Limp Bizkit - Combat Jazz Lyrics

"oh yeah yeah yeah "
"i'm gonna thank you"

Yes man
Fuck that
Hey yo
Hey yo
I smoke on the mic
Like smoking Joe Fraser
Holding a blunt with a scope
And blaze shit up
Much more harder to those
We like barbers and hoes
Flow is like
Hard shit
I'm unstoppable the rhyme is hollow tip
Throws while i post it
We gotta hit
While i take shots at
Chat Fiend
Its like selling poison
Upside inside the mind
Nigga anything Raek says goes
Limp Bizkit shit
Mix together
You are convinced
It's frozen
When the hit store
Mix together metal and rap
Can't you do better than that
At one of our shoes
But on the other hand we like you
Don't bring your clan or band
We fight you
You might get a gunshot
Rock and rap ready to rock
Putting more on the map

[Fred Durst]
I terrorize with these eyes
All you players on the sidelines
Get victimized
Ain't no mamma on this planet
Who wont cry
When you see the baby boy sucking thumb and
Licking crumbs from their eyes
Switch on the blade
Pay the price pull the pin
What this hand grenade splash
I think i warned you again
Take another route
Devils waiting for the handshake
Better sell me
Cuz i'm gonna lead you to the gate
Got shot
You invisible
Motherfuckin' pitiful
You don't know the half of these bitches im going through
Bullet proof
Pull a tooth
Spiting juice
Take a shot
Naked absolute
When i'm through
You is through
Speaking all that i know is true
Blowing through this revenue
Something you can never do

I all I want
Maxin' in the wind
Sweeties that match the black bed
Stay relax in a black tent
Roll runners gunners that throw hundreds
Soldiers get so blunted
Flex and drop bombs code wanted
I all I want
Maxin' in the wind
Sweeties that match the black bed
Stay relax in a black tent
Roll runners gunners that throw hundreds
Soldiers get so blunted
Flex and drop bombs code wanted

[Fred Durst]
Got you haters feeling like we do
Got you feeling like we want you to
Got you haters feeling like we do
Go you feeling like we want you to
You got that right
Raekwon on the show
Limp Bizkit 2021
Mathematics on the beat
I could listen to this all night
All day
Just rewind it

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Limp Bizkit Combat Jazz Comments
  1. Jeannie Sanders

    The best LB and Wu collaboration...

  2. keven adarraga


  3. M ....

    This track should have been on the standard Golden Cobra album. LB doesn't get enough respect.

  4. derga

    Been over six years and we're still waiting for stampede. Release that shit already

  5. ShameToSmokeIt It's LikeKillingAUnicornWithABomb

    Fred actually ripped that up. He knew he had to come with those lyrics or he was going to get embarrassed.

  6. Omar Moodie

    This is fucking RAW.

  7. HSR

    "I terrorize, with these eyes" ?

  8. Ross Orange

    Why wasn't this on the US release?!

  9. Jacopo Lando

    Nu metal school is bringing the real hip hop in the house of hip hop

  10. Adam L

    wow i dont think ive heard Fred rap with lyrics like that before right on LB please make this next album the ONE that truly shows your potential as an awesome band!!!

    ShameToSmokeIt It's LikeKillingAUnicornWithABomb

    Adam L- oh, shit! The Fucken GOAT Tom Brady! All I know is we better come out swinging against the Saints if We lose tomorrow it's not going to be good. I'm worried a bit about our Defense. ( linebackers in pass-rushers)

  11. DarkRebelGAO

    And he directed videos for Korn (Falling away from me is 100%)

  12. shaunewilliam

    dance aswell

  13. shaunewilliam

    nothing corny about fred dursts bars here pal. trust me im a hip hop geek. technicaly hes nailed this, flow,style,content,all in harmony.nothing corny about that.he was black though it would be nice??!

  14. Gibster Productions

    Limp and Wu seem to go well together

  15. Gibster Productions

    totally true, props

  16. Polipoli8

    Metal isn't all about singer that the main point #RESPECT LB

  17. miro denchev

    real gangsta rap from a nu metal singer #RESPECT Fred

  18. cristian gamarra

    also is a great producer and discover bands like puddle of mudd and staind

  19. Javontae Jones

    Do you know how I can download this on iTunes

  20. cbfwebs

    Sounds like Durst got a little better at writing raps but still a lil corny though.

  21. Frankenstein

    Only three good bands for me 1limp bizkit 2 linkin park 3 hollywood undead fuck you haters

  22. SergiArtaOficial

    This is for Fred Durst haters: Fred can scream, can rap, can sing, can make movies, directed films, directed all the LB videos (except in Counterfeit) and appear in some shows... Sorry haters, but FRED DURST IS A TALENTED MAN!

    Grayson Russell

    SergiArtaOficial hell yeah brother!🤘🏻

  23. kidproductionstudio9

    No thier releasing 2 albums called the unquestionable truth part 2 and stampede of the disco elephants

  24. Fabjan Ceka

    FROM 2021

  25. Lejciak1989

    Tip music is fucking GOOD!:]

  26. boomshoot1

    eat shit beabers l.b will fuck u up

  27. AnalEvisceration

    Rikki Tikki Tavi is also a short story bro.

  28. Ice Kold Killa

    New album called "Stampede of the Disco Elephants" for now.

  29. Ice Kold Killa

    Yeah but that new album might end up shit since he signed with Young Money. Wow I don't know wtf they were thinking. Lets hope I'm wrong.

  30. thenuguy65

    its gonna be called Stampede of the Disco Elephants

  31. gbg1569

    who produced this????

  32. poulxeriotatos

    @SiGnOXR i had orgasm only by reading your comment

  33. Mort Fantôme

    Sam, Dj Lethal and John look intimidating in this picture.

  34. D ALIEN

    @Hybr1dTh3r0y stampede of the disco elephants is the new name for the upcoming album, thats official

  35. Mark Priss

    Wow ! Fred sounds impressive on this one !

  36. SquidBear

    wow... this is the only time fred has actually spit fire.

  37. Mort Fantôme

    @Hybr1dTh3r0y Stampede of the disco elephant

  38. cocho1

    Fuck Fred durst

  39. lizardlickslead

    Now thats the Math i get XD

  40. Dimantez Smith

    This shit is ILL as fuck! =]

  41. Cem

    @kitarajumala why be afraid? Its the bands you dig man, its cool!
    New LB album takes me back to 2000 again haha!

  42. brett15791

    @prcheco lol someone still likes limp bizkit huh?wigger

  43. Grant Thomson

    I didn't realize it was 2021

  44. Ollin Eo



    @Feresmanya ahora estoy en Bcn !! pero toda la vida en uru!

  46. Feresmanya

    @LEANDROURU gracias che.... saludos, tas viviendo en uruguay? o solamente naciste acá?

  47. Brandon Lam

    Cause its mutherfucking Wes Borland!!! Hahahahahaha


    uploadmirrors . com/download/17IYVLQP/18.Combat_Jazz.mp3

    es bueno ver a otro uruguayo escuchando buena musica!! bring it on!!

  49. Feresmanya

    Paa! ta re sarpada :O
    muy buena canción donde la consigo?

  50. Signo Nymous

    Limp Bizkit should do an entire album with Wu-Tang Clan... Fred Durst Wes Borland John Otto Sam Rivers Dj Lethal RZA GZA Method Man Raekwon Ghostface Killah Inspectah Deck U-God Masta Killa Mathematics all in the same building... it would be MAGIC... just good music! fuck all close-minded people! Peace!

  51. oasisexpat

    Why would you let a band member paint his face like thaT??/ douche

  52. brucenatelee

    @LangsoeStudios It's been a while when I've seen him with Method Man. Gonna have to watch it again. I knew nothing of lyricism when I was younger.

  53. brucenatelee

    Everybody used to hate on Fred. Never listened to him in the past, but did he always rap like this? This go SO hard! Straight hip hop too. Thought they only did nu and rap metal.

  54. shaunewilliam


  55. WaketheSheeple

    @Hybr1dTh3r0y haha, well we'll see, maybe if the band actually browsed the forums it would get noticed, hell its a free idea, if only for the band. HA/

  56. BigTerri9128

    Oh shit LB back! Its about damn time.... Dis track is FIRE!!

  57. John Alahaala

    Wes Borland is not a human

  58. 2009shadydawg

    @WaketheSheeple I READ THE STORY

  59. San'tay

    @andrewburton12345678 Fuck you

  60. JimmyKingster

    Middle Finger instead of this on the deluxe version? W-H-A-T T-H-E F-U-C-K, Freddy D?!

  61. Hybr1dTh3r0y

    @WaketheSheeple No problem. you got my vote for "Silver Mongoose" ;)

  62. WaketheSheeple

    @Hybr1dTh3r0y Yeah thank you. :D its suggested on the site forums so who knows. Just a fan of the bands music, any help I could offer is the least i could do after all they have done for me and not be even aware of.

  63. Necrumonger

    this special edition can only be in japan. wtf fred

  64. Hybr1dTh3r0y

    @WaketheSheeple to be honest it actually doesn't sound like a bad idea for their next album to be called :)

  65. WaketheSheeple

    Its just an idea i had when chatting in the Lb chat room, about the possible next LB CD release.

    Also from Rikki Tikki Tavi, a movie cartoon short.

  66. Hybr1dTh3r0y

    @WaketheSheeple Is it really gonna be called that or is it just an idea? (Silver Mongoose) :D

  67. WaketheSheeple

    yeah, i love Lb but its a mistake to not give out the tracks for fans. I can see though this making the second Cd that Fred has talked about. It would be nice.


  68. Josh Pierce

    too bad you can only find it in Japan...I want to get this song

  69. Hybr1dTh3r0y

    @XxSargeSlapAHOExX I agree with you there. I think it should be at least a 3 minute song lol

  70. dirtyrugz2

    raekwon the chef and fred durst making magic happen. love this song!

  71. Bonzel

    Holy shit Fred.. not bad... not bad at all

  72. Truth Hides

    @mrrondon101 according to wikipedia it's only on the japan deluxe version

  73. Dannykun91

    the raekwon part is some killing shit

  74. OutlawScumfuq

    This is much better than Middle Finger in my opinion, but still not as good as N 2 Gether Now xD haha, i like it though

  75. Hybr1dTh3r0y

    @Theaceofspadez1 lol that's right! :D

  76. blackkjackk1133

    The name of the uploader is worrying. :/

  77. markgodo

    @TheTupacShow n together from significant other

  78. Aron

    @mrrondon101 what's the 1st ?? i wanna listen to it !!

  79. Theaceofspadez1

    no dislikes the way it should be :)

  80. 49sfkid

    limp bizkit should do a collaboration cd with wu-tang like linkin park and jay-z did, only that would be a lot better. dope ass track

  81. Mohammed Akbar

    The beat is very Wu-Tang.

  82. Robert Tanner

    wow...2 good songs in a row... the Paul wall track was dope too

  83. IssMare

    anyone has this on flac?

  84. Pyke Manos


  85. AmericanGerman92

    @mickoin2 the song is on the deluxe edition exclusive in japan

  86. Pyke Manos

    i love it but this is not in the gold cobra album .. i have the deluxe edition wtf !!!!!

  87. juanowinternacht

    the last bonus track