Lil' Wayne - What U Kno Lyrics

Im a New Orleans gangtsa, after the storm
Boy it took bout 3 million to rebuild my home
But, Im back on defense Im back in the zone
I eat rappers go in my yard and barry they bones
My pockets on Raven Symone
Thats fat wutchu know bout that, huh
So Im a keep it goin', keep it movin', we can do it I aint trippin
So far ahead of them niggaz we got a time difference
Dont confuse me wit them, Im different
Tryin to holla at TIP for a movie audition
I push that Masaradi to the limit
Six seconds through that traffic like Emmit
I tell them niggaz hury and buy
And if you try snitch you'll get barried alive
Yeah, and I dont chase 'em like you do
I keep a bad bicth skatin' like New-New

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Lil' Wayne What U Kno Comments
  1. No Heart Flip

    Who here in 2019

  2. BlackJohnnyCage

    Nigga made New, New his baby Mama too😅

  3. Tex Johnson

    What y’all know about that hard work

  4. Joseph Vongphakdy

    Pray for Lauren London and her family R.I.H Nipsey 💙

    Lary Dan

    Win He goon rappe Game Go Be sad

    Lary Dan

    Win He Go waht lauren Go do cry ME to love him

  5. Pattie Debro

    King 👑

  6. Mark Bryant

    The Hardest Mixtape in the world

  7. Zachary Covelly

    My pockets all raven samone ... Thats fucking hilarious

  8. doubllechief

    Zig-zaggin through that traffic like Emmitt!

    Stephen Barber

    doubllechief 🔥🔥💯

    Jaxon Dakota

    My fav line rite there

  9. Rico Swavay


  10. Fazal Ndeche

    Listening from Kandahar, Afghanistan- May 2018...Fiayaaa!!

  11. Ryan Turpin

    “And I️ don’t chase em like You️ do, I️ keep a bad bitch skating like new new”

    Then went on to get her pregnant. This nigga been a legend

  12. Steven Rhodes

    Low-key one of his best verses imo

  13. Edward O'brien

    My pockets so Raven Simone, that's fat what u know bout that?? Huuuuuh??? 😂😂😂😂 Weezy was a mutherfucker back then!

  14. Dolph Struck

    who is the Host

  15. Rah L.

    I keep a bad bitch skating like NU NU!

  16. Rah L.

    Hard shit right here!

  17. jerrell varence

    this is a underrated mixtape

    Isiac Artison

    jerrell varence it ain’t underrated niggas was just too young

    Lee Spoon

    Best mixtape ever


    It's regarded as one of the best ever its not underrated lol


    ya what you kids talm bout? this changed the culture. this one of the reasons wayne a goat

    Yungis Todoit

    @Isiac Artison tell em

  18. Brock

    I fuck with Weezy, but this is T.I.'s track my nigga.

    Rah L.

    Weezy did it better though

    James Manuel

    +Rah L. lol I don't know man tough

  19. Kihdd Crashezz

    drama is G.O.A.T

  20. firehand1011

    favorite song of all time

    lil heat

    lol i was saying and i like ti what u know about that as my favorite all time u like lil waynes lil wayne was my favorite rapper untill ti came out with what u know about that im glad he did and now all i listen to is ti but lil wayne is good he did kill this beat i was saying ti version was better but everyones opinoin is different i guest maybe because he is your favorite rapper

    lil heat

    then of course


    @lil heat ooooooh yeah he's my fav :P love 'about the money' w young thugga tho

    lil heat

    its raw and the remix with jezzy and wayne


    @lil heat love it

  21. dishonest

    weezy dat nigga

  22. Jordan

    he done messed up this song I like T.I. flow way better

  23. mrmee1229

    Jeez dj needs to shutup 30+ seconds of talkin n shit

  24. coldfire8921

    just the beginning is poppin my collar the rest is t.i's "what you know"


    An I Don't Chase Em Like You Do, I Keep Ah Bad Bitch Skatin Like New-New

  26. Johnny Meyer

    i love the background music in this song. i want this beat so bad so i can rap to it!