Lil' Wayne - Shooter Lyrics

[Lil Wayne:]
Yea, yea, yea
Weezy baby y'all, don't get shot
Rappin' fire, what you know about it
I brought my homie along for the ride
He strapped, he came here to come out the barrel

[Robin Thicke:]
I heard some shouts like "Down on the floor"
Then even louder we got shooters, shooter
I turn around, I was starin' at chrome
Shotgun watches door, got security good
Jumped right over counter
Pointed gun at, wink, he tell her
I'm your shooter, shooter, shooter

My hands up, my hands up
They want me with my hands up
Oh, shooter
[Lil Wayne:] (I think they want me to surrender, but no, I can't do it) [x2]

[Lil Wayne:]
So many doubt 'cause I come from the South
But when I open up my mouth, all bullets come out
Bang! Die bitch nigga die I hope you bleed a lake
I'ma play x-ray, helpin' y'all see the fake
I'm just tryin' to be the great, tryin' to get a piece of cake
Take it offa your plate, eat it right in your face
They got a whole lot to say but I don't listen
Call me automatic Weezy bitch I keep spittin', pow

[Robin Thicke & Lil Wayne:]
With all these riches and, all these riches
But ain't no loaners around
They thinkin about shooters that-shooters that
Guns-Girls-Ladies that-Gunners that
Shoot shoot shoot shoot shooter

Put my hands up
They want me with my hands up
They want me with my hands up
Oh, shooter

But I'm not
I just cry mama, I think they, hey
Me think they want me to surrender (shooter)

[Lil Wayne:]
And to the radio stations, I'm tired o' being patient
Stop bein' rapper racists, region haters
Spectators, dictators, behind door dick takers
It's outrageous, you don't know how sick you make us
I want to throw up like chips in Vegas
But this is Southern face it
If we too simple then y'all don't get the basics

[Robin Thicke:]
Lady walks into a shotgun surprise
Dropped to her knees saw her life before her eyes
He said "Bitch is gonna get it", everybody gon regret it
I'm your, shooter

My hands up, my hands up
They want me with my hands up
Oh, shooter
[Lil Wayne:] (Me won't surrender, me no pretender)

[Lil Wayne:]
Sock soakin' wet I been runnin' y'all
I reload, every hundred yards I'm comin' forward
Better know me, Lil Wayne just call me lord
Hard, take pain like Tylenols, raw
Way past par, for, I'm some shit you never saw
I take you to the shootout baby win lose or draw
And then they ask who when where how
And, my reply was simply pow!

Mama, I think they, hey, me think they want me to surrender
(Shooter, my hands up, my hands up, they want me to surrender)

No, me won't surrender, no, no
I promise no surrender
I got my burner
And I'm your shooter

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Lil' Wayne Shooter Comments
  1. mike Greenwood

    So y’all forgot about run dmc walk this way smh

  2. K Ct

    thumbs down for censored bull shit smh

  3. Giovanna Till

    👐🏽🌹🤢😁🥰. And the Truth speaks again.😇

  4. SmooveOvaEast

    When wayne was human

  5. Loren Williams

    Boo stop censoring

  6. youngboi lloyd

  7. Solidtok3nn

    Straight up classic!

  8. Amazing Amy

    I owe no one an explanation about my life foh

  9. Summer Swanson

    wayne is a fucking genius. who else would call up alan thicke’s son?!

  10. Fun Punch

    The best part of this beat is the hook from Gang Starr's mass appeal. No mention of the sample or the fact they dont even actually sample, they just use parts of other ppls pre existing samples.

  11. Troy White

    Lil Wayne doesn't sound the same at all his style has really change

    Know-Ledge _Y.L.G.

    He been around for 3 decades. He evolves and changes his sound every year and era

  12. Dennis Mitchell


  13. hazed fails

    Crazy how he got thicke to sing this track back then weezy is a genius

  14. Boe Nettles

    On a list full of greatest hip-hop songs of all-time... this is top 10, minimum.

  15. Lucki Tae

    Yall act like wayne still ain't the best lyricist NOW lol ... 2019

  16. John Mongelli

    I’m a shooter

  17. Phvro Umidvsu

    Why post a song called shooter...where you can say shooter....but not chrome...shotgun....anything that you need to be able to shoot...

  18. UnderGround Theory

    2019 and this still 🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯

  19. Fisker Wraith

    Had this shit ringing in my head. Randomly shit goes hard tho

  20. Nymia Price

    The Promise Keepers by John Price on Amazon "Slime asf"

  21. Hartford Fishing

    🐐 🐐 🐐

  22. Kgotso Ledwaba

    2019 August, anybody there?

  23. Mr. Wavy McGrady

    Nobody cares what year you listening to this in. Just enjoy the damn thing

  24. tonymontana822

    And then Wayne makes Lollipop...

    Know-Ledge _Y.L.G.

    lollipop is a classic tho

  25. L K

    There's so many words redacted from this it's hard to listen to. They even cut the word bullets out of a song called shooter.......

  26. Simba J Baruku

    "If we too simple, then y'all don't get the basics" 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  27. Merlyne Lubin

    no one in 2019? just played this at a HOUSE party last night...
    changed the grove..jaming over the strings...

  28. Super Fly

    2019...Still remember every single word!!! Wayne the goat🐐🐐🐐

  29. Ryan W

    I Remember when my sis and I would sit in the back seat and ask my mom to play this it was so fun i miss the old days but ive got old now, WAIT wth im only 12😂 but listening back to this i do feel kinda old

  30. El flaco Coll

    What the hell with the audio cuts ?

  31. Big Dog

    Wayne best RAPPER to ever do it, fuck EVERYBODY ELSE

  32. misty120 girl

    So I'm guessing that I'm the only lil wayne fan that's still bumping this in 2019 and for ever.

  33. Sunshine Hollinquest

    Every time I watch SWAT I have to watch this video😂😂🤣

  34. james adams

    This the only good song lil wanye ever made

  35. Mahogany Fontaine


  36. wolfbabe

    He tell her, "I'm your shooter, shooter, shooter" 😁

  37. Anointed I.Q. aka Gnocchi

    Bro, I never knew who did vocals on here. ✔❌💯👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  38. Robert Constantin

    When wayne was crazy cool

  39. Aaron Lopez

    Still here in April 2019!! FACTS

  40. 6ThirtyTV

    2019🤔🤔. We need WEEZY back

  41. bialady74

    Like this song..Got it on repeat

  42. Night owl

    One of the best songs lil Wayne did.

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    2k19 anyone?

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    Who is still listening to this in 2019 🙌🏽🙌🏽

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    2019 and im still listening

  47. Josmar Luna

    Haven't heard this song in so long 2019

  48. ms gay

    2019  still fucking fire

  49. ms gay

    u can always pin point wayne videos based on his tats      younger wayne  man those bars  crazy as fuck.

  50. George Mulei


  51. Leyden Philand

    why would you think its a good idea to remove curse words on a Lil Wayne track

  52. Kader K-maro

    It is big !!!

  53. Hope Burks

    They need make CD together

  54. Hope Burks

    These gentlemen sound good, was mad cool, God bless your hearts.

  55. Nazz _d8


  56. Philani Dladla

    2019 WE IN THIS

  57. Marcus Philogene


  58. Darius Moore 100

    I always hated this song 🤦🏾‍♂️ but it was on mind for some reason I had to play it

  59. Darrien B

    2019 gang😈

  60. Brittany Butts

    Anybody here old enough to notice the similarities between this video and the Run DMC/Aerosmith Walk This Way video? I wonder if this was inspired by it. Anyway, Some people, of course are asking the common who's watching this in whatever year we're in now. I have this song on my phone, iTunes. I listen to it all of the time. LOVE it.

  61. Maria Erica

    Lil Wayne is the best ❤️

  62. Mauz 7

    This is one of Lil wayne’s best and underrated songs
    They should’ve collaborated more
    The carter 2 is probably the second best carter from 3
    I can still remember these lyrics from A-Z

  63. Mauz 7

    This is one of Lil wayne’s best and underrated songs
    They should’ve collaborated more
    The carter 2 is probably the second best carter from 3
    I can still remember these lyrics from A-Z

  64. Mauz 7

    This is one of Lil wayne’s best and underrated songs
    They should’ve collaborated more
    The carter 2 is probably the second best carter from 3
    I can still remember these lyrics from A-Z

  65. Martrice Henderson

    I fucked wit dis heavy. it's a bop 🎶.

  66. Christa Andrews

    R Kelly

  67. Brock Porter

    Yeah wayne single handely made the country anti rapper racist 😂

  68. Simonich Eric

    i really missed this song and found it, but now i'm sad i found the censored version.

  69. Tate Clarenchell

    Still listen to this song 💯💯

  70. Doris G

    When Wayne did this joint here, it was all EYES on Wayne. This was the best with him and the phenomenal Robin Thicke. Wayne laid those bars perfectly straight with truth, no chaser. Love it!!!!!!

  71. Secure Administrator

    "But this is southern, face it. If we too simple, then y'all don't get the basics". And I'm dead

  72. MichelleObama isAman

    the lyric editing in this is gay AF

  73. Choosing Happiness

    R.I.P. To My🦋Bones.

  74. Jason Gordon

    I think that Lil Wayne reminds me of Bob Marley

  75. Shekey Stuart

    How can u not like this 🗣🗣when people dis like don’t give to fuck about how good u are or how hard u work they won’t love u till u done

  76. AmusementNoodle

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