Lin-Manuel Miranda - Dear Theodosia (Reprise) Lyrics

Dear Theodosia, how to say to you
Sometime last night, your mother breathed your name
And like a flame that flickers out too soon, she died
She's gone

She dedicated every day to you
She changed my life, she made my life worthwhile
And when you smile
I know a part of her lives on
I know I can go on

You have come of age with our young nation
We bleed and fight for you
Sometimes it seems that's all we do
And you and I will build a strong foundation
And I'll be here for you
The way is clear for you to blow us all away

Someday, someday, yeah you'll blow us all away

Someday, someday...

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Lin-Manuel Miranda Dear Theodosia (Reprise) Comments
  1. Moon 8002

    Yay I found my self a new ring tone . Don't judge me

  2. The Victims

    I’m sorry I cannot Watch this. *Made me cry too much...*

  3. liz the Fox

    I can’t listen to this song without crying this reminds me of my mom passing

  4. Julia Ping

    I love how pointy this art style is 😀😀

  5. Cosmiic Boi

    Burrs life got worse everyone in his life died and then he killed Hamilton which was the only person he had left

  6. Chani Cormier


    P L E A S E

  7. Alexander Hamilton

    I’m very sorry for your loss Burr. If I lost Eliza like that, I wouldn’t be able to live. I would be a single father, and I would be broken inside. I send you good prayers...

  8. Nightmare Sparckle

    How dare *tears*

  9. Yuurei-san Stockings

    when i found this i was like oh no
    and then burr sobbed and i was like *oh fucking no*

  10. Wazowski's Apprentice

    “She changed my life, she made my life worth while.”

    That part really hits me in the feels 😭😭😭

  11. Mylee Leon

    Aaron Burr: shes gone- *sobbs and voice cracks*

    Me: *sobbs for the entire video*

  12. Abigail brown

    Dude it’s him that makes it sad not the song that gets me

  13. Josephine Gerardy

    Someone mentioned there was a reprise of Dear Theodosia...
    Long story short: I came, I saw, I cried.

    Haylee Gammage

    then died inside

  14. Llama Porg

    I started crying when I saw this 😭

  15. Iwillinhale Oompaloompatoes

    When burr broke down I broke down

  16. Sarah Luvs 2 Sing

    As someone who’s also had to deal with the death of a parent (though it was actually my father rather than my mother), this song makes me cry like you would not believe. R.I.P. Daddy, I love you ❤️😢

  17. Jasmine Mc Donagh

    Burr has always been the person I’d favor in the musical he had a shitty life but pressed on tbh I strive to be like him not to shoot Hamilton but burr had a lot of reason to. 😞

  18. KD Ukulele

    Fuck you mason why you gotta make me cry by sending me thus

  19. 《Eri - Sama》 《 Smol bean. 》

    :((((( * Sad crying noises *

  20. Ew _

    I’m sitting with my face done and omg this almost made me cry-

  21. Internal Wolf

    I thought I was ready to move away from Hamilton

    Telling by me being here I have failed

  22. Trash

    I really love this animatic
    I always find myself coming back to it
    I really love how Burr is trying to
    Be strong for his daughter
    But he just can’t because he loved her so much
    The emotions in this are so clear and
    It’s really beautiful

  23. Sarah Noor

    Me: your not gonna cry this time . . .
    Burr : Dear Theo-
    Me: *cries harder than the Rock*

  24. Daniel Lopez

    It’s sadder in the middle he’s hugging Theodosia and he looks at his hand at his wedding ring and starts crying even more that just so sad

  25. Sofia Krause Teodósio

    My last name is Teodósio ( you probably already saw it ), it looks a lot like the name Theodosia , and that scares me, so I cry more than usual when I listen to this song, I’m really close to my family( I know this sounds pretty dumb, but ok);-;

  26. Fudanshi Trash

    My friend plays this to try and make me cry because I guess he just wants to see me cry but seriously I’m bouta

  27. Got Milk Bitch?

    Everything hurts more when I hear this

  28. Daniel Lopez

    I just realized why we remember Alexander he did some messed up stuff kinda

    1. he cheated on his wife
    2.payed the husbando not to tell Eliza
    3.ruined Aaron burrs life when he didn’t deserve it

    Honestly why?

  29. Lil Meow

    No one:
    My youtube recommendations: hey how about crying today?

  30. Evangeline Gultiano

    i l o v e c r y i n g

  31. Hayley Harz

    me: *watching this and crying*
    fbi agent: bro wtf u crying
    fbi agent: *watches video*
    fbi agent:
    fbi agent:
    fbi agent: ME TOO-

  32. Варвара Лопина

    Это прекрасно😭😭😭

  33. The Turtle

    Somehow this reminded me of my best friend and I started crying

  34. Natalie Davis

    This is so sad and heartbreaking 😭😭 but the art was amazing!

  35. estivoni 75

    Hi um there´s sth I don´t understand because the slime tutorial I watched wasn´t the full musical so, does Theodisa (mother) divorces her husband for being with Burr or what? thx owo

  36. SquigglyNoodle Boop

    I totally didn’t start bawling my eyes out literally not five seconds in...

  37. Amalia Ioan

    You know is a big difference between Burr and Hamilton and that is:
    - Burr thinks a lot of consequences because he wanted to protect his daughter, but Hamilton didn't think about consequences he just do he thinks his right sacrifice his family, his friends and his honour.
    Burr lose everything in his life from beginning but all he wanted was to protect the only person he loved how he knew.

    And maybe this is a lesson for everyone: even some people in history will be knows as villains or something similar if you don't know all part of story you couldn't find a good conclusion. All we star the same: kind, naive and have a pure heart. But some events in our lives makes us to change our mind or sometimes our heart.

  38. Lord Gaming Nerd

    I've never heard this song before. And I always cried when I heard Stay Alive Reprise, but this... damn... it hit me hard...

  39. tu puta madre!!

    Quisiera que mi padre fuera burr 😔👊

  40. Gacha Rainbow

    I want to hate Burr because of what he did but he basically lost everyone who loved him so he was alone for years, and when he cried in this, I just couldn't help but feel bad for him. Seeing him break down makes me wanna cry ;-;

  41. borys lochowski


  42. Adorable Sin

    I'm not crying
    It's sweat
    Because I was trying so hard not to cry

  43. Girl Wonder66

    This gets worse when you realize his daughter dies too

  44. Inna-Chan 15

    This hurt my soul

  45. Betelgeuse AF

    Burr may have done every mistake, but he kept his promise to his daughter and that was all that mattered to him in the end.
    Excuse me while I cry

  46. Brittany Quast

    What song number is this

  47. lightning boi

    Let me make your day worse, Burr outlived his daughter.

  48. PepperLeafBooks Melon

    Damn when I cry sing I sound like a *rat*

  49. CutieBaker


    *S T O P*

  50. Oliwia Wróblewska

    Przepłakałam cały dzień w szkole :'(

    A nikt nie wiedział o co mi chodzi :''')

  51. Isobel B

  52. Live Louder

    "We bleed and fight for you
    Sometimes it seems that's all we do"
    That really hit. Burr just wanted the fighting and blood to stop. He wanted to stop losing people. Like all his life was just that. Jesus this song hurts😥

  53. my pets are cool

    I cried cuz yes

  54. 혜진 이에요 It's Hye-Jin


  55. Stealthlock

    Dear Theodosia, what to say to you...
    Though you were grown, oh how can I atone?
    You were alone upon a ship, that storm took you from me...
    I’m dedicating every day to you.
    My every thought, I think of you awhile.
    I see your smile....
    Your memory, it still lives on.
    For you, I will go on.

    You have come of age with our young nation.
    I bled and fought for you.
    And I was always proud to do so.
    You and I have laid a strong foundation.
    I’ll pass it on for you.
    I give my *word* to you. And they’ll blow us all away.
    Someday, someday.
    Yeah, they’ll blow us all away.
    Someday, someday....

  56. A R C H I E K U N

    *Cry's and slowly dies*

  57. Camilla, The Different One.


  58. Tyler S.

    As someone with a mother who has been... deceased for several years now, this song makes me break down far more than any other song I've ever heard. It's haunting how much Burr's singing reminds me of the night my dad broke the news to me, and the way he breaks down feels startlingly real, and I must say that due to how raw and emotional this song is, It is easily one of my favorite songs from Hamilton (go ahead and fight me with the 'it didn't make the album' argument but I don't care).

  59. ThePotatoCat

    This makes the song so much more emotional, IT ALMOST MADE ME FRIKEN CRY! 😭

  60. Dens! Animations!

    This is why I have a love/hate relationship with Alexander, mostly hate, I mean I like Hamilton, but in the lyrics. . . . He was a bastard indeed...

  61. Emelye Bham

    I started crying as soon as this started. And cried harder every time his voice broke into sobs.

  62. Evangeline Condra

    Hamilton cheated on his wife
    Burr waited for his wife who was already married
    Hamilton didn’t stop his son from dueling
    Burr dueled for his daughter
    Hamilton got a whole play
    Burr got to be the villain in it
    Hamilton’s story got told
    But that’s the only way they remember Burr

  63. Hannah Goff

    And then Baby Theodosia died at 29, lost at sea. More than 20 years before Aaron. Too bad.

  64. Alexander Hamilton

    Yeah Burr was selfish for shooting Hamilton even if Theodosia was 21 and married but, we have to remember that he lost everything he loved and cared about.

  65. Bubblegum Violence

    vote like dear theodosia comment stay alive reprise i like both of it

  66. Annabelle legit tho

    Why did I cry

  67. maskie pie

    oh darn it i’m in a pool of my tears again

    goddammit why am i like this

  68. gamer animator z


  69. Siren Roseline

    I wish the deleted songs were on iTunes to buy how did you get this?

  70. Archenwolf • 29 years and

    *Welcome fellow watcher!*
    This is where all the Burr fans live. Feel free to enjoy, but no hate!
    We love Aaron here alright he needs sympathy 😊💖

  71. M a r a y e t t e

    It's 12:15 AM and I'm on a feels trip. Anyone joinin'?

  72. Silverblaze 3

    Me: hello 911
    911: what is it this time
    Me: those onion chopping ninjas are bothering me again

  73. Sofea Iman Mohd Sadzwan

    Im gonna cry

  74. The duck company System

    This is the saddest shit

  75. boutta necc

    omg aww no this made me cryyy

  76. Jackson T

    This song makes me mourn my non-existent late wife.

  77. CJ is big Dum dum

    You made a sad song into a *EVEN* SADDIER SONG!!

  78. Purple Puppies12345

    *cries in french*

  79. Wendy Guillotte

    I want to cry

  80. Niñas Espagueti

    Lo veo pero no hay traducción!!! :,,, v

  81. Psychic Dawn


  82. Maddie Inn.

    Oh naw I’m bout to crie

  83. -`, osaqumii

    im not gonna cry im not gonna cry im not gonna cr-


  84. Deadly Wafflez


  85. Kim Jazmin Babasa

    Leslie...pls dont

  86. kim taehyung

    Who was his wife?

  87. chloe elizabeth

    *great, now im gonna cry myself to sleep*

  88. Eva Cudgel

    Hamilton songs that make me cry:
    Stay Alive reprise
    It’s Quiet Uptown
    Lauren’s Interlude
    And, Who Lives Who Dies Who Tells your story

  89. SSO doggy 11

    we love crying ;..(

  90. Harley brune


  91. Trin&EL

    We need burr the musical 😭😭😭

  92. Togo Tazzie


  93. Baku Boi

    Burr is my favorite person in Hamilton so seeing him sad makes me sad ;-;

  94. Abigail Burgeson

    You would NOT believe how many times I've thought about this song randomly and my friends would be like: aaahhh you okay my little cinnabon?

  95. You thought you did sum

    Now just imagine if Leslie named his current daughter Theodosia in honor of his characters wife and daughter?! I would've screamed the minute that happened.

  96. Heavenly Productions


  97. Andrew

    But then you remember Burr was tried for Treason because he attempted to make the North secede from the Union by making a coalition with some others who would all simultaneously run for office in Northern states. Then you remember after that he tried to take control of Mexico. Burr is a nut job y’all.

  98. Ally R

    That shit hurted

  99. I Like Life

    This is really really touching I almost cried

  100. Perry The Person

    That WAS NOT okay. I cried to much to be human. Help.