Lil' Wayne - This What I Call Her Lyrics

Miss Butter pecan caramel southern bell
She hotter than a summer day in hell
I'm under her spell, she say her name is Chantel
She say she got a man, I can't tell
Because when we be rockin'
we get it poppin like a Amstel, like
Right up in the hotel, maybe the stairwell
She blows kisses to my handheld
She an angel her name should be An-gel ' I'm Blessesd '
I kill her wit the rich man smell
She got a wet manhole and ya mans fell whoa
I slipped and I ankwell
I saw jelly fishes seashells, no further details
I love the smell of a female
And you're one hell of a female I'm tellin' ya female
Get in the CL and let it be sweet sailin' and late night e-mailin'
Ooh she feel me, Ooh Fee Fee I think she feels me

Okay, I called her on a late night it was late right
I was on her ass like some brakelights
But I ain't stop for the redlights
We get it poppin' til the blue and red lights come knockin'
Neighbors keep trippin, we keep fuckin
Sex revolution, baby I'm comin
down the hallway that lead to your stomach,mami
I'ma keep pumpin till you scream Young Money
and me and you're boyfriend is not the same
I goes down like the stock exchange, and the I bring it up
'Scuse me, I drink it up, I leave you soakin' wet from ya ankle up
Shucks, I'm too much, Fee I'm too much

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Lil' Wayne This What I Call Her Comments
  1. itsRemy No limit

    It’s 2020 n This shit is still poppin!!

  2. PowersOfFour

    This takes me back...

  3. Kam_600

    2020 still slap

  4. BIGHAPPY903

    2020 to infinite

  5. Jerico Hernandez

    2020 this still what I call her...

  6. Kenneth Goree

    Maan, remember bouncin thru hi school to this

  7. Bubba waye

    Sheeeeeeeesh take me back

  8. 2ndcummin

    How do you not like this so glad?!

  9. NSC JumpMane

    Only the real weezy fans is still bumping this 2019

  10. Kam_600


  11. rodney brown

    This was a complete game changer!

  12. Sharde’s Wordplay

    Still my shit in 2019! 💪🏾💯


    Wayne can do no wrong BC he made this & best thing yet I'll always be a fan

  14. YaBoyHumble

    I can’t remember who did this beat before Wayne. Anyone?🤔

    Joshua Burchfield

    IllTHumble little brother. 9th sampled this on lovin it


    Jay Burch thanks bro💯



  16. Jay Lee

    Ben Baller comment brought me here, 2019

  17. london moore

    The laid back flow is so engaging straight poetry 🔥🔥

  18. lateh philipano

    Who's here in 2019

  19. Mariea Dunn


  20. TONEbone412

    He needs to put his mixtapes on Apple Music

    Britt Lee

    TONEbone412 on my SOUL he needs to

  21. Joe MetIII

    Didn't curren$y have a verse on this beat or track???? I can't be going crazy I remember hearing his voice on this track. And his verse was ssiiiick

  22. Dontae Gibson

    2019 Im still here!!!

    Joe MetIII

    Bruh didn't curren$y have a verse on this beat. I can't be trippin. Somebody help me out.

    Jameis Winston

    @Joe MetIII hmm i don't think he ever did.... but not 100% sure on that

  23. Galeand Theriot

    This song always blow my mind this nigga Wayne killed it


    *me and ya boyfriend not the same i goes down like the stock exchange* Wayne toooo cold lol

  25. Majic the Artist

    Easily pulling up flyer than a hand out! All black drippin jewels!! She love it but I'm the fan!!!

  26. Rhys Davis

    Still rides in 2019

  27. Kennneth Green

    Baby girl you can call me a slut girl Im too much....He was talking shit on this one here. Weezy showed he was one of the god MCs on this joint....✌💚💯

  28. Why You Trippin' Deebo

    I wonder whyyyyyyy....

  29. Big Dog

    2019 classic

  30. Raisa Forbes 2019, still my fav!

    Jameis Winston

    hell yeah!! This is a classic right here

  31. Brianna Neal

    Still my shit

  32. David Wilkins

    SMH all the chantels , Shantels are badd...🤔

  33. Christian Proa

    2019 n still 🔥🔥🔥

  34. Lloyd Veal jr

    2019 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  35. roddyveli !

    Little brother - lovin it is the orginal song

  36. Johm

    lil pump remix is way better than this garbage

    Joe Green

    You sound like a mad man...

    london moore

    Tf??? In what world

  37. jason mason

    what song sample is that

    James Belkin

    The Stylistics - One night affair

  38. house man

    I never hard this song and I know it make sense people it's not about what you say it's about the minning keep it real starts with a woman not a fuck buddy that's the reason everybody don't get it when she really need someone better then they had before I really do think about that sometime why they act like they have a man but don't need a man when he don't even know what a man is if so he would have to worries about his girlfriend

  39. Dale Craft

    2018 anyone else?

  40. Galeand Theriot

    This my ish my nigga wayne went in hard and what happen to fee ?

  41. Wilmer Urbina

    I'll leave you soaking wet from your ankle up ! Damn

  42. Yowsey Chance

    Lil wayne does drop some hot ish... I can respect him as an MC, but not as a man... I dont appreciatehis interview about the black lives matter.... I'll throw him an olive branch and say that some of their methods are extreme. However, to pretend that racism doesn't exis5 is disgust... I know that some would argilue that he did not have to go through it personally. Nevertheless, You got fam somewhere who did... Unless you're too big to see what the average mofo gotta deal with....

  43. Jason Smith

    Here from 8 years ago the goat after Pac, Rakim

  44. Blue Cheese Network est. 7/2017

    Beat please

  45. Jai Roco

    best wayne mixtape song

  46. Labels and Life

    Greatest love song of all time ❤️

  47. Hamadi Farrajhad

    2018 still gas

  48. Keon Butler

    2018 Still Listing

  49. Team Meech

    Ion think nobody listing in 2018

    Kev’s Uploads

    Team Meech I am

    Jay Montana22


    Anthony Brooks

    Team Meech 2019 still listening

  50. Von Smalls

    "baby girl you can call me ya slut"

  51. stoner simpson

    Forever will be the legend to the new era on god - LEAKYM

  52. Lance Thomas

    Timeless! He killed this joint

  53. Luan Freitas

    Nice song...

  54. Stephanie Henderson

    This song brings back memories

  55. Michael Wright

    2018 still my ish

  56. Kams tv

    The light voiced guy who does the course, sounds like that gay old guy from family guy


    Kams tv 😩😂

  57. Brittany Taylor

    My favorite

  58. Adrena Trice

    The GOAT!

  59. Duane Cameron

    I’m going to be listening when I’m 80

    Joe Green

    Hell yeah

  60. p garriano

    That flow smooth af, Wayne unbeatable bruh

  61. Byron B

    You Betta Nigga!!!

  62. Angie Brown

    still lit

  63. Blazing Gaming

    HII VIRGIL_313

  64. Contia Poole

    this one of his best.

  65. mike w

    this reminds me of a girl i used to be with, ahh memories

    Jd D

    Me too my guy

  66. Antonio Hendricks

    Classic Mr carter

  67. Shadrack Rackcity

    G.O.A.T is Wayne

    Just The Facts


  68. Big Beard Jake

    its ight but if you hear it took much it get a bit redundent

  69. Aflex1481

    he must of been hanging wit Curren$y 4 this 1😂


    Ciapha Gray that was fee


    Filthy Weeb no it wasn’t


    Curren$y wasn't rapping like that back then that was just Wayne bruh 😂


    @yungprinceyp huh? Look up curren$y -"cant help it" ..Wayne reused that for D1...spitta made Wayne better.

    Alex Hill

    Yall so young, this is 9th wonder song, he was with Drake

  70. Moochie Stanton

    Real rap... this loop gives life to things that a simple mind couldn't grasp..

  71. Makaila Brown

    cameron l like lil wanye this is what i call her good songs lil wamye

  72. Joshua Coffey

    good bad what ever . make me an angel glisnin out dah blue c move out dah way catch um up dis my meth so check it out I'm here you c what it b so c back to e or mybe over load .

  73. Anthony Blair

    the best rapper alive

  74. Inferno Setfire

    She blows kisses to my handheld,She an angel her name should be An-gel ' I'm Blessesd 'I kill her wit the rich man smell,She got a wet manhole and ya mans fell whoa
    I slipped and I ankwell,I saw jelly fishes seashells, no further details

    The True Jo Bros

    No lie kind of fly - Me

    Kev’s Uploads


    Sean Don

    I slipped in her inkwell*

    Larahn Johnson

    Pause lol

  75. pengman47


  76. killgillateen719

    anybody I've been looking for the sample???

    jarrod hughes

    it's a 9th wonder song

    Giovanni Loera

    I thinks it's by 9th wonder and camron

    Troy H.

    +Giovanni Loera The original song is called "Lovin' It" by Little Brother produced by 9th Wonder. It sampled "One Night Affair" by The Stylistics. Two classic African-American music groups!


    +Troy yes sir good looking out shits the real

    Why You Trippin' Deebo

    All y’all wrong! It’s The Styllistics

  77. richard myles

    I love the smell of a female and you one hell of a female

    Shawn Richards

    Genius shit

    cockney gyal

    lil wayne gay d

  78. Keven 556

    Better nigga 😂

  79. Nicole Elek

    The only song I love by wayne

  80. Jared Davis

    Lil brother beat


    Jared Davis more like The Stylistics

    Davion Applewhite

    silecrem which was sampled for LB lol

    Blue Cheese Network est. 7/2017

    I need this beat

  81. SLiMDeeZuL

    This is So C L A S S I C ! ! !

    Joe Green

    Hell yeah

  82. Dimetrius Hill

    my shit

  83. Makiya Royal

    fucking luv this song

  84. Jennifer Cousart

    One of my all time favorite songs by lil wayne

  85. Verified Account

    "should I just be like Bitch"

    Jameis Winston

    always loved that part haha this whole song a classic

  86. halcyonbarracuda7she

    Favorite lil wayne song

  87. Jasmine andrade

    all time favorite when weezy was lyrically ill

  88. Tyler Haas

    "BETTER NIGGA" haha

    Luan Freitas

    you know.

  89. Just Dash

    All time favorite

  90. Ser DeLeon

    this is called lovin it

  91. Rashard Hayes

    Still my favorite Wayne song