Lil' Wayne - Watch My Shoes Lyrics

No ceilings muthafucker good morning,
Dick in your mouth while you yawning,
I'm goin in, Gudda why they started me,
Marley why they started me,
I'll bring you to the front door like you ordered me,
Back in this bitch but a lot more rich,
On my poppa bear shit, need hot porridge,
Gotta a lot more shit than you could ever fathom,
A big head n-gga couldn't even imagine,
The shit I do, most doer's never done,
I'm a fuck this beat, your bitch who you better come,
Better run this shit, I don't run from shit,
I still beat your ass like a fucking drumstick,
Weezy fucking baby baby make the ladies come quick,
The money can't fit in my pockets but I bet that gun fit,
And I'm so unfit cause all I eat is rappers,
And these rappers ain't shit I like my fast food faster,
Syrup got me slow like a turtle round this hoe,
And I'm flyer than the highest flying bird around this hoe,
What's the word around this hoe, you get served around this hoe,
Yeah you get served like a fucking H'ordeurve around this hoe,
I don't slurge around no hoe, no I don't shine in front no bitch,
Cause after she get off my dick I be like find the front door bitch,
I don't know why the fuck your bitch keep coming by and I fuck your bitch 100 times
what the fuck your bitch got on her mind, my fucking dick,
I call her dick head, spicy like a big red, strike you like a bic head
Your flow sick, my shit did, sillier than vic said, soulja boy and arab,
You should see my eleven year old daughter do they dance,
I call it the nay nay dance proud to be nay nay's dad,
Gun on the waistline, leave you in the wasteland,
We are not the same, I am a martian, this is space jam,
No ceilings R-I-P a man, muthfucking cave man
Beating on my chest Young Money Cash Money,
And I'm eating all the rest n-gga no offence,
Sorry if your offended,
Riding high like I'm on 54 inches,
Man Id rather chill with 54 bitches,
Chi-chill like chi-chill like an eskimo
Let's get mo, let's get mo bitches
And I be like let's get mo bitches,
Mr officer stop arresting your bitches,
Stop let the messy hoes mess with yo business,
Mickey mouse cheese, hip hop Walt Disney,
Shesh gosh Oshkosh B'gosh, smokin on that Bob Marley,
Listening to Pete Tosh,
I do me, no I do three,
At A T I M E, why when we say we young mula,
The bitches leave ya'll and relay run to us,
And payday comes sooner than later round here,
You see my sharks like I got some bait around here,
Hey you better stop the hate around there,
Before tommy mack and nina debate around there,
Yeah you see it in my face I don't care,
Whole court hearing trial and the case around there,
I'm the best thing yet I know I got that thing wet,
Evvrybody want be fly but don't know where there wings at,
Ah hu...

Had to pause for a minute and I'm right back in it like the draws of the woman,
On a scale of 1 - 10 and my girl be a 20,
My girls so bad make a n-gga think he sinning,
My goons so pretty my goons are so with me,
Haters got to go on iTunes to go get me
Gaters by the doors, baboons and those grizzly's
All come at me when I'm on the microphone in the,
Mic check 2 - 3, I'm different like blue pee
And my girls be half naked like Betty Boop Be
Like a hoopty, man the boy been riding
And I ain't gas'd up because I'm more like a hybrid,
You think I'm stunting no I'm just surviving,
And I've been here but my soul is just arriving,
Look up in the air, it's a crow it's a robin,
No ceilings full dose
I'm prescribing, medication free
And for meditation we
Smoke some better tasting weed
That you'll ever taste or see
S-H-A-R-P as tac hotter than
Riding through a dessert on a camel back,
I done bin riding through wherever with the hammer strapped,
I ain't lying, I can do whatever if I'm planning that,
So I got my guns let's dance like fanny pack,
And we cooked the hard, cut the soft and bring the... back,
Mafio bitch where you muthfucking family at,
Call my n-gga gudda if you trying to get your mami back,
All up in another n-gga woman I be ramming that,
Seeing through these see through n-ggas like their laminate,
Hip hop so contaminate, I swear just examine that,
If I'm such a philanthropist the god to these evangelists,
I dress all Los Angeles but I love miami though,
I am so New Orleans yes I grew pistachios,
Dat mean I go nuts at any beat they throw at me,
And the bitches is so at me,
And you know what they throw at me

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