Lil Yachty - Love Me Forever Lyrics

Hit 'em with the jab
Buddah Bless this beat

Love me today
Love me forever
Ride with me, bae
Ridin' forever
Love me today
Love me forever
Love me to day, love me today, love me today
Love me forever
Ride with me, bae
Ridin' forever
Love me today, love me today
Will you love me today?
Love me forever

What type of time you want?
Make you fall in love by the time you gone
I'm not tryna play wit' you, baby, I'm too grown
Gettin' too much guap
Put diamonds in your watch
Baby girl, you look good in that hotel top
Drop the top on the coupe and do donuts in the lot
Hold it down for me
Baby, watch my back, these niggas plottin' on me
Both of us are bosses, that's why you ride with me

Love me today
Love me forever
Ride with me, bae
Ridin' forever
Love me to today
Love me forever
Love me to today, love me to today, love me to today
Love me forever
Ride with me, bae
Ridin' forever
Love me today, love me today
Will you love me today?
Love me forever

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Lil Yachty Love Me Forever Comments
  1. Hannes Märtin

    Listening to this song makes me wanna smoke all the weed in the world

    Jonathan Rodriguez

    Hannes Märtin Facts ! Nun but good vibes

  2. Turboo 264

    I see Pierre Bourne on this beat

  3. IFinessedYaClout _

    Im still here


    Damn I miss lil boat

  5. Jalise Neal

    shit fire this is my favorite song ever

  6. Anthony Adame

    Who still listening 2019 July 23 10:46pm California, El Monte????

  7. Crystal Kendall

    Lil boat2^ she ready

  8. Jasmine Jones

    My favorite song💯

  9. Jordan Mitchell

    song underrated

  10. Betty Ruan

    this gonna be my wedding song.

  11. mia

    this song is lowkey underrated

  12. Kakashiii


  13. courtx _OTP

    i miss the old yachty

  14. Mawrt

    2 more verses and this song would be perfect

  15. Explorer Wraith

    Love me forever. ✨

  16. Jordan Cofey

    im addicted.

  17. DSE TreyGangTV

    Keep singing yacthy

  18. David Bungau

    I think motorheads love me forever is better

  19. Zebadiah Singleton


  20. Emanuel 157

    Pena que é pequena a música

  21. 金 TRVPCVRTΣL 金

    Love Me 4Ever ❤

  22. Marie Richardson

    Love me forever

  23. Robert


  24. Real Talk

    The shortest fuckin songs are all on this album smh damn give us at least 2:30 a piece

  25. Mike Golden


  26. XO2Playzz

    Why soooo short?

  27. Trippy Immortal

    Catchy as a MF damn 😂💯

  28. Muro308

    love you today!

  29. la winner

    When he says too much guap i always say condom in my sock after

  30. Too short smh

  31. Nyla Fuller

    That’s my bae singing to meeee‼️😭😘

  32. ulysses886

    Lil yachty’s love is way better than Travis Scott and Kylie’s relationship

  33. Alfreda Stewart

    I will I promise

  34. thatkidddan

    Lil Boat 2 >>>>> Lil Boat 1 dont @ me

  35. T brown

    I stg I hate this song only 1:45 Sec 😡😪

  36. Michael Gray

    Dis is a beautiful song to play soon as you wake up, show me ya moves 🤔😉😊 love me today, love me forever

  37. Nyla Fuller

    Love me forever 😍🤟🏾

  38. Jaziah Martell


  39. Wesley Patterson

    They needa quit sleeping on this song💯

  40. Angelz May

    This is fire

  41. Angelz May

    This song was made on my twin baby brothers birthday


    Angelz May that’s nice. My birthday was on June 11th :)

  42. thatkidddan

    Lil boat 2 > Teenage Emotions

  43. Jessica Wergeland

    Love this song

  44. Lee John

    Im still here

  45. silian

    Love me forever

  46. 300.Gucci Gang

    Sound like a lil skies song

  47. kiara thompson

    king boat

  48. White_Smoke_G

    The beat is litt

  49. Beamer Boy

    Dex should of been on this

  50. Destiny James


  51. Brianalove Harrisonann


  52. XoticPanda

    Yes! "Love me forever"

  53. Sean Jackson

    Not a fan at all but this joint 🔥🔥🔥

  54. Jordan Doakes

    so inlove w/ him!

  55. Pako Valentino

    Lil boat back

  56. Deshawn Stevenson

    Sounds like my shit

  57. kxndai .m

    This song is slept on

  58. Nightowl

    Love me today love me forever. Bop

  59. Nicholas Villarreal

    I get so blazed to this song haha

  60. Lil Bermuda

    And you should sing more!!

  61. Lil Bermuda

    Add an extra 2 minutes to this lil boat!!!

  62. Davier McKay

    Boat = Goat 🔥

  63. a_dark_sky

    *LøVé Mè FöRêVeR*

  64. jeff orellana

    love me today

  65. kingrazor breezy

    Can't sing one fuck...!!

  66. Curvalo

    Nigga I'm high af on some shit like "why the picture movin😭😩"

  67. Jacob Espinoza

    So lit$$$$

  68. Jaidaaa James

    this song lit

  69. dropzone dropzone

    This is a hit make it longer the women and kids will love this shit... unless you ain't got it in you peace fam

  70. FlyBoyTwann

    i play this song back to back!

  71. cocomonroe101

    You honestly put how u feel in a song and you just want somebody to love you at the end of the day love is a beautiful thing especially wen that person really rides not wen u up but wen u down aye my nigga we looking for the same thang 🙏💋

  72. Benas Ulevičius

    That hook is FIREEEEE!

  73. Gerele Pano

    Song hella cold

  74. Thomas potts


  75. des - tuh - knee

    this is my shower song i get so hype bruhhhhhhh

  76. Bibek Mgr

    It should be longer

  77. Daina Montana

    Lil boat

  78. Kiante Davis


  79. toteweapons

    red roses

  80. Greg Bassett


  81. Brandon Gammon

    So melodic, a stand out track on lil boat 2

  82. Perm Linder

    Shit tough🔥🔥

  83. a_dark_sky

    *Beat So Calm🔥*

  84. 金 TRVPCVRTΣL 金

    Love Me 4 Eva 🔥❤🔥

  85. Ryan Football

    Honestly I love the vibe to this song

  86. Marcus Warren

    This that smoking get high music

  87. Aishah Owens

    Love me forever😍😍😍

  88. Brittany Valentino

    Who ever did these beats for his whole album is sweet

  89. Mitchell Davis

    wish this was longer, so melllllllllow

  90. Mr. Anime

    I'm sorry when that piano played at the beginning had to like it

  91. Tyresegp

    I keep getting love vibes from this

  92. YoungboyAO


  93. Dwight Gray

    This is the yatchi I like

  94. 4 L

    *Red Roses.*

  95. AGGRESSIVE Unknown

    This so soothing🔥💦💦💯💎💸💸

  96. 2spooky 4u

    lo key best song on this album

  97. Dybo Gaming

    i dont know what y'all see in this shit it's so trash