Lilly Wood & The Prick - Toi Lyrics

I fought back
Too loud
You've had enough
I've had enough, it seems like we're done
From now on
I will wake alone
I am not annoyed
I know myself and nobody else

You went too far
You've been bad
To take me in your arms
It won't make it last

You went too far
You've been bad
To take me in your arms
It won't make it last

I lick
My wounds
It's what I'm used to do
I'm getting good, I'm getting good
This tear
On your cheek
Is just a drop
In the ocean of the other boys

This thing
Is making me
Much stronger
Than I thought
I could be
I could be

This thing
Is making me
Much stronger
Than I thought
I could be
I could be

You went too far
You've been bad
To take me in your arms
It won't make it last

You went too far
You've been bad
To take me in your arms
It won't make it last

This thing
Is making me
Much stronger
Than I thought
I could be
I could be


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Lilly Wood & The Prick Toi Comments
  1. Toño Garcia

    So Robin Schulz is the one with no beard huh??.. Interesting...

  2. Pedroo

    Iago, me liga. Amor, pq vc n quer mais flr cmg? Oq eu fiz p vc ficar assim?

  3. Jorge Saldana

    That nice make-up remember me the day of the deads in Mexico

  4. Claire Louise

    This song makes me think of Paris ❤

  5. SeveryTi_ Prime

    Quien la escucha en 2020 en España?

  6. Jamesson Neves

    Nostalgia.... Soo many crazy nights in Berlin!!!

  7. Coconut Dreams

    Omg I forgot this existed, now everything is coming back

  8. Іван Кавалеў

    It's so cool and youth music video that I feel nostalgia, even though I never had any party like this.

  9. Clumsy Fish

    Trying to get a summerfeeling during winter

  10. Hyper .:DP:.

    2020 Anybody??? This song is pure bliss

  11. Kuba Skibicki

    Literally it was released in 2014. I thought about 2017 or something...

  12. esteysi ocon

    I this song la te gl in the mobile where I have saved the songs is part of my mobil the song xd

  13. Raymark Delacruz

    This is the song i've been looking for hahahahahahahahahaha finally!💖💖😍😍

  14. Chronic Insomnia

    i just spent 3 hours looking for this tune

  15. Chaosdidi_HD

    It is already 2020 and I still love this Song!!...

  16. Koby McCollum

    I just remembered this song holy shiiiiiiiit it used to be my favorite song as a kid. But the song is more true now than ever.

  17. JuanSee MM3

    Una de las mejores canciones del 2014, en el mejor año de mi vida (2014) waah que nostalgia me trae...

  18. Manoel Raimundo


  19. Aaron Sanders

    Years ago, after I wrecked a family and caused a woman to lose her kids and spiral back into addiction, I would get so faded out on beer, like 25+ beers, and pills, and weed, and basically whatever I could find, and just play this song over and over and over... 😣

  20. Настя Иванова

    Есть кто русский? 😀

  21. Rai Ariani Bintang


  22. Малика Топчуева

    кухня кто тут?🙂❤

  23. Đäřķ Łøřđ

    A Chatuba de Mesquita pega a mina de geral

  24. A.L. Suting

    I need that song with beautiful remix just like in Tomorrowland

  25. Кенси ッ

    oh my god, danila ty crazy

  26. DC Universe's Fan

    Who else in 2020 listening to this song?

  27. Sessiz Biri


  28. Jiselle Sharmaigne Quintao

    1. Lilly Wood & The Prick and Robin Schulz - Prayer in C (Robin Schulz Remix)
    2. MAMAMOO - Starry Night
    3. Alan Walker - Faded
    4. Punch - Stay with Me (feat. Chanyeol of EXO)
    5. Petit Biscuit - Sunset Lover
    6. Dua Lipa - Last Dance

    เมอร์สัน เวร่า

    1.👑 I Took A pill In Ibiza 1.2 Billions 👀 *4 years Song*

    2. OMI Cheerleader Remix 957M👀 *4 years Song*

    3. Tove Lo Habits (Stay High) 753M 👀 *5 years song*

    4. Dynoro & Gigi D'Agostino In My Mind 630M 👀 *1 year Song*

    5. Lilly Wood Robin Schulz Player In C 577M 👀

  29. Giorgia Mantakas

    My summer 2014 greece ♥️

  30. Mariya Kartasheva


  31. Влад Скрябин


  32. Minek Po1

    2:26 that would be a demonetize
    If not the fact its vevo :|

  33. Fira lyn

    Yeah feeling very nostalgic. 2014, the year that I entered college and depressed af. I found this song around 2015 and totally my favorite till now. And still depressed af.

  34. WhiteBook Present:

    Prayer In C (2020 version)

    Yeah, you said a lot of words
    But you didn't help at all
    Don't think I could forgive you
    See, our world is slowly dying
    I'm not wasting no more time
    Don't think I could believe you

    Yeah, the forests will burn
    And the animals will die
    Don't think I could forgive you
    And see the wars are starting
    And so starts the death of the sea
    Don't think they could forgive you

    Hey, when nukes will cover lands
    And when ozone layer will be no more
    Don't think you can forgive you
    Yeah, when there'll just be silence
    And when life will be over
    Don't think you will forgive you

  35. A B

    Been looking for this song for a minute and finally found it

  36. Zz Kannemann zZ

    Cadê os brazukas em 2020?

  37. Faith Official

    Starry night

  38. sergio echeverry

    Aquí esta el comentario español que estabas buscando

  39. The Channel

    You're a legend if you are listening in 2020

    TheMetalGuy Rokks

    And ur a fkn idiot. In 2020.


    Shut up you fucking stupid dickhead and fuck off

  40. victor hugo

    Salve 2020

  41. slime naty

    Goood ❤️❤️❤️😍

  42. ChiaraElena

    Am I the only one listening to the lyrics and not thinking "Wow, that was my party jam in 2014"?

  43. Baiano gamer

    Bons tempos antigamente as músicas eram mais animadas

  44. Jonatas Ribeiro


  45. Ismail Barka

    Just enjoy the song, no one cares about what month or year you’re listening to it in

  46. Carmen Quispe

    La paraba escuchando en los supermercados o tiendas comerciales 😅😅😅😙👌

  47. Rishabh乡1705

    Reminds me of coco

  48. Ángel Munguía .C


  49. Silvi RHLM

    escuchando 2020

  50. Fernando Islas

    Who, 2020!?

    TheMetalGuy Rokks

    You are a fkn idiot in 2020.

  51. Guilherme Santana Wilhelm

    Algum brasileiro ou Latino ?🇧🇷

  52. Sofía AG

    My childhood
    ok I'll try not to cry 😣
    Listening in 2k20... 🎶

  53. AlanGLPL :D

    De que mujer es el trasero de 2:32 ?

  54. SikiMusicLdn

    This Track sound Like #ThisIslove Of Mike Klaw

  55. 蘋果薄荷

    The boys are very handsome.

  56. Māris

    This song is holding such good memories of summer 2014 I wish I had again.

  57. I'm not trynna be rude, okay?

    i came back to this cuz it sounded like starry night mamamoo

  58. PHOENIX Clips__

    This song tells the truth and a good message.

  59. Thành cuội Vlogs

    Cho tôi thấy cánh tay của các bn VIỆT NAM

  60. Ian Gacek

    I first heard this song in a coffee shop in Amsterdam when I was visiting with a girl that had my heart. It was so loud, I had to use Shazam and held it in the air to see if it could identify the song because the vibe was so good. This song always reminds me of a time that was good.

    Deniz Yilmaz

    I think most men know this story. Thinking of a girl now gone wondering what life would have been like if she stayed.

  61. Yuri Campos

    But wait ... Did he stay with the girl?

    Oral Sinner

    who cares

  62. Камил Байрамов

    Original version better

    Oral Sinner

    fuck off 😙

  63. Ant Man

    Don’t think I will leave them behind..

  64. Não tenho samba no pé

    Chatuba de Mesquita remix e mto melhor

  65. Giulia Domingo

    6 mesi per trovare sta fottuta canzone

    Francesco Ancillotti

    Come fai a non ricordarla? Quanti anni avevi nel 2014?

  66. David zvezda

    Let me guess

    You are a human

    ХАЙП Production

    Wow how u know that?

    Sofía AG

    I'm an alien such as Jesus Christ 👽

    alyssa squiggles

    I am no, I am yes, I am the undecided, I am human;-;

  67. Gacha Moonlight

    Search "Mamamoo Starry Night" and you'll see that the beginning sounds almost the same 😍

  68. Gurkmaj0näs

    This feels nostalgic and makes me remember memories I never had

    Jonathan S.

    Gurkmaj0näs you copied the top comment word for word


    @Jonathan S. Yes and lol?!?!??!

  69. u got no jams :D

    I'm here bc of mamamoo starry night lol

  70. Andrew MERCHAN

    We outk ast Eddie Cervantes an I got to many yo lungs U only a birdp

  71. Andrew MERCHAN

    Immortal no ande U in my seat

  72. stevecw79

    This song is life, love it so much!!!

  73. Maria Luisa

    E os cara da minha sala que colocaram essa música no alto falante na hora da palestra sobre suicídio 😂😂😂

  74. Matheus Gomes

    Atenção chegou Chatuba, hein

  75. Yana_love Love


  76. Johan Verest

    This is my favourite song now (If you listen to this is 2020, i wish you a year full of luck, happiness and friends and a lot of smiles 🥳)

  77. Munchkiin

    This song 2014: "Are world is slowing dying"
    Me in 2020: This song has predicted the future!


    Dyllon Ford Global Warming has also gotten worse 😨

    Dyllon Ford

    @Munchkiin ye ik 🥵😥

    I Make Playlists

    If you still have hope for the world, plant trees. Even if you're tired after a long day at work. Go to a garden centre one weekend, get some pots, compost and seeds, and put them all near each other in your garden. Then when you come home, all you have to do is fill the pot with soil, make a hole in it with your finger, drop a seed in, cover it up and water it every now and then. Then when it's grown enough, you can relocate it to the countryside. It might not make a massive difference, but it will make a difference. And what have we got to lose at this point? We the public need to stop waiting for governments to do shit- because they won't- and take matters into our own hands.

    Shanna Robertson

    Munchkiin I think everyone predicted that.

  78. Maxi Ldan

    Halloween is STIUPID!

  79. Omar Espinosa

    This song remembers me a summer I spend in ottawa where I met a lot of friends I had so much memories from there:,)

  80. JL Luna

    Anyone here in Jan 1, 2020!! :O

    unknown 1


  81. MrDarkTides

    See the World now.

  82. Daniel Arana

    like si lo escuchas en el 2020
    like if you hear it in 2020

    Oral Sinner

    Like se você ouve em 2020 😙

  83. Арсен Тохтаров

    Ищу русские коменты😂
    P.S. специально для тебя оставил 👊

  84. Vitalik Drach

    congratulations for those who finally found this song in 2020

  85. DarK Day

    Eu tinha que vim ver essa de novo 🇧🇷♥️

  86. ilynca isc


  87. anonymous1hahaa

    i start 2020 with this feeling! make it last on into the next!

  88. Aaryan Vadaria


    Literally nobody:

    Me: tHoSe WhO aRe WaTcHiNg iN 2020 LiKe

    Marcílio Aron

    @marecos143 I

    John Doe

    Oh come on with this man.

    Brasil Tube

    Salve brasil

    Marcílio Aron

    @Brasil Tube WTF kkksksksks Salve, nunca esperaria... Nunca

  89. Gabriela Quintana

    My first song in 2020 :D

  90. Robin Schulz

    Check out the official music video for my new single #AllThisLove ft. Harlœ! 👉 😉

    Hani See

    plagiarism of song

    Lil Benz

    So I guess we just pray like the minister say,

    Allāhu Akbar
    And throw 'em some hot cars,
    The things we see on the screen that's not ours,
    But these niggas from the hood so these dreams not far🤔

    Sebastians Wien

    In your eyes ist einfach ein guter Track