Limp Bizkit - All That Easy Lyrics

In the clouds, all the grey
I'll stay if you go away
Concrete, tall as the sky
All the movement passing me by

And you blush, what a rush
Reminisce, cold crush
Next door, ear to the wind
All the tension made for the core

I wish, I wish,
I wish it was all that easy
I wish, I wish,
I wish it was all that easy

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Limp Bizkit All That Easy Comments
  1. Joshua Newman

    Pined it by
    Joshua styles was here


    Anyone knows what the lyrics mean ?

  3. Jennifer Walters

    is there a way I can download this to listen to it without being on youtube for it?

    Aaron Moten

    google youtube to mp3 converter

    True X

    Try to download on

    Su Simone

    Search foe free mp3 download on google .. There is a site of tgat name , or mp3 juices

  4. Angel Sapien

    This played the end of a lyric video for their song behind blue eyes and I spent years trying to find it. I found it once and then lost it again. Just found it again


    Haha wtf, exactly the same for me. I remembered it from like 10 years ago and finally found it from googling the lyrics!

    Lutzia La Bella

    i had mp3 of BBE with this end... and this is for the first time i find it.... It was long way but i did it :-D

  5. DangusPrime Gaming

    End of Boiler Hidden Track Like Cure For the Itch

    todd carter

    No it's not
    End of behind blue eyes before drown


    That's CSHFW Interlude ¬¬

    todd carter

    @ArmandVC1050 huh???


    @todd carter I was replying to the original comment. The "hidden track" at the end of Boiler is the CSHFW (Chocolate Starfish and the Hotdog Flavoured Water) Interlude. Not this

  6. Mohammed Zaki

    I love you him

  7. Mimi Sturges

    This man voice is sooo hot 🙄🔥

  8. TestSubject 15

    They really should’ve stuck with more of these ambient tracks. Best work.

  9. Nylon Python

    i always loved that they sampled The Mummers Dance for this.

  10. Man de Gaturiss

    Classic Interlude, in my 19 yrs i really think about Fred improvising after the Pink Floyd cover on 2001 and that chorus came one night haha

    The Bizkit is my band forever.

    Btw i invite you to check Limp Bizkit's Kenny Knows, you're gonna love it.

    Man de Gaturiss

    Summer of Bipolar Love

  11. Dave Gy


  12. Eray Dursun

    the piano in Kichaa M. ft. Stuty Maskey - Dum Maro Dum
    is the same with the one in this song

  13. Juan Cobain

    RAR 2009 / Intro Hot Dog /

  14. Poison_0038

    I can't believe people are thinking this is Chester Bennington. Fred Durst actually has a somewhat decent vocal range, and this is probably the best example of that. You can also clearly hear when he begins to sing the word "easy" that it gets deeper and rougher, clearly Fred Durst's voice.

    gg Badgg

    They have same vocal ranges Fred F2-F5, Chester G2-G5

  15. Jeanderson Silva

    Que som massa

    Romulo Damasceno

    Muito bom RMV melhor álbum

  16. National antheM

    LB.. the kings of hidden tracks 😁

  17. Adèle Zito

    behind blue eyes was like my first ever favorite song when I was like 6 god this makes me emotional now

  18. YazmanianDevil

    Sounds like Massive Attack and Chester Bennington. What a great little hidden track.

    Deanna L Condry-Trumpet


    Man de Gaturiss

    It's an Interlude, like the outro of the song, how old are you? Hehe im 19, Greetings from Puerto Rico and check on Youtube Limp Bizkit's Kenny Knows Compilation, you're gonna love it.


    Now I ve found myself an answer why I like this 🤘🏻

  19. Michael Meaux Jr

    I remember always waiting on behind blue eyes to end to hear this. Love the beat

    Arindom Chakraborty


  20. A Ray


  21. Diana Arash

    Simple song but it is a very cool song

  22. ShameToSmokeIt It's LikeKillingAUnicornWithABomb

    What? this isn't linkin park people.. lol. It's Limp motherfucken Bizkit!

  23. Zyzuś Tłuścioch

    Rest in Peace Chester, we will always remember You Angel.

    Helldog Harakiri live

    this is limp bizkit you idiot

    Gigi Edwards

    Not Chester it's Fred durst

    Nicholas Peterson

    @Cătălina Danciu no its not

    Pan Head LP Soldier

    Ok, I love Chester and I miss him, and I'm a bigger fan of Linkin Park, but even I know how to read "Limp Bizkit".


    RIP Fred Bennington

  24. Modern Warrior

    Omg 356 LIKES AND 0 DISLIKES! I don't think I've seen a better like to dislike ratio in quite a while!


    must... dislike.... nah i cant

  25. Dokamoto

    Rip Chester <3

    Alyssa Gonzalez

    Dokamoto this isn’t chester

    Cătălina Danciu

    Cătălina Danciu

    Think again

    Spit Fire

    your link doesnt prove shit, listen to other limp bizkit songs, he clearly can sing like this

  26. Spiralling Spiral

    ah the beautiful nostalgia of better times...

  27. Eminence

    I was looking for this song for forever. Searched on Limp Bizkit's youtube and even their vevo doesn't have this song.


    It is in the end of Behind Blue Eyes by Limp Bizkit


    It's not even on spotify, neither as a seperate song nor at the end of Behind Blue Eyes. Makes me wonder why...

  28. Devin Petersen

    I thought it was chester Bennington singing it the singer from linkin park

    Cătălina Danciu

    Devin Petersen

    Cătălina Danciu

    You were right, who else has that amazing voice?? 😖 so sad that he's gone now 😭


    +Cătălina Danciu :(


    +Cătălina Danciu 😟

    Brandon Larocque

    Its 100% not Chester, its Fred fucking Durst.

  29. Joe Butta

    zero dislikes :) I woke up to this playing in my head, my baby boy (dog) just past.... some say that's an angel singing to you.....thankyou Fred <3

  30. Mr Red

    Sounds like a non-edgy Linken Park


    Mr Red linken park tried copying limp bizkit *** lol

  31. IggyzWorld

    love the remix version the song is short but one of thier best

  32. Нубик В Кубе

    Тащусь )

  33. J R

    crisp & clear upload.

  34. Ryan Goodsell

    TY so much for making this, definatly one of my top 2 songs with a strong  piano/ keyboard sound in it ..very nice with lyrics also =) thx again

  35. Ryan Brancati

    next door, ear to the wall*