Lil Xan - Not The Same Lyrics

Life's just not the same, yeah, ay
Life's just not the same
Kinfolk Jon

Life's just not the same, yeah, ay
Girls don't act the same, yeah, ay
I really hate the fame, yeah
I said I really hate the fame, yeah, ay, yeah, ay

I'm stuck in outer-space
My heart feel outta place
My body outta shape
My home feel outta place
I fucked them old [?]
I know you made some new ones
I started making demons
And triple-6 my team shit
Xanarchy or ecstacy, yeah
I'm the president, yeah (prra)
And when I put a bullet in my head
It's straight to heaven bitch

Life's just not the same
Girls don't act the same
I really hate the fame
I really hate the fame
And life's just not the same
And girls don't act the same
I really hate the fame
I really hate the fame

Out the booth

As far as what, like, people change?
Everybody changes, you know what I mean?
Ask any rapper, man, you start getting a little bit of fame, money, people start acting different
I-we've had to cut half of the people we used to fuck with off because they became weirdos, or they expected some shit from us
It's like a bitter-sweet thing with this rap shit

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Lil Xan Not The Same Comments
  1. HebertyXL

    Like quem fala português

  2. Bonoro libera as rinha de Galo

    BR aeeeeeeeeeee

  3. 1400 Bands

    I really want this Diego

  4. paola adamas

    some thing brrrrrrr nrhejsusgahajaiiwwh blah
    Life is not the same yeah yeah ay
    Girls are not the same
    Yeah it really ain’t the game
    I said krjwuwhsbsjw
    I’m stuck in out of space
    My heart is out of place
    My body outta shape my home feel out if

  5. Lil Lip

    Lil xan Sharingan

  6. bryne maphosa

    🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🔥🔥 XANARCHY

  7. Mauricio Abarca


  8. Kikito Gaming

    Quien 2032??

  9. Shawn Ballot

    Who's he talkimg about?

  10. Lil Zeffrey OfficialMusic


  11. Peaches _

    The music industry destroys people, if you listen to the lyrics in any of his music you can tell the fame isnt worth shit and it doesnt make the artist happy. Regardless i love the music and ill continue to support Diego throughout his career 💛

  12. sir cadwell

    This song is actually good

  13. Anahi Garcia

    This slaps ❤️

  14. GølD GhøsT


  15. *xime* *kawaii*


  16. gonza atr # 1 gg

    Alto style

  17. Xan Giuli

    Italy 🇮🇹?

  18. Redacted

    Just stop making rap music. You suck

  19. Martha Pedroso


  20. Morty

    *BR CARALHO 🇧🇷 **#xanarchy**💔*


    Estos Manes comentando Brasil ya me los tienen es pelado


    only cry :v brrrr

  22. TGG Viper bitez

    Xan is fire🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  23. Y0ni PT


  24. katie


  25. Arturo Nunez


  26. Samuel Smith

    Low-key got that lil Wayne voice, not his style in music but same rasp

  27. Aris Dgh


  28. Tomatensohn

    Lil Xan - Slingshot
    0:00 ●━━━━━━─────── 1:30

  29. JEY XAN


  30. Thomas Cristopher Urra Catrihual

    Chile ? :v


    S H I T!!!!!

  32. Jamilly carreira

    Aqui e Lil Xana porraaaaa ❤ 🇧🇷

  33. Exodus •

    I love lil trash.

  34. Exodus •

    Ey. Yaaa eeyy eeey yeaa..
    R u ejaculated or something ?

    This trash 🐷

  35. Lyam Guzman

    *uSsR aNyOnE?*

  36. Emily Victoria

    LIL XAN : a

  37. ExirpluZz

    Te AMO😍🇲🇽

  38. Thais 613


  39. Troy Orcutt

    Wish this shit was longer, got it on repeat.

  40. Karabas


  41. YLG Glizzy

    He's really hurting man and I wish I could help him

  42. Tony Justiniano


  43. XeiXtive

    I love you

  44. Robin Rupert


  45. gabriel diaz

    oh ayy snap

  46. Lachyyz


    Andrea Eilish

    Ne isso^-^

  47. DED SEC

    CANADA 🇨🇦

  48. martina v


  49. kayla bye

    LITTTT ilysm🔥💙

  50. Joanne Beatty

    would live if he would come to Ireland xxxx

  51. Memeskii


  52. JULA

    Lil Xan I love u

  53. Khudzaifah Abhirama

    Tf is this..??

  54. Steven Bake

    They are new artists and show talent, they are friends look at it to see if they like it

  55. Purple Dank Lady

    Pretty chill ass song

  56. AdNO

    i thought lil xan was more famous, didnt know he had only 1 mil

  57. ElRuiiz


  58. naveed khan

    Totally auto tune now this type of mother fuckers disrespecting legends😡

  59. TurtlesOnCrack

    You know what? Lil Xan's alright. I'm writing a song, a freestyle type thing, I diss mumble rappers quite a bit in it and I decided to research Lil Xan so I could get some bars on him... but he's actually pretty good. I thought his music was as cancerous as Lil Pump's, but I can see he actually cares about what he does. And, he actually doesn't just do the cancer mumble rap shit, he's got talent. There's a lot behind what he does. The reason for his name is pretty fucked up, but he seems like a nice individual and I respect him. The music's not for me, but i respect it. It's a lot better than Lil Pump lol.

  60. Rachel Fox

    This is so bad.. wow

  61. fabian sandoval


  62. Diego Leon

    Diego I love you Lil xan



  64. kevin lara

    alguien de colombia
    pd buena song

  65. 01000111 01000111


  66. Jacob thomas

    :o i love it

  67. Nekomancer

    Honestly, a lot of "SoundCloud" rappers fucking suck. So I've been avoiding this dood because his name and the label. But I came in disliking him, but his music is pretty good. SixNine I thought was fucking idiotic, his music sucked, his meaning sucked; his aesthetic sucked because he overall sucked. But this dood I'll actually say I like and listen to.

  68. unagata sindueño

    i love youuu

  69. Alex Davies

    This beat sounds like what rolling on ecstacy feels like

  70. Lonewolf Vicious


  71. Jasmine Raven

    Diegoooo.. Xanarchy Nation. Love you dude.

  72. Bullseye is Bae

    💔 X A N A R C H Y💔

  73. Deleonbro

    He got that from superduperkyle not the same

  74. zabijsie

    *T O T A L X A N A R C H Y*

  75. The ATX

    Tupac was and is boring.

  76. Diego

    I Love my fans

  77. Juan Esteban Barragan Rojas


  78. Troy Orcutt

    Fav song

  79. Gamerzueira br

    I love you

  80. Anaa Clara

    *Brasil :3*

  81. Christian Rodríguez

    I’m just waiting for him to put it in Spotify

  82. Giovani Matheus

    Like *Brasil* 🔰

  83. CheX Shocka

    What’s up with some many people talking about Brazil?

  84. MéLioDaas


  85. flaniboss 69

    Muble shit it's trash

  86. Lil Haterx

    Who else loves Diego to death?😍

  87. hehe boi

    Lil xan is so underrated

  88. Gustavo Rodrigues dos Santos

    WTF Bro where is the real Lil Xan ?