Lin-Manuel Miranda - Let It Go Lyrics

What in the hell was that?
What in the hell are you doing downtown?
Don't you know that Burr is going to run against your father to humiliate me and try to bring us down?
I will not let our family be embarrassed like this
I'll grab a pen and paper, let the whole world know
You swing at my family you better not miss
You better have another punch to throw

You could let it go
Stay alive for me
Let it go
Live to fight another day
People will always be critical
They'll make the personal political
They'll try to knock you off your pedestal, your pinnacle
Let other people be cynical
Let it go
You're smiling because you know I'm right


And you know if the president were here he would tell you the same thing

No, the president's not here..

I heard about Burr
You didn't kill him did you?

Were you here this whole time?

Let it go
Stay alive for me

Let it go

Let it slide right by

Let it slide right by

You don't have to bring a gun to a knife fight
It's not a case of your money or your life, right?

You know you really oughta listen to your wife, right?

I know

So let it go

Talk less!


Smile more!


Don't let 'em know what you're against or what you're for!


Shake hands with him!


Charm her!

Ladies and gentlemen welcome Senator Aaron Burr!


Let everybody know
You can take a body blow
Let everybody know
You can learn to let it go

Look around, look around at how
Lucky you are to be alive right now

Let everybody know
You can take a body blow
Let everybody know
You can take a body blow
Let everybody know
You can take a body blow
Let everybody know
You can take a body blow

Look around, look around at how
Lucky you are to be alive right now
If somebody tries to lay you low

Let it go

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Lin-Manuel Miranda Let It Go Comments
  1. Gwennie Bleu

    Alex: No, the presidents not here!

    Washington: *Kicks down door* I heard about burr

  2. WaterlemonTheArtist

    I always feel, listening to the off-broadway version of the songs, that Hamilton was originally meant to be much more of a comedy than it ended up being.

  3. gReEtInGs aNd sAlUtAtIonS

    My dumbass thought the Hamilton cast sang let it go from frozen

  4. Claire Clark

    Hamilton: the presidents not here soo...
    Washington: wHATS POPPIN FRICKERS!

  5. Sharon Browne

    Frozen is quaking

  6. john.hancock

    i love how washington just appears out of nowhere just to tell his son to just fucking chill

  7. Precious Cinnamon Rolls

    If I were to choose two songs to be added to the album, it would definitely be this and Dear Theodosia Reprise (bcs I need another reason to cry)

  8. Katelyn Miller

    Eliza is the original Elsa

  9. lonelygurl 4

    I thought Eliza was doing a cover of let it go 😂

  10. GoldnGreen Media

    Even Hamilton's confused why Washington's there

  11. ur mum

    cha cha slide?

  12. mugomogu


  13. SnowyPug

    elsa is that you

  14. Leilani Gutierrez

    Let it Go from Hamilton Is way better than Frozen’s Let it Go
    Change my Mind


    I H E A R D A B O U T B U R R

  16. Jasmine_ Rice

    *why do you write like you’re running out of time?*

  17. Jasmine_ Rice

    Aw I wish they kept this song it musical...

  18. Autumn Rose

    This doesn't sound like George Washington

    Alexander Denver

    It’s not Chris playing Washington in the workshops, I believe it’s Isiah Johnson

  19. a real life anime girl

    Let it go, let it go, can’t hold it back anymore.

  20. Superstarc

    Lin: nice should put this in the pl-

    Disney: how about let it go for frozen?

  21. lin !

    This gives me Banana Fish vibes

  22. Lily Baumhoff

    My favorite parts about this songs

    “Your smiling because you know I’m right.” “HA”

    “Washington’s not here”

    **Door slams open**

    Washington- WHAT DID I MISS MY SON

  23. Cecily D

    Were you here the whole time?

  24. Sans the Skeleton

    Screw Frozen, this is where it’s at

  25. Julia De Guzman

    Gosh Burr, how much did you have to drink

  26. Acean HUN

    I would like to be the kind of genius whos cut content is like this

  27. Ninja Gal 911

    Washington and Eliza the friendship I now want to see

  28. Frank iero Plz love me

    Y was this cut

  29. Gracie Is Okay

    frozen 2 looks good so far

  30. Zoro Hiroshima

    I don’t like how this did not get into the musical

  31. Aleecia Star

    Eliza: And if the president were he would tell you the same thing!
    Alexander: No the president’s not here-
    George: *Slides out from under bed*


  32. TheEmeraldDragon YT

    wait whats this

  33. Nate C

    While not bad, this would stand out as a weaker song in the play. As well as the fact that it's a little superfluous since without it this part of the story still gets across. I can see why it was cut.

  34. Sienna

    Alexander-No the presidents not her-
    Washington- *I heard about Burr*

  35. Downton 654

    When would this song be placed?

  36. Titty-Mitty

    I thought this was the Hamilton cast covering Let It Go. I also read Eliza as Elsa.

    I’m so stupid. 😂

  37. Shannon Lane

    Phillipa is always amazing

  38. Eli De Angeli Awesome

    Hearing a non-Chris Jackson Washington is really weird

  39. Sasha Kitty Tiger

    Not gonna lie, I listen to this to calm down if I'm pissed at someone. 😂

  40. Gabby Gail

    So, did Philip NOT come with Eliza? He did not speak in this, even though in the extended Schyler Defeated, he was with Eliza

  41. Alexis Turner

    I never say the mojo at the end until now😂

  42. Itz_ Wolfyxx

    When I first knew about this song,I thought Alexander or Eliza is gonna do a cover of Let it go from Frozen XDD

    But I wished that this song wasn't cut from the musical (It's still great though) because it sounds catchy :P

    Meredith McCracken

    That would have been nice if they did a cover of that. It would have also been nice if it nice if it was in the musical. Official one I mean.

  43. Hermione Jean Granger

    Let It Go
    Other People: FROZEN!

  44. Audrey Segedin

    Let it go! Let it! Can’t hold it back anymore! Let it-.............wait a second.....

  45. Gamer Swag248

    Washington just pops in like “yo”

  46. melanie f



  47. Cr0w Tuna

    I really wish this wasn't cut because this is EXACTLY WHAT ALEX NEEDED TO HEAR IN LIKE EVERY OTHER SONG.

  48. Amazing Cutie

    Burr: *Drinks shots before he goes to run for president*

  49. Amazing Cutie

    The president's not here!
    *George slides out from under the bed* *I h e a r d a b o u t b u r r*

  50. Jitter Bug

    My favorite is Hamilton going off in the beginning

  51. hermajesticheart

    Who's trying to not cry 😭😭😭
    Where was this all My life?



  53. Jolkert

    Unpopular opinion: It's actually not that good and it's good that it was cut

  54. Ana Hoffman

    Poor Alexander Hamilton, his common sense is missing in action... And he’s facing Aaron Burr, with his own faction.

  55. Jonathan Monaghan


  56. Redlovesmedia


    You didn't kill him did you?

    Me *WHEEZE*

  57. kiri Erjiro

    Eliza:#weres a blue dress
    Hamilton: pls no
    washington : wow.
    Hamilton: why me

  58. a username

    *Eliza and Alex casually having an argument in their bedroom*

    George Washington [Crawling out from under the bed]: Hello

  59. Jessica Jennings

    I didn't read the whole title. I thought this was a parody of Let it go from Frozen and that's why I clicked on it. Not disappointed though.

  60. Jordyn Mckinstry

    Did they get rid of this song in Hamilton when I watched it this song never happened

  61. Kaleb Toons

    they cut the song because Lin was afraid Elsa would report it for plagiarism

  62. Chysand Zain

    Okay, but the last line ( 2:05 ) I heard three people singing or is it just me?

  63. Ana Eliza

    *you didn’t kill him, did you?*

  64. Estela Ramos

    Eliza and Elsa could be best friends

  65. England Mcgill

    Why did they take this out????????????? It’s so goood

  66. Ben Dover

    How come this isn’t in the musical?

  67. Moonlight sis

    “Stay alive for me”
    *gets shot*

  68. Payton P

    “They’ll make the personal political” is such a stunning line, and feels so accurate with politicians trying to ban abortion.

  69. Violet & Emma Lovegood

    "Stay alive for me..."
    Said:me, to Philip before Gorge Eacker. This MUTHERFUC-

  70. Jezebel M

    Washington’s voice sounds a little too deep

  71. prorsuskyle

    Not his best song lol

  72. Australia Jamaa

    Eliza sounds like Elsa

  73. Kayden Armstrong

    Washing machine just came out of fucking no where

  74. Luci

    *I H E A R D A B O U T B U R R R*

  75. Shayna Phillips

    ....that voice is philip schuyler

  76. Dariusz Jancy

    You didn’t kill him did you?

  77. Michele Obama

    who else loves burrs part??


    Michele Obama i feel like u mean who doesn’t??? its amazing

  78. Forestxavier20

    The Hamiltons having an argument in the bedroom about politics
    A.Ham: "The president isn't here!"
    Washington: *Rolls out from under bed* "I heard about Burr!"

  79. Kaylee Green

    is this a different person singing as washington?? it sounds very different

  80. hamburgerdog25

    "I heard about Burr" kills me every time. I just imagine Washington creeps out of a dark alley just to say that. I haven't heard this jn a while sp you know it hit me like a truck

  81. Niamh Lacie

    Who cares about Elsa?


  82. OrangeCrush Fizzy

    What off the Broadway has different song's where can I even hear them? Can I still be a fan even though I haven't heard the off Broadway ;-;

  83. Madelyn Ur dad


  84. Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton

    When will Hamilton learn that your wife is always right!!!

  85. crazy tornadoe

    Washington:I HEARD ABOUT BURR you didn't kill him did you
    Hamilton:were you here this whole time
    Washington:....... ummn
    let it go stay alive for me

  86. Laffayeet The Bagette

    This is my favorite song ever! It's so beautiful! I could listen to it 24/7

  87. Calvinsky Malbert

    washington during one last ride telling hamilton to grab a pen and write
    i don't think the reynold pamplet is what he meant

  88. Sophie Meyer

    is that Pippa?

    Sophie Meyer

    @Kaylee Green okay! thanks

  89. pandapower


  90. Mudrocks

    What the hell is up with Washingtons voice

    Kaylee Green

    i just asked the same thing!!

  91. Autumn Mckee

    Why is this me to my bf , calming him down and his bro is with me. Then someone who is trying to get with me and pissing us off. Never thought a song could be relatable

  92. Lappy

    if this wasn't cut we would've had laurens tell alex to let it go in hurricane ;-;

  93. it’s rainbow 2.0!


  94. juli eve

    1:17 when Burr's part starts , your welcome

  95. Swirlcookies9 AJ

    I hEarD aBoUt BuRr
    *you didn’t kill him did you* ?

  96. Des Wessells

    Eliza is the next Elsa or is Elsa the next Eliza?

  97. Lily Amburn

    I feel like a majority that Eliza says "look how lucky you are to be alive right now!" She's saying that because she surprised nobody's killed hammy boi yet for his shit 😂

  98. My hopes and dreams are dead

    Hamilton: the presidents not here-
    Washington: I heard about burr. *you didn’t kill him did you?*

  99. Not Jacob


    Natalie Moran Pillage


    Parker Sanders

    Uhuhuhuh UhUhuHuh 😂

    Itz_ Wolfyxx


    Trum Bro

    Is anyone else confused?

    Autumn Rose