Limp Bizkit - Endless Slaughter Lyrics

I woke up feeling like I need to get out of the house right now.
I'm feeling like going downstairs.
Take a deep breat!
The whole world just might be ending today.

Get it together, stay calm, stay calm!
How am I supposed to stay calm?
Poor little kid, momma ruined his brain.
Why am I living this way?


'Cause I'm a loser.
I was always told that.
Now I'm a loser and I love it.
I fucking' love it.

I love it till my brother's just a puddle in a bucket.
And everyone around me they all die and they say fuck it.
Why is what, pourin' all of my feelings through your head.
And I ain't gonna settle till that shit reaches your voice.

And now you on your ass and now you wanna ask,
Knowin' you ain't listenin' to this shit 'cause you an ass.
Life ain't gonna sneak up on your ass and take a bite,
It's gonna take that life back baby it's life!

Life is born in the battlefield,
Girls, boys will learn to kill,
On with the endless slaughter!

Born in hell, givin' you all my time in hell,
And I love it oh no, no, I'ma go psycho on this, bro.
You're a sad lawless whore doin' this war inside out for,
You want war, get in sync, now I love it more!

Now you on your ass and now you wanna ask,
Knowin' you ain't listenin' to this shit 'cause you an ass.
Life ain't gonna sneak up on your ass and take a bite,
It's gonna take that life back baby it's life!

Life is born in the battlefield,
Girls, boys will learn to kill,
On with the endless slaughter!

All I know is I'll never know!
All I know is I'll never know!
You cannot take this away from me!
This is the one thing you cannot take away from me!

I am no longer under you!
You are the one who is under me now!

I am no longer under you!
You are the one who is under me now!

I am no longer under you!
You are the one who is under me now!

I am no longer under you!
You are the one who is under me now!

The one who is under me now!
The one who is under me now!

Took a lot of time, time with a chance,
Gonna put these motherfuckers on the floor so they can dance.
I'ma need a little kimchi, take a pump, load it up,
Throw it in the back with the jaguar loaded up.

Been drinkin' muff since the 1819,
How about goin' meet us in the back on the 9th green?
Pussy hole never made a tootsie roll give a shit,
Clean up in this bitch just like a bag of gold, here we go!

Oh my God it that white rapper guy,
That white leo tellin' everybody gemini.
That's me I'm the leo on the flo,
Baby girl tell me your sign before you go.

'Cause I'm about to chip it in the hole like bubba,
Hope I don't bust another hole in the rubber.
'Cause I ain't got another baby name I can use,
Maybe Tom Cruise, I'ma about to hit tree to fix.

So what you really know about that?
Probably nothin', you ain't know about nothin', nothin'.
You got somethin' to say, then say it.
If you gonna say it then fucking say it.

I ain't afraid to look you in the face.
What you gonna say, what you gonna say when I'm in your face?
Tell me boy what you gonna say when I'm in your face,
I'm gonna grab a dirty fork and jab your eyes out.

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Limp Bizkit Endless Slaughter Comments
  1. -Noize-

    2020 still waiting...

  2. Andres Perez

    Todavía esperamos

  3. 浅賀

    I am still waiting for the new album.I bileve Limp Bizkit will become the best methal band again and come to Japan to show us crazy performances with their new songs. mv favorite, Limp Bizkit !!

  4. Kristian Bullard

    This was released on my birthday 😁

  5. No Mercy

    1:36 STEAM MESSAGE ????

  6. Víctor Basarte

    2020.... We are waiting...

  7. Edward Wilson

    Is That Fred on the first song?

    Thiago Andrade

    Yes. He's just drunk

  8. Dick Warlock

    Durst is dropping bars wayyyyyyy better than anything in 2019

  9. Ha Ba

    it´s a shame that this video has so little views. it deserves more attention.

  10. TheGhouztHD

    3:22 sounds like Axl Rose

  11. Sam Du Feu

    Oh dear.

  12. DexDark

    The UK misses you guys so much. We need this shit.

  13. -Noize-

    That's why we are in the underground!
    That's why we don’t have a new album!
    What is wrong with you people?

  14. Fed Rick


  15. Pratama Wirya

    2019, I still love this song.

  16. Lovely Sinners

    This kicks ass! Drop the album already!

  17. Daniel Rand

    2019 here. Still waiting...

  18. denyfixe1000

    4:16 MITO

  19. Sprky Dave

    Ohhhh yeaaaahhh what a awesomely brutal line.

  20. Reece Gomes

    When are you guys going to come to South Africa? would love to see you guys jam hot dog and counterfeit live!

  21. kevin javier fuentes dimas

    Regresa limp bizkit

  22. Andy P

    It's really time for the Bizkit to release some new tunage.

  23. Trevor Hall

    You know I didn't really like this when it came out, but it fucking slams now. What changed?

  24. jesss x

    2019 !!!

  25. tunnis7us

    5 years and still not new album I quess it's never happening :(

  26. Allos Anthrwpos

    first part of this song gives me that old raw 3 dollar bill feeling. COME THE FUCK ON RELEASE THE ALBUM!!! AND COME TO GREECE !!!

  27. Tamás Dávid

    Middle of 2019... Only 35 years left for the album to come out?


    Love you and miss you🙂👍

  29. AnthonyWabo

    Bro, it's 2019... new album coming next week?

  30. Jjn .,o

    Who's play guitar? wes b. right?

  31. Bob Hope

    First LB thumbs down for me

  32. Necovonel Ru

    Limp Bizkit comeback please

  33. Aaron Page

    This is exactly what Limp Bizkit should be in 2019. Nu metal with new flows from Fred, experimental breaks and hard rock so Wes doesn’t get bored. This is a great song, way better than that Cash Money stuff (though y try? Was cool)

  34. dukem600

    thanks kbear!

  35. NPC #3779034112834

    I wish they would make another album. This doesnt sound too bad I thought it would be an interesting direction for them to go

  36. Gary Numan

    come on limp wtf you doing? WE WANT MORE

  37. Toni Davidson

    I wish I was in that crowd.

  38. Upt56

    Где новый альбом???

    Mason Evans

    его не будет


    жду с 2012 года .... пиздец

  39. Optimus Films

    2019. Still waiting...

  40. Saiker

    Where's the new album??? This and "Ready to Go" (w/o Lil Wayne) are dope!

  41. Ha Ba

    Fuckin' underrated song. Love it. LB forever! 🤟❤️

  42. smootskin

    I have 3 kids and another one on the way, how about completing this album already?

  43. Fred Durst

    Переходный период Лимпов,который так и не состоялся..а жаль..годный же материал

  44. woomy

    i cant believe limp bizkit made this. this song is incredible

  45. Bethany Jane

    Wasn’t their new album supposed to come out in 2013 and we still haven’t got it?😂


    Like Chinese Democracy only I can't imagine the result being good.


    Just fucking CRAZY crowd!!!

  47. WaLLYDRaG

    I'm surprised cash money didn't go through with this or whatever happened. The production sounds great! Fred sounds loose again, which by that he sounds like hes having fun and taking risks again, and not trying so hard. I think this CD with the new cash money face would've been a sick ACTUAL comeback that gold cobra wanted to be, but really wasnt there yet.

  48. Jan Ambro

    I think this album is a journey some songs are great some you have to get used to them

  49. Capt. Yossarian

    This is one of the best Limp Bizkit songs ever made.

  50. WaLLYDRaG

    This song is super underrated though. It's badass.

  51. WaLLYDRaG

    Stop trying to be tool FRED!!! XD dont be a phoney!!!

  52. sinnistar99

    Still waiting ...

  53. Vikram Singh

    4:12 - The riff seems inspired by the sounds made by a prehistoric dialup modem trying to connect to the internet.

  54. janobpl

    This is fucking good!

  55. Sarah Lins

    Worst song ever made

  56. Vikram Singh

    At 3:22, who is Wes Borland running and hiding from?

  57. anch0r

    2019 , ждемс) вроде че-то брынькать в студии начали, хочется верить ...

  58. Mozes Berrospi

    If your part of hip hop u need to collaborate with new ones

  59. Justin Hall

    I am a boobies guy.

  60. Justin Hall


  61. End Of Fate

    3:21 That part is fucking sick.

  62. Aydal-i Sasiker

    İ love it

  63. Francisco ll-//

    And we still waiting for...

  64. John Belkin

    У Лёни Ухтина от этих строк и риффов взрывается очко!]

  65. Desolate Bunny

  66. P M

    fred at its best. limp bizkit, time for a new album

  67. Victor Mendoza

    Never liked them in the early 00s, not even their name or their gimmick as a band.... But there may be a sense of clarity here today with their direction. I like this track. Keep them coming with this kind of tide. Durst don't fuck up VV•}{ . It's a beast and it's own substance to witness a far.....

  68. Gabo Mora

    real cool song starts at: 4:05

  69. peopleofmichael666

    I've said it before and Ill say it again, this song is brilliant. LB came out with something amazing here and the haters came out in droves scaring the shit out of the band. I'm sorry but if this had been what the new album was going to sound like, I would could not could not have been happier. Good luck guys and come to ISrael.

  70. Marcin Monk

    i love this song!!!


    Finished with yt yet? or working on smething else

  72. SerOn EnOff

    Se ve que no le da mas la Voz a Fred, Muy suave! Y es una lastima porque los Riff de Wes son excelentes!!!! Te dejan con la boca abierta, un increíble potencial tiene Limp Biskit! Lastima no llega a ser tan bueno por la voz dañada o suave de Fred. Pero bueno... Lo sigo admirando a la banda... Korn, Deftones,LB, Carajo(Argentina), Animal (Argentina).
    Que nunca muera el Nu Metal!!

  73. Robb Otrebor

    People never take this band serious.....they " re pure legends and they don't give a fuck about be critics....because the band are sick about this shit industry of music wanted to change their style...and limp bizkit is TRUE LIMP BIZKIT....FUCK THE FAKERS shitt

  74. tobi c

    I'm still waiting for you guys. Especially 2:30 Old school baby,...

  75. Nate Betzler

    2018 and still waiting

  76. Ralph

    let's go guys......where the hell is this new album. we have been waiting years for some new material

  77. Ænigmakil X

    This tune was sick. My favourite LB shit is the debut, The Unquestionable Truth and this. The RAW shit!

  78. tae smellsbad

    This is too experimental for bizkit, old school fans wont understand this up front, but i like this, 2018 still no stampede, hehe

  79. ツČøśmïçRøwęll

    I think i'm gonna die before the album comes out

  80. George Marko


  81. Prettybrokenspiral

    Fred TURDS.

  82. Burak Yiğit Yokuş

    We need Break Stuff 2..

  83. Captain Dugog

    this song goes from
    Nu Metal 0:08
    Ambiance 2:08
    Classic metal 3:22
    rap 4:09
    in a sequence to tell a tale, brilliant, can't wait for the album to come out 50 years from now.


    The groove starting at 4:09 was great.

    Vikram Singh

    The ending is very abrupt. If they could work more towards the end, maybe a killer riff by Wes Borland, then this could be a modern day "Bohemian Rhapsody".


    3:22 - System Of A Down

    Man de Gaturiss

    Terrible News coming soon.

    Mohamed Samir

    @Man de Gaturiss wt r the terrible news??

  84. Chris Vasquez

    Still waiting

  85. Max Kieselbach

    deep underground mate!! hustle hard !

  86. dante fernandez

    2018, still waiting and getting older...

    kevin heatcoat

    its 2020 Bitches.

  87. victortutosful

    2018 still waiting

  88. K Smitty89

    Damn to perform through a crowd is ballzy as hell.

  89. smokuspotus

    Waren, sind und bleiben die besten!!!

  90. Prod. By kenshin

    Wtf keemstar

  91. Gary Miller

    It's 2018 and John Otto still kills me in this video.

  92. Wisata Jabodetabek

    bizkit sounds like living fossil to me.. legends never stop

  93. mike ahuja

    fcuk this record is so it album homies

  94. CH 4XL

    Thank You! You Are The Best!!! Where is New staff? Mother Russia is waiting.. Fred, Wes! :-) When?

  95. Crivellator Shitcore

    prog-nu-metal? hehe

  96. John Belkin

    Green Day - Kill The DJ [Official Video]