Lil' Wayne - Throw It In The Bag Lyrics

Yeah No Ceilings baby,

Y'all know me 'cause all I do is ride around in Bentley coupe
Got no need, she got me buyin her them Fendi shoes
All we do is shop until we drop
All-all-all-all-all-all we do is shop until we drop

[Verse 1:]
Swimming in Polo, sleeping in Jordan's,
Bought a cell phone and I don't even much call it
New imports make her fell important
No bull shit, nigga no Ben Gordan
Get her information, take her on vacation
Give her dope dick, now she under the sedation
Wake her in the mornin, breakfast where she slept at
Tell her go shopping, I can't wait till she get back
Louis flip-flops and a pair of pink sweat pants
She wear that on my jet, I fuck her after jet lag
I take her to da vet, cause she a bad bitch
You can't be broke and happy so me I'm mad rich
I'm talkin Young Money shit, she love the way I think
L'Oreal all over my bathroom sink,
Betsy Johnson all over my bedroom counter
My pockets too deep, I fuck around and drown her.


[Verse 2:]
Ok, fuckin on Versace, napping on satin
I love to hit it backwards, call it pig latin
I bought her ass a Mac, now we be iChattin
nigga swag jackin, but I got my patent
Fre Fresh out the salon, I took her to Milan
I speak a lil french, and hers is no better then mine
I pass her the blunt, she probly hit it one time
Catch us at the game sittin on the baseline
We can call a timeout, take a lil time out
Pockets too deep, shawty you gon have to climb out
Babiana prom dress with your spine out
And I live on the beach, you can get that panty line out
She wants to own me and I ain't tryna to fight it
She said is her dick, she got it copyrighted
And I don't pay for pussy because I'm pussy priceless
I go fishing in it, and I ain't a Pisces
Uh, Gucci only to the grocery store
Stop playin bitch you ballin like Okaford
Ha, And now we headed to the dealer
I'm goin to cop my baby somethin wit no ceilings. Ahhh


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Lil' Wayne Throw It In The Bag Comments
  1. Rachel Henderson

    Here from Tik Tok....sorry 😢

  2. Mystic Cl0utt

    Who still listens to “Throw It In The Bag” in February 2020?

  3. anonymous youwouldliketoknow

    Who here bumping in 2020 for the memories!

  4. KingMike RichForever

    2020 N dis shit still slappin🔥🐐

  5. renzo Reds

    Dam this Wayne prime years need this mixtape Wayne

  6. YungNando

    Maan so many memories to this being young af

  7. Trunks Uchiha

    Here in 2020 and this still slaps

  8. Devonte Blake

    Soon as he started rapping it sound like he was on the 2nd verse already lol. This shit still🔥 tho

  9. red 88

    2020 we still here

  10. MrBlackblack23

    2020 anyone

  11. Kaleb Cheek

    Who here in 2020?

  12. Gordon Grandz

    Still fire. Jeez

  13. Dear Gamer

    2020 still bumpin!

  14. Chello Baby

    This is a legendary mixtape back then because of this I made it through ❤🖤

  15. Diggem Lewis

    This song an band from tv on no ceilings make the original songs sound like the remix lol i don't even listen to the original songs no more

  16. Chuck G

    2020 still here 😎

  17. Alpha-KILLA_15 Ps4

    2020 still bumbing this

  18. redd montana

    2020 my neighbors mad lol

  19. Michael Broussard


  20. Chad Franz

    2020 still a vibe 💯😈

  21. E O

    Thank you for this song weezy F baby

  22. Matthew Romero


  23. Jervon Brown

    2020 who here??

  24. LongLive TheDj

    2020 On The Baseline 🖤🤘🏾

  25. king Taymoney

    2020 best song idgaf what you say and I'm lil Wayne fan so don't argue lol

  26. Gabriel Tate

    who slappin this in 2020?

  27. Tay Simmz

    2k20 anyone 🔥🔥

  28. Donnierob

    Who bumping in 2020?

  29. Russbel Perez

    Literally listening to this for the first time. I've heard the other remixes but I blame my brothers for leaving this song out of their mp3 player since i stole it half the time to listen to when i left for school

  30. Azuriah Townsend

    Better times

  31. primeminister87

    Before there was a Drake , there was Wayne . People don’t understand , when Wayne was hot , he had all races and background bumping him , from people in-the Hood to White suburbanites . Carter 3 dropped , sold over 1 mil in first week , not many albums do that

    roddyveli !

    primeminister87 this is facts lol they don’t remember

    Mari Kozart

    Finally somebody understands.

  32. Tia N Mia

    It’s About to be 2020! Who’s still listening?

  33. TJ Stinson

    Bring back hella GOOD MEMORIES

  34. Nolan M.


  35. Adrian Ervin

    2020 vibes

  36. Usher Lee

    I love this remix 💯

  37. Ace Scafe

    He outlined this pimpin shit perfectly Tunechi

  38. J.Matthew TV

    MY FAVORITE LIL WAYNE EVER😏✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️

  39. warsai kb

    Juice was bumping this 😢😢💕

  40. Cyrus LastLaff

    juice was bumping this rip 💔💔💔

  41. Anthony Anderson

    who still slap this?? dec 2019

  42. hinata w

    This mixtape was on point! The best! I listeb to all his albums and mixtapes! But this the only one that had my full attention! But still like all his other music!

  43. D. Bynum

    Fuck a big homie, I'm my own homie bitttchhh!

  44. Aaron Griffin

    Still my shit 2019

  45. Finley

    Someone get this on spotify

  46. lino sanchez


  47. DesertZO6 NM

    Nobody was touching this Wayne. No body

  48. Junior Realest

    "Weezy f baby and the f is for phenomenal"

  49. Jay Lee


  50. Akeem Francis

    Classic man miss the old Wayne

  51. Thomas Davis

    Some of Weezy best work 💯

  52. yamato kurosawa

    Favorite song from no ceilings

  53. bloody knuckles

    I know she dont love me nomore but Nigeria put me on this when it came out

  54. SQBush

    Still 🔥🔥🔥

  55. JetSpliffs ________

    Memories all the way to freshman year with this joint 💯

  56. Thelmon

    Them Xbox 360 days

  57. Blake Strasel

    Thought I heard it all. DAMMNN

  58. DetroitFan4life


  59. Lanesha Patton

    Greatest of all time 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  60. Sam T.

    Stocking my school store to this🙏🏾💯

  61. Grand Padroton

    Pussy is joke that makes me lol from the top of my head

  62. david banner

    Bumping this til 2020 &on wayne the goat

  63. Tree City Nursery

    How is this mixtape so damn timeless

  64. traphustler

    I swear life was so good when this was out lol I was like 16 so much good music was out shit was crazy

  65. Andre Gaston


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    Never gets old

  67. Jkeys Just do it


  68. Sha Dotarachi

    Omg I been looking for this song for years

  69. Isaiah the smoker Bilodeau

    I remember this shit as a kid, I would bump this shit in middle school, I'm 19 now

  70. Ty Weezy

    Snapped crazy on this shit

  71. Jaedon Jackson

    2019 still bumpin !!

  72. MrGager7

    This shit always good like grandma cookies!

    J.Matthew TV

    DAMN STRAIGHT...😁😁💯💯💯💯

  73. Don Johnson

    I love to hit it backwards call it Pig Latin 💪💪💪💪💪💪🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  74. Ongeziwe OB-August

    still bumping this in 2019. def better than the original

  75. Eric Ordaz

    No Ceilings Need To Come Out On iTunes! Like For Reals!

  76. Jackie O

    2019 still here😂

    J.Matthew TV


  77. Wave GOD

    Classic Wayne

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    Wayne best RAPPER alive, tha god of hip hop, number 1, big old FACTS 💯

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    Big classic

  83. MeikMargiela

    I WAS 9 years OLD 😮

    Jasmine D

    Malik Johnson me to

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    This song was underrated

  85. M 360

    Beast Wayne.... I was 16 when this dropped, 09 was a dope year

  86. McFrisko

    😎 2019 Anyone??

  87. Regina Williams


  88. Allen Jacob

    I graduated HS 05’ I remember me and the homies would trip out listening to this nigga blunt after blunt

  89. Taylor Marché

    This 👏🏽 damn 👏🏽 beat 👏🏽


    I love to hit it backwards, call it Pig Latin.

  91. Stony From Br

    Been a fan I can see the evolution in his rap!

  92. Katie Loughrey

    Here in 2019 💥

  93. Jul2B

    Lil Wayne in his prime was like Jordan in his prime. And I’m not even a Wayne fan.