Lil' Wyte - One Lil Pill Lyrics

Yeah what up its your boy Lil Wyte its goin down like always I like Xanex bars everybody does,
a lot of parents give me a lot of shit
Talkin' bout I'm a bad influence that's okay I can be that
That's what I do bitch you know what I'm sayin you probably got more drugs and more pills then I do ya kids ain't watchin' me,
they listenin' to me, but they watchin' you muthafucka they watchin' you

[Chorus 2x]
One lil pill you can break down into fo's
(One) One lil pill you can break down into fo's
One lil pill you can break down into fo's
Guaranteed when mixed with liquor it gon' have you on the flo'

[Verse 1]
I just popped half a Xanex hoe
11 o'clock in the morning I'm ready to go
Just bought me some dro threw on some clothes and stepped out the do'
Hopped in my Tahoe and full speed to the liquor store
And if ya with me you gonna have to hit the weed too
Pop these drink this and really get with me too
See I hate being the only one at a party fallin down
That's why I try to get your ass fucked up as I am and on the ground
I know I'm controversial and called an addict and an alcoholic
And that I'm the reason that your kids probably won't make it into college
But the truth is you got syrup in your medicine cabinet hidin
All they gotta do is go into your bathroom and try to find 'em

[Chorus 2x]

[Verse 2]
Hey kids got anxiety don't panic
Two of these will have you floatin like you know you're on another planet
You know you wanna try it you easily persuaded
If peer pressures a bitch Lil Wyte must be Satan
And I'm a monster when I'm on bars
Should've called a cab an hour and a half ago
Instead I popped a Taft
Gotta keep goin gotta keep pushin to my destination
If I'm lucky this Lori will keep me up in order to make it
And I'm sippin purp swervin on the interstate swangin
15's in the back got that Chevy thang bangin
I'm a professional children don't try these at home
But what can I say at 16 I thought that I was mutherfuckin grown

[Chorus 2x]

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Lil' Wyte One Lil Pill Comments
  1. mighty mouse UFL

  2. Terry Grissom

    I fuckin hate pills but this shit is so fuckin sick!!

  3. Chris Coleman

    OC 80 this morning

  4. Kennif

    90 2mg bars 3 days later where'd my meds go haha I was just did 6 days in a facility and gonna stay clean for my babies I'm a totally different person not tying to preach cause I feel dumb for braggin

  5. the dude

    lil wyte said he almost died 80mg oxycontin and always raps about popping pills hahaha but good songs still

  6. Og Lil Chris MurdaVille Kentucky321

    Go check out badazz yella in my zone

  7. Jeff Riesland

    This beat could be dope to write too

  8. navon ballesteros

    It easy to get prescription xanax just tell your doc you got a stupid anxiety yourwelcome

  9. Chase Leim

    i still prefer aderal and morphine

    Alejandro De La Torre

    xans hydrocodone and soma :p

  10. Jesse Costa

    Currently on 80mg of oxy IR 1mg of klonopin and 700mg of soma. Feeling great 😎

    Canyon Crooker

    Jesse Costa your a lucky fucker lol i got ripped off mine and cant fond shit ever. Its its depressing and life altering.

    Jamie George

    Jesse Costa how the Fuck do u feel 1mg of klonopin :/ no offence at all I have Mayes that can still feel a 5mg valium, I can take no joke 100+ 2mg and wouldn't feel a thinf . I got slow release hydrocodoje for a broken back.
    Instant release ?! Are they even in aus ? Not asking for rec, my backs Fucked

  11. Ted Harski

    lmao all these kids saying they Poppin percs and xans and shit while I'm sitting on 2 ozs of insane black and 2 ozs of pure Yola cream and blank bars that are bomb two jara of em.and six jars of zanax2s and fake mboxs that are really 50mg fetnayl and 50mg oxy

    faythe darderian

    Ok first off 50 mg of fentanyl would kill someone not to mention mixing both in a pill is pointless since get overpowers almost any opioid oxycodone is child's play

  12. Jason Huitt

    Xanax, methadone, Percocet , Adderall ,fieorect

  13. J. A.

    fuck I wanna be his friend I spend at least 30000 a year on pills and idk even how much on alcohol.

    J. A.

    Edaw'Nahflawgan Ettecuaf'Mugwlin I was prescribed it for sleep, if I run out I order etizolam (if you don't know about this I'm about to change your world man) its an rc benzo (not scheduled) I know a very good site you can order it from (not illegal like I was saying)

    *Yvette* Is my Herione

    Also I had my Kratom specially made for me- I asked the dude to mix it with 1/4 raw morphine every 2 ounces and he would do that and it was so fucking nice and strong man. I asked him to send the raw morphine but he couldn't unless it was cut heavy with Kratom which sucked but that was 5 fun ass years of eating like 6 grams a day twice a day and buying cheap but the best and pure of Kratom cut with morphine and sometimes opium but grinded up powder opium which was amazing man. Was sleep walking all day and in a beautiful dream every day for soooo long- the morphine cut shit would knock me on my ass and make me nod for hours then I would redose and get even more fucked up. I OD on it like 4-6 times total man and the kratom at stores are so shitty and so much money too and the last time I tried kratom it gave me a horrid seizure man so bad I could have died so I never will buy any fucking kratom every again unless I get my old hook up. Which I highly doubt will ever come true, Idk what happened to them and what not but maybe one day man I hope It could save me like no shit save me.

    Eric Emmett

    Edaw'Nahflawgan Ettecuaf'Mugwlin I love Kratom

    Jesse Costa

    A liver transplant is much more than 30k... jussayin.

  14. Dulac,la parfait

    I like zanex bars..everybody does

    Og Lil Chris MurdaVille Kentucky321

    Go check ok yella xanx

    Lukasz Czerniak

    lovely stuff

  15. Asa Bucannon

    Just go with heroin and call it a day

  16. Megan Vickson

    I'm allergic to xanex everytime I pop one I break out in handcuffs

    richie mccarthy

    Megan Vickson lol fact

    Dulac,la parfait

    Megan Vickson bad for u

    Young just30

    Megan Vickson u and I both

    Will S

    Called a duck you fly south but dont live here

  17. sebastian tenorio

    or Meth and acid

    *Yvette* Is my Herione

    meth is weird for me made me feel like I was on pain killers.

  18. sebastian tenorio

    Xanax and klonopin or hydrocodone and oxy codone


    maaaaan i love me some xannies and some oxy i hvent tried k-pins thoo how are they????

    Obscure Media

    flex28 unpredictable but more muscle relaxation

    *Yvette* Is my Herione

    weak but help with sleep and if you dont got xanax it helps with that.

    Jamie George

    Their actually the aquivelant of 10mg of valium STRONGER then a xanaz and last 24-48. Popped 60 once being dumb and couldn't leave my mates house for 7 days .
    I get 2x 80mg hydrocodoje for my back and 3x Xanax and self prescribe 4 2mg klon/ Clonazepam a day aand trust me tolerance builds quick , I havent felt rec effects in years

  19. Jacob Wheeler

    Percocets and oxycodone

  20. fluffeh fox

    i wonder if he would like mxe or pcp

    Uniqua Walker

    fluffeh fox pCP terrible drug I almost kill somebody on it


    Junky shit.. No he won't do it

    Ben Hailey

    fluffeh fox mxe was the heat, miss tf out of it

  21. Laurie Usher

    Word were it's at is suboxone, klonipins,Xanax bars footballs,I'm upgraded to better drugs opanas, somas,valium....patches and tabs don't do shit to me anymore....but 10kpinz 10xany barz and two suboxone s do....God I'm fucked in the head ohh almost forgot ambian

  22. Michael E

    there are legal substitutes :)

    Michael E

    +Michael E  like Etizolam/ Clonazolam

  23. Christian Giap

    Greatfull because I live 25 minutes from the border

  24. Dustin Ashby

    Wish i could get bars around here as of late, havent seen em in awhile, fentanyl patches is where its at to mix with em ;-)

  25. Stan Mankey

    Lil Wyte is motivation in my life. Take how u like thats how it is!     

  26. Kristell Gonzalez

    Been bumping this last  three days.. luv this song!!!

  27. Kief Stone

    Percocets and kolanipin

    Oxycontyn Cowboy


    Oxycontyn Cowboy


    Jesse Costa

    Oxycontyn Cowboy careful
    With that shit. Opes and benzos are srs business

    Bobby Dickenbags

    Kief Stone Klonopin*

    Sairi Mystic

    klon makes me -lights on but no one is home-

  28. Lenard S

    the intro is funny

  29. Arthur Brown

    oxys are pretty small too :)

  30. C DUB

    1 credit card, 1 pill, turnt powder... where its at.

  31. korn bread

    if u gonna hate hit the road this man go's so hard on his music

  32. karim carson

    g style

  33. David Oles

    Xanax TOTE dumbass, its short for totem pole

  34. Richard Tipton

    I just popped half a Xanex hoe
    11 o'clock in the morning I'm ready to go
    Just bought me some dro threw on some clothes and stepped out the do'
    Hopped in my Tahoe and full speed to the liquor store
    And if ya with me you gonna have to hit the weed too
    Pop these drink this and really get with me too
    See I hate being the only one at a party fallin down
    That's why I try to get your ass fucked up as I am and on the ground
    I know I'm controversial and called an addict and an alcoholic

  35. Lance H

    1 person has never had xanax

  36. william brown

    that dude is just a angry little kid ignore him

  37. agbrenv

    i'll ignore that due to the fact that you have problems in your head and because you're just learning how to type

  38. mrdeathcore66

    shut up man ur gay nd ugly nd the cops r getting u for being gay homoohmohohmohmohmohmohmo

  39. agbrenv

    well, fuck that stupid hater, anyway it doesn't change the fact that 2 weeks ago it didn't have dislikes

  40. David Oles

    had to be the first douche huh

  41. David Oles

    you had to say something

  42. POP

    dick -_-

  43. agbrenv

    wow first video with a rather high amount of views not to have a single dislike

  44. mrdeathcore66

    fucking dumbass............

  45. mastima

    benzos will definitely help you there homie

  46. Kyle Poole

    bro if you do 2 bars and you dont get any effects your delin with some
    weak ass shit bru.. 2 yellow bars 2mgs will have you sittin on the fuckin couch
    refusin to move

    Backwoods Wildboy

    Used to take 3 green bars and chug a 4 loko. Didnt wanna move the next day

  47. C.J. T

    @mrdeathcore66 Your ignorance speaks for itself.

  48. mrdeathcore66

    @LazyNDaCrazyDayz shut up moron nd delete ur youtub cuz ur a dumb bitch

  49. mrdeathcore66

    eveyrone commentin on this r all pussis juss shut up nd listen too the song youtube faggs '

  50. Nick Bammert

    I hate when people try to argue with you when you tell them the yellow bars are NOT time released... it depends what pharm you go to and which brands they have...the time release xanax dont come in bar form, ya know? they either round pills or if they are name brand they are a triangle from what i remember. I got a script for real anxiety disorder...can't say i don't like the buzz though...bars will have me chain smokin weed like cigarettes.

  51. ryanh1986

    Wow buddy a DNS server.. You're bragging and trying to increase your credibility over something my grandma does with a shitty ass cable modem. Faggot...

  52. somejarhead


  53. somejarhead

    @Ryan42544 your fucking stupid dipshit stop talking about ips i run a dns server and i host 6 websites form my house any real good computer user knows how to set all that shit up so i really live in china not the united states

  54. bigjonjon2005

    sounds like someone cant handle their pills and you can take 10 just depends on ur tolerance cause i know some people that go threw scrips a day

  55. J. A.

    damn this reminds me of the time i popped 5 2mg klonopins and got drunk hah tried to walk and fell flat on my face



  57. Alex Smith

    Thats what i do bitch one lil pill you can break down into 4's guaranteed mixed with liquor gone have you on the floor Lil wyte be goin hard as fuck i hate bein the only one at the party fallin down

  58. BillsMafia2514

    thats ok i can be that thats what i do BITCH

  59. KrazyJATL420


  60. TheIntrovert83

    @johnwarnstaff2003 i was thinking the same shit! who the fuck breaks down the bars? lol

  61. TheIntrovert83

    try Seroquel. Thats all you need is one little Seroquel and you will be fucked up!

  62. fore54k3n

    @johnwarnstaff2003 wastin money the availability is much more efficient wen snorted not as much as shooting but i dun like needles so i was stuck with the nose effect haha

  63. Kala Lindsey

    man bars are the shit but i quit poppin a while back . i was hooked on vicodin-hydrocodone 750s. takin 6 of those bitches every morning but them i wanted stronger so i didnt even count i took like 7 or 8 1 mg clozapine which is what u may kno it as clodapine . and man i was fucked up for almost a week i was like a fuckin zombie i dont even remember shit. ima be honest im 16 and i took them at skool and my girls got a pic of me doped up on them with my hair in a mohawk of pigtails

  64. wario7414

    @FoMiBa you can't roll my blunt lol

  65. citalopram40mg

    @johnwarnstaff2003 better of iv'n your shit man makles it worth your while

  66. sneakapeek26

    @69kein sub strips work better

  67. William Campbell

    He's talking abou SUBOXONE junior. FTW.

  68. SmokinChiva

    @Justsmoke42O YELLOW LADDERS. oxys are 100 times better though anyway.

  69. Parker Oviedo

    i love how yall think you're so cool cause of how much oxy you can slam without nodding off
    like is nodding off what youre supposed to do?
    fuckin drug addict losers man
    fuck yall
    why you think rappers talk about drugs
    yea.. they party
    but its cause you ignorant fucks will ACTUALLY do all the drugs while you listen
    ahhh, using the weaknesses of the masses to stack cheddar
    thats whussup
    wyte's the shiittt

  70. Jesse Drewes

    LMAO. Weed is not a drug! haha. and aint no cop gunna take his time to bust someone over youtube, or any other shared site! so u know what u talkin bout. thats wats up! ha. id smoke exactly 28 1g blunts and make 28 videos and they still wont bust me. cops dont give a shit. ha. well here anywayz they dont. but yea whoever said will the cops come knockin down his door is fuckin dumb as shit. if he has a brain. at all. its not very big... ha.

  71. ezramcmahon

    @LazyNDaCrazyDayz word, i got pics on fb of me burning mad trees and i dont have any piggys knockin at my door lol

  72. Chase Williams

    @Justsmoke42O no shit yo haha

  73. spinNspiral

    bars aint got shit on oc's

  74. spinNspiral

    I wanna look like you!

  75. spinNspiral

    fuck yeah. this my shit.

  76. Junkyard Kids

    @xFAZZx Oh yea because shit loads of people go on to youtube saying they have kilos of coke at their house. Do you honestly think going on to a youtube video saying "I sell weed" is going to land you in jail?

  77. Junkyard Kids

    @xFAZZx You really are fucking retarded. People do illegal shit all the time on the internet. I pirate movies, music, games, programs, etc. I've been doing it for fucking years. Never once have I been sent a letter or even an email. Why? Because IPs know their customers won't pay them if they give their addresses out to the cops.

  78. onlyinthe707

    songs about BARS not OXY! GG249 thumbs up if you know what this isss.
    for you scientists its Alprazolam not Oxycodone in this song. KTHXBYE:)

  79. paulrockaway

    @xFAZZx ip= inner port number

  80. Justin

    Haha what s up with the cig buts all over the cd cover

  81. grimconan

    @TheRebelNamedBigTim you really think if i sad I SLANG PILLS AND METH COKE WHATEVER they coming 2 get my, you watch 2 much movies

  82. Junkyard Kids

    @TheRebelNamedBigTim Thats bullshit. Unless you're stupid enough to post you're address on here saying that you're selling or some shit they won't do shit.

  83. Tim Waguespack

    Wow mutherfuckers are retarded you guys do know the can give you a charge for this shit my boy posted something and he got busted 5 hours later it's not like they don't monitor the Internet that's why I don't fuck with that shit I've been clean for a good 6 years now

  84. Ryan Tallent

    fuck snortin or smokin oc's BANG those ma fuckas thtz how u get a buzz, if u can bang 2 or more 80's then holla at me then u will b on my level bitchez holla let me knw if u o.d or not thtz when u a pill popper. do them past tha point of safe return try an die on them ma fuckas thtz an OC buzz in itself peace

  85. CoverTracks


  86. Travis Russo


  87. wangtangkiki

    @colonelcrackers3 Smoking OCs is so stupid. Wasteful. Snort it. That's bad though of course.

  88. Ted Bundy

    @Atmossucks North New Jersey

  89. peggy jones

    this newage shit putin them up ur nose and burning them man wtf? just pop the damn thing if it dont hit you take another one or drink you some drank you'll feel it trust me

  90. tigerizillable

    roxicet same as percs excdept they make the 30 mgs wich they call perc 30s but they r name brand roxicet

  91. joshbuckleysmelly

    he didnt mention norcoXD take 3 norcs then blaze = :D

  92. SRHxGUY

    @JayMuthaFukNBrown14 hahaha you wanna feel a real buzz cook that shit down and bang it lol your ass would be gone off an OC 80... it just dont last as long as it does when you sniff it

  93. CoverTracks

    my song bro, i love xanax, sirrup, weed and liquor

    lil wyte is my influence

  94. shane mccort

    @orphinemorph08 hell yea

  95. Gunnar Brady

    @420EMERICA420 man try hydromorphone or dilaudid that shit fucks you up its the best feeling you will ever get in your life its like getting a hug from your mom in a oven full of kittens that want to hug you also.

  96. shane mccort

    @tlocuzi do hydro morphine or methadome or 80s thatll fuck uup

  97. kushnasty Mcdabz


  98. travispolston

    so fuckin true..