house whenever I hear this song

  77. Communist Carl

    Eliza just got thanosed

  78. strangerthan allthings


  79. Tamar Tiela

    Who else is listening to this on loop and singing each character's part separately? Only me? OK.

  80. Allie Caterina

    This song always gets me lol

  81. JZMS 904

    This gave me the chills literally shivering and it’s very hot in my room

  82. DaWolf .Spirit

    My excuse for when I cry

  83. BeautyoftheBeast

    The replay button is bullying me!

  84. Amanda .Z


  85. MMR drawings

    This animatic dragged me to the Hamilton fandom

    Amanda .Z

    You wanna hear somthing that'll make you cry? Watch laurens interlude with a twist....

    *quietly sobs in the corner*

    MMR drawings

    Amanda .Z I know right? And I cried in Wait for it

    Amanda .Z

    @MMR drawings it depends on the animatic you watch. One time i cried during satisfied

  86. joonscrab s

    the way it turned blue when angelica died 🥺😭

  87. Haydenfriends122

    Who lives: Eliza Schuyler-Hamilton
    Who dies: Alexander Hamilton
    Who tells your story: Lin-Manuel Miranda

    (yes i'm keeping the trend alive like a year later)

  88. Finlay Derry

    Honestly rip Peggy she is barely mentioned

  89. berrychii

    I cry everytime I listen to this
    Ziksua stopped uploading 1 or 2 years ago and I cry because of it because shes so good *cri*

  90. CelestialStarlight

    Me: Don't Cry Don't Cry Don't Cry Don't Cry Don't Cry Don't Cry
    *Crys uncontrollably*

  91. Mathew O.

    2019, Merry Christmas!

  92. Raghad Al-tamimi

    The art is beautiful

  93. Dorky Edits

    Why you make me cry like that

  94. The Eternal Beautiful Child

    No vengo a Youtube para que me hagas llorar :'c

  95. x isuwu x

    Me with my sweet bluetooth headphones watching this:

    “Who tells your story? Eli- *BATTERY LOW* zaaaaaaaaa”

  96. Olivia The Great

    Who lives : Eliza
    Who dies : Hamilton Angelica John Laurens Margarita (Peggy) Philip Washington Lafayette Hercules
    Who tells Lin Manuel Miranda Angelica Eliza
    God there’s a lot of death


    You forget Phillip

  97. Potoperson


  98. The_Mythological_Girl

    I cried, that song always makes me cry... or maybe cuz it’s like 6 am and I haven’t slept and I can’t sleep so I’m really emotional 😭

    Nah it’s hamilton

  99. CJ is big Dum dum

    E- Elegant
    L- Lovely
    I- Impeccable
    Z- Zen
    A- Ardent

    Cant really think of a Z- me

    Javed Akhtar