Lin-Manuel Miranda - Valley Forge (Demo) Lyrics

The Hamilton Mixtape
The Hamilton Mixtape...

Valley Forge, winter 1778
Thomas Paine:

"These are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph."

I am seeing the best minds of my generation
Waste away in pestilence and starvation
Is this all a test or have we met our doom?
Have we set a camp of parameters for our tomb?

I have never seen His Excellency so despondent
So I've taken over writing all his correspondence
I have written Congress and received dishonest responses
I am beyond comprehension of their nonsense

They say, saddle up! Attack the British forces!
I shoot back, we have resorted to eating our horses
Local merchants deny us equipment, assistance
They only take British money, so sing a song of sixpence

Sixty tents full of dysentery, death
Dying breaths and dilettantes and deserters in the distance
Congress, I beg of you, justify your existence
Are you men or just a bunch of indigenous infants?
Unite these states, give them stakes in our resistance
Do you have no influence at all, you fucking skinflints?

Hamilton, tone it down

But sir!

Alex, listen. There's only one way for us to win this
Provoke outrage, outright
Don't engage, strike by night
Remain relentless 'til their troops take flight
Make it impossible to justify the cost of the fight

Outrun (outrun)
Outlast (outlast)
Hit 'em quick, get out fast (uh-huh)
Stay alive 'til this horror show is past
We're gonna fly a lot of flags half-mast

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Lin-Manuel Miranda Valley Forge (Demo) Comments
  1. hurricane tortilla

    i started listening to this when this article showed up in my homework

  2. Pudding Otter

    That "Yeah." at 2:20 breaks me for some reason. It just sounds so sad, like he's just accepting what's going to happen.

  3. Kata Queen

    Big up we 100% need a 'Hamilton: The Mixtape' i would pay solid money to see it

  4. Allison M

    The way he sounds when he says " We're gonna fly a lot of flags half mast" and they says "Yeah" really quietly.... like he is really realizing how serious this situation is. Chokes me up every time.

  5. Shiny minun The theatre geek

    Chick a plow...?

  6. Bĕıñğ Wěįřđ Īş Ňøŕmåł

    Oh I just discovered this. I love this

  7. fear rejectz

    Why do I think something like this was written by a Russian soldier back in Leningrad when the Germans where fighting for it

  8. Kirsty Fernandes

    Whoa, this is amazing.

    I dunno if I prefer this or Stay Alive, they both have their own merits, I am glad that Lin recorded this though, cause it is amazing.

    A lot of the songs in the play kinda glorify war as some glorious thing to be apart of, but THIS, it’s like getting repeatedly kicked in the stomach, it knocks the wind out of it.

    War wasn’t some triumphant event, it was dark, bloody, muddy, cold, wet, and extremely depressing.

    People died of starvation or thirst, they froze to death on snowy tundra-like battlefields, while hauling hundreds of pounds of body guards and ammo. They sat for hours, even days in muddy pits and trenches, dug into the earth, the smell of dirt, piss and blood filling the air, waking up to almost drowning if it happened to rain and fill the hole.

    Their minds started to go insane and/or they deserted cause they couldn’t take it anymore, the punish of which was death.

    War is terrifying and horrifying, even if done for good reasons and this actually displays that quite beautifully.

    When Hamilton’s voice keeps breaking in his sadness and desperation, it breaks my heart, in a good way.

    Thank you, Lin. Xoxo

  9. Lily GB

    Everyone's going on about the chick-a-plao but I want the "raise a glass "

  10. Palomaloid

    ...Rise a glass.

  11. Alex N.

    Indigenous infants?

  12. Country Fan


  13. M Isabella LS


  14. M Isabella LS

    The people who disliked this accidentally clicked it.

  15. DolphinDog

    The "ooo"s were replaced by "Stay alive..." in "Stay Alive"

  16. Amelya Bedilia

    This is so creepy and eerie and amazing and horrifying and it’s amazing. It’s like Hamilton is talking to his inner self, that voice that said “Alex you gotta fend for yourself” and it’s just perfect. I needed this in my life.

  17. cheese quesadilla

    i wanted a chick-a-plao. seriously though, this is really good

  18. Alyssa Cox

    I just heard "the hamilton mixtape" in a creepy voice and I love how eerie this song is. It really reflects the horrors of Valley Forge and the war. I am shooketh

  19. Katie Whitmore

    This is cool because I went to Valley Forge last year and it was so cool!!

  20. Mckenna Lastname

    i wish this was in the musical this is amazing i almost cried just keep the chickaploa

  21. Alexa Michaca

    Where's the raise a glass....

  22. Rhianna Williams

    I think this song is a lot more indicative of what the war was actually like. I mean that background music sounds like winter. It sounds like looming death. And the lyrics and the emotion behind them make the situation sound a lot more desperate.

  23. PAT MAN

    Did Yorktown come out of this?

    Ronny Murphy

    No it was Stay Alive

  24. Sienna Butland

    I was so ready for the chick-a pow

  25. Dalton Long


  26. PeachStation

    Lin is the biggest inspiration in my life

  27. Nimbacinus

    this is so eerie... holy shit!

    Country Fan

    Déjà Brew ikr

  28. Human, I Think

    This amazing!
    But, what was I expecting? It's Lin-Manuel Miranda, everything he makes is awesome.

  29. Hannah Fluckiger

    I love this song because you can feel the desperation and the horrors of war, seep into the song!
    Shout out to our lord and savior Lin!

    Oscar Cormier

    Is this a cult?

  30. Ryeli O-B

    Lin is basically singing to himself and answering... I love him

  31. Joester toaster



    Yay 8,940 view

  33. Elisha McCabe

    I lovvvvvvvveeeee Hamilton ur such an inspiration

  34. Rachel

    this is amazinggg

  35. Roofingdoggo

    I was waiting for the chick-a-plao


    Sans uh huh

    Duchess Wingedspirt

    "uh-huh" was so disappointing. :P

    Madison Green

    I thought it was more professional

    Kd Bear

    same got depression after that

    Ya Boi


    ..... UH HUH

  36. Ducky Music


  37. Boo Who

    I don't know about everyone but I love this

  38. nobody is here now

    Is this kind of like a Stay Alive draft..?

    McDonald’s Drive-Thru

    LPSLoyal yep

    Richard Does gaming

    ArumLPS yup that’s why it says demo

    Loki Laufeyson

    But without the general. -1 whee

  39. Millione Johnson


  40. TrueFayx

    why is this unlisted?

  41. Blind mans Guitarist

    I love this sooo much

  42. Lauren Murphy

    He's like literally the best! He is my idol! #linmanuelmiranda

  43. Monica Rider

    Second to comment! yeah! I just love Lin

    Princess Crystal

    Monica Rider You're actually the 4th but yeah I agree