Lil' Wayne - Too Young Lyrics

I walk in, I walk in, I walk in with goons
I'm parking Ferrari, I started like vroom
I'm staggering, I'm flagging, I'm acting a fool, pour up yeah
I'm sipped out, I'm knocked out in my house all day
I pull up, I pull up, I pull up like ay
I pull up, I pull up and I fade away
I sip me away, yeah

Uh, I used to have braids but I still got the hoes
I loosen my brakes and I still got control
I remember the day I got the Azure
Back when them hoes was wearing Juicy Couture, yeah
Back when niggas was still wearing polo
When Shit got out of hand, my hands was full
I'm going through some shit yeah but you know I ain't broker
Just talked to miss Cita, she tell me stay focused
I say "alright then", gotta make up my mind again
Fuck the bullshit, the fake and the counterfeit
Gotta shake it like Iverson
Gotta take out my pocket lint and make something out of it
Like a scientist, be creative and confident
No vacation, just power trips
Limo tint, limo tint, father sent, Louie V moccasins
Treat her at like a lioness, I’m on my Mufasa shit
I'm saucy like pasta bitch
I'm talking all kinds of shit, yeah
And I got that Flocka dick, them bitches need all of it
And I need OT with my broke tee
And little hoodie and skate boardie
And that's my niggas, we fly niggas
With shotguns under both wings
We going up, pouring up
These niggas be hoeing up
Ain't no peace, we chop up both fingers
I got that dope dick, yo bitch is a dope fiend
I got the tattoos, all I need is the nose ring
Pool party at my place with more codeine than chlorine
Spraying at your head like some fucking Afro Sheen
And I'm

A Martian, I'm marching on the stars and moon
I come through in something without a roof
Staggering, I'm flagging, I'm repping Soowoo yeah
Look, I hop out, they watch out, I hop out the Wraith
I spin it, I spin it, make it back next day
I pull up, I pull up and I fade away
I send me away yeah

I’m my momma’s son
And when I started thugging I was young
When I started cussing, I was young
Momma put that soap on the tounge
And when I started hustling, I was 12
And when I started pumping out the Shell
And when I started fucking, I was young
And when I started cuppin', I was sprung
And then I started drugging, it was fun
Fucking with that honey, I got stung
And when I go out clubbing, I be numb
Started up from nothing, just some crumbs
Started up from nothing, just some crumbs
And now I got a bakery, yum, yum
And now I see the fakery, now I see the snakery
All I got is 2 words, blumb blumb
No ceilings

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